Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 37 Recap

by: Raine

Time for the meddlesome second lead to take to the stage as Yeon-ah increases the “bitch” factor 150%. There is some ridiculously cute Joon-ho and Soon-shin, but not enough to curve my rage at the meddling.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 23.7%.

episode 37 recap

Yeon-ah has directed Soon-shin and Co. to the wrong location. When they finally arrive at the correct location, Soon-shin embarrassingly interrupts filming. Yeon-ah looks pleased as pie as Soon-shin gets a good talking to from the director who is ready to find a new actress. She plays good unni and asks the director to be lenient, promising to help Soon-shin.

Honey, she don’t need no more of your kind of help.

In-sung asks Yeon-ah about her misinformation and she gets offended that he’s blaming her. She lies that she told her manager to call In-sung and inform him of the change. Then she scolds In-sung for not checking himself.

I hate that she’s right! And I hate even more that she fed him bad information in the first place.

The hoity-toity older actress on set starts scolding Soon-shin for using her mother’s connections to behave unprofessionally…which is totally unfair. Totally. Yeon-ah fake pretends to be nice again and Soon-shin offers In-sung a comforting smile. Aw, they’re finally on the same team.

Yoo-shin is actually being cute remembering how cool her fiance Chan-woo was at the family meeting. This is why I love Yoo In-nah. No one does cute like her! Then she gets a call from Chan-woo and answers with a giddy smile, “Hubby?” Her man comes to get her and she concocts an evil plan: let’s eat chicken with the in-laws.

Bok-man is happy to see Yoo-shin; Gil-ja isn’t. She immediately starts in on Yoo-shin about the living situation. However, Yoo-shin takes it in stride and then says that she’s going to live with Gil-ja as she asked. Chan-woo’s proposal was his idea alone and Yoo-shin wants to follow Gil-ja’s wishes. Everyone is taken aback by this, but she continues. She would like to stay at her house on weekends so her family won’t be lonely. She also wants to learn about running a household from her elders and thanks Gil-ja for allowing her to learn. Gil-ja is flabbergasted. Hehe. It’s awesome. I wanna see how well Yoo-shin does.

Chan-woo walks her home and she says she wants to keep Gil-ja happy – she’s positive she can do it. Then she thanks Chan-woo for writing the letter. And she admits she’s really happy to marry him. Aw, finally! Some real affection from her. They act cute all the way home.

Gil-ja pouts and Bok-man teases her for getting what she asked for. Heh. I likes him.

Yoo-shin tells her family about the arrangements and they are genuinely happy for her and really like Chan-woo. Jung-ae talks to her picture of Chang-hoon about the wedding and tells him she hates him for leaving her. She also wishes her busy Soon-shin would call her. Aw. Now if only you didn’t treat her so badly for so long.

Speaking of, Soon-shin is practicing guitar with her Pororo band-aids. She gets a call from Joon-ho and answers it with a smile on her face. He immediately starts to comfort her about being late to the shoot. Aw! What a good not-boyfriend you are! She assures him that she’s a brave trooper (making a reference to her name, heh) and he is pleased.

But when In-sung comes in, Joon-ho gives him an earful and then asks for the schedule. It says that Soon-shin’ll be shooting on Wan Island next week because her character is following her love. On top of that, Mi-ryeong will be the embassador to the museum on Wan Island. Oh great.

Soon-shin gets distracted by her Pororo band-aids because they’re so cute! Not really…it’s because Joon-ho gave them to her. Then she realizes her heart is racing and wonders what is wrong with her.

I don’t get these people. The first time I was in love, I KNEW it. It’s kinda hard to miss…

She reads part of her script that has her character confessing. Fancy that, it mirrors exactly how she feels. She, however, blames it on identifying too closely with her character.

Mi-ryeong meets with Joon-ho about her schedule and Hwang outs her: Soon-shin won’t even look at Mi-ryeong. Ha! I love that he’s amused by it. Anyway, Mi-ryeong chose to be the Wan museum’s ambassador to follow Soon-shin. Pathetic.

Mi-ryeong is keeping Hwang in Seoul so she can spend quality time with Soon-shin. Ha, good luck.

Soo-jung broods over her husband’s cheating and when Dong-hyuk comes home, he barely pays attention to her. She follows him to his office to hash it out. She asks him what his relationship with Mi-ryeong is and he gets very defensive. Soo-jung admits that she chased him and helped Dong-hyuk achieve his dreams. She regrets helping him because she’s so lonely. Then she forbids him to see Mi-ryeong. That’s not the issue, but whatever.

Later that evening, he finds her sleeping on the sofa and wakes her. He offers to go to a beach together to get fresh air – he’s going to visit his father’s grave. She doesn’t want to go; he’s being selfish again.

I’m glad he’s getting some kind of punishment for his bad behavior.

Soon-shin is looking all pretty as she dices veggies and gets complimented by Young-hoon. They chat and are overly friendly. Then they’re interrupted by Soo-jung who isn’t happy to see Soon-shin. Soo-jung watches her and mutters that Soon-shin flirts just like her mother.

Soon-shin properly greets everyone onset and then she and her posse come upon Yeon-ah who is bitchy as per usual. Chan-mi takes her aside to vent. She finally realizes how hard it is to be Mi-ryeong’s daughter and be accused of using connections to get everywhere. FINALLY. She also says that Chan-woo is visiting home because of the impending wedding. It’s obvious to both girls that Soon-shin is being left out of family affairs. Chan-mi thinks Soon-shin is running away from her family, and she’s right. But you can’t blame Soon-shin. All of her families suck.

That evening she goes to her family’s house, but can’t make herself go in. When Hye-shin arrives home, she ushers Soon-shin inside for a cold welcome. Chan-woo has been ingratiating himself with the in-laws, which isn’t hard because of his sincerity. He is the unlucky witness of the very awkward family reunion.

Soon-shin eats like a starving child and then Granny suggests turning Yoo-shin’s room into a newly wed room since Soon-shin already has another house. Wow….and Soon-shin agrees although it’s obvious that it’s not okay with anyone. Yoo-shin tries to pick on Soon-shin about the party, but of course the subject is avoided and not worked out. Stupid misunderstandings.

Jung-ae sends Soon-shin off and asks about her sore throat, but Soon-shin denies having one. Hopefully that will allow Jung-ae to see that Mi-ryeong is a lying SNAKE. They awkwardly part.

Dong-hyuk is gone in the morning and Soo-jung scolds Joon-ho for being mean to his sister. I kinda like her putting him in his place. His familiy attitude leaves something to be desired.

The next day is time for an island shoot and In-sung and Chan-mi nag at each other. They’re kinda cute. In-sung gets stuck hauling all of the bags. Heh. I love it.

Joon-ho has a meeting with the shifty Reporter Park who is complaining about the press conference. He delayed his articles and the news was leaked via press conference. Okay, we know you’re there to make mischief. Just make it already so I can get some Joon-ho/Soon-shin action. He wants to know who Soon-shin’s real father is and Joon-ho begs him to stop for Soon-shin’s sake. But, Park wants to find the father and interview him. He wants to reveal the true Song Mi-ryeong.

Although Mi-ryeong is contemptible, it’s not worth harming Soon-shin to punish her inadequate mother.

Sexy baker Jin-wook and Granny have a cute little chat and then she invites him in for some gooksu. She wants him to stay until he’s married – he reminds her of Chang-hoon when he was young. Jin-wook says that Granny reminds him of his late grandmother who raised him. Aw, they’re filling gaps in each others lives.

(Dream Woo-joo versus real Woo-joo)

Woo-joo and Hye-shin come in and are surprised to see him in the house. Granny leaves for an appointment and urges the girls to eat with a very uncomfortable Jin-wook. As the three eat together, he allows himself to imagine a family scenario where both Hye-shin and Woo-joo adore him. Woo-joo calls him “appa” and both girls kiss his cheek. It’s so adorably cheesy. His day dream is broken by the real Woo-joo’s death glare. Heh.

On the island, filming is going on. Soon-shin is so immersed with practicing that she doesn’t see the hoity toity sunbae arrive. The sunbae immediately yells at her for not greeting her and I’m thinking that no one on this show is a good person. Or that Soon-shin has a sign on her forehead that say, “Pick on me. I’m an easy target. I don’t fight back.”

Yeon-ah greets the sunbae immediately and the sunbae makes a snide remark about “her mother.” It could refer to Mi-ryeong or Jung-ae. In any case, it’s rude. Yeon-ah asks Soon-shin and In-sung to buy drinks and ice cream for the staff to lighten the mood. She’ll tell the director that Soon-shin is going.  It’s so obvious she’s trying to get Soon-shin out of the way. Why can’t Chan-mi go with In-sung? Soon-shin the idiot decides to believe the untrustworthy minx and leaves.

Mi-ryeong acts as an ambassador for something and runs into Joon-ho. Of course. He asks her about Soon-shin’s father, which gives her pause and makes her defensive. She tells him to mind his own business. I see bad things coming. We don’t need anymore. Almost everything in this show is bad.

Soon-shin’s scene is next and she’s not there. The director has a fit, cuts all of her scenes and the other actors look disgusted. Yeon-ah seems satisfied to ruin the quality of the drama she’s in.

Mi-reyong and Joon-ho show up in the aftermath of the blow up. The older actress scolds Mi-ryeong for her lavish bribery and tells her that Soon-shin disappeared. Yeon-ah…says nothing. Moments later, Soon-shin arrives with snacks and gets bombarded with angry people. Soon-shin glares at Yeon-ah who offers to go with Joon-ho to meet the director and fix things.

Mi-ryeong wants Soon-shin to leave and save her pride. She can be in a better drama as the famous Song Mi-ryeong’s daughter. Soon-shin orders her to stop and tells her that being Mi-ryeong’s daughter doesn’t help at all. She leaves.

Yeon-ah convinces the director to include Soon-shin’s scenes later. Joon-ho falls for her fake niceness and promises to drink with her later. Guh. You know her better than that. Why, Joon-ho? Why?

Soon-shin leaves without her cell to brood by the water and look beautiful. But of course that means she isn’t there when the ferry schedule is changed – the last boat for the day leaves now. The cast and crew pack up while Joon-ho takes off by himself to find Soon-shin. They run to the dock and are too late.

Darn. Overnight roommate shenanigans are surely to come next episode. Whatever will we do? *grins*


IU looks gorgeous in this episode.

Does anyone have anything else to say? Please comment. I can’t bring myself to talk about this show anymore…

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Character introductions.

5 responses to “Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 37 Recap”

  1. I am still watching, for the cute bits. Ya know, I guess since Yoon-ah is older than Soon Shin, she can lie like a rug, knowing that she won’t get called out on her duplicitous behavior thanks to Korean culture. Or are the characters written stove-piped, so no one gossips to the other?

    • Soon-shin can still say something and plant ideas despite Korean culture reserves. it’s happened in other shows. “I’m so sorry. Yeon-ah unni suggested I go right away and I believed her. My fault for not thinking her suggestion through.” Put it on Yeon-ah and still apologize. Heh.

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