Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 40 Recap

by: Raine

As the cute between the couples gets even cuter, the ridiculousness of everything else gets even more ridiculous.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 30.1%.

episode 40 recap

Joon-ho finally kisses Soon-shin and it beautiful, heartfelt and sweet. Afterwards, he hugs her tightly to him and they revel in their newfound relationship. The duet between 2AM’sChangmin and GLAM’s Dahee, I Only See One Person, plays and really sets the mood with it’s cheesy 90s feel. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some cheesy. It’s the perfect song for the moment. Especially since Changmin powerful tenor pwns when mixed Dahee’s husky timbre.

Back to the lamest “couple” of the show: Mi-ryeong and Dong-hyuk, who talk about their “relationship”. Mi-ryeong tells him that Soo-jung confronted her and asked her to cancel the cosmetic contract. Dong-hyuk doesn’t want to cancel the contract and explains that it’s his fault his wife is so sensitive. Well, as long as you realize it. Now stop meeting with Mi-ryeong and flirting with her…

Mi-ryeong doesn’t want to stop being friends because she is so comfortable with him. But…she’s too selfish to realize that she’s emotionally cheating on her friend with her friend’s husband. And so is Dong-hyuk who readily agrees to continue being friends. *sigh*

Soo-jung mopes at home over her failing marriage. She takes out her frustrations on Yi-jung. For once, I feel bad for Yi-jung…that is, until she snaps at Joon-ho who merely asks what is going on. Joon-ho tells his mom that he doesn’t think Dong-hyuk has a girlfriend; he asked. However, Soo-jung doesn’t care. Dong-hyuk still hasn’t come home. Joon-ho defends his father, which incites his mother. I honestly think Joon-ho should just emotionally support his mother and stay out of it.

I wish the writer would take this opportunity to explore how a strained marriage and potential divorce affects adult children. It’s very difficult for them despite the fact that they’re grown.

Joon-ho goes into his room and broods a few seconds over his parents…and then he remembers his new woman! Heeee! He pulls out his phone and texts Soon-shin. “Did you get home safely? I miss you already. Good night.” How. Cute. Soon-shin grins like a fool and carefully plans out her message…again and again. Finally she settles on, “Neh/네/Okay.” He is really disappointed by it. She is, too, so she starts to compose another until she is interrupted by Jung-ae’s call. She’s inviting Soon-shin to Yoo-shin’s wedding.

It bothers me how much she is left out of the family’s affairs…grrr.

Anyway, they have a sweet little conversation that is full of longing that Mi-ryeong overhears. She lectures Soon-shin on not slacking off and that the fact she is one of a boatload of actors in the world. Mi-ryeong asks her to shoot a commercial together, one for Dong-hyuk’s cosmetics brand that is to be promoted as make-up for both mothers and daughters. It will really get her name out there as Mi-ryeong’s daughter. Soon-shin, predictably, turns her down. Mi-ryeong asks if it’s because she didn’t earn it with her own skills or if she doesn’t want people to see them as mother and daughter. Soon-shin says yes to both questions, hurting Mi-ryeong. She snaps and tells Soon-shin to do whatever she wants.

Honestly, I don’t mind Mi-ryeong getting emotionally kicked. She needs to hear and UNDERSTAND Soon-shin’s feelings.

Dong-hyuk smiles while thinking of Mi-ryeong. Blah. There’s even some harp music in the background, making Mi-ryeong seems like an angel. Heh. Chan-woo comes in with a wedding invitation: the wedding is this weekend. He asks Dong-hyuk to officiate the wedding and he agrees.

Sistar 19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” is playing on the radio as In-sung drives Soon-shin and Chan-mi. In-sung is singing along badly.This scene is like one last episode, but this time, instead of being depressed over Joon-ho, Soon-shin can barely stop smiling about him. Chan-mi babbles about how happy Chan-woo is about his wedding prompting In-sung to ask her if she has a boyfriend. (Soon-shin smiles at the mention of the word “boyfriend”.) They tiff a bit and are generally adorable.

Soon-shin’s drama is filming at Young-hoon’s restaurant. It’s a scene between Yeon-ah and Soon-shin and it’s SO NICE to see them get along for two seconds, even if it’s fake. Soon-shin and Yeon-ah playfully fight over a pan and Soon-shin accidentally drops it. Joon-ho adorably encourages her and Yeon-ah gets really jealous. When they do the scene again, Yeon-ah releases the pan on purpose so that Soon-shin falls; she cuts herself. Young-hoon notices that the jealous bitch did it on purpose.

Joon-ho fusses over her, pissing Yeon-ah off further. He takes her to put some ointment on her cut and Young-hoon confronts Yeon-ah the petulant. He calls Yeon-ah cheap and she has the audacity to say that she can do worse than that! He wonders where the cool professional went. Does she want to lose everything? Yeon-ah stubbornly insists she will get Mi-ryeong and Joon-ho back.

I totally get that she’s hurting, especially where Mi-ryeong is concerned. Mi-ryeong took the motherless woman in and promised to be a mother. Then she dropped Yeon-ah like a hot potato. With Joon-ho, I think Yeon-ah is delusional. She dumped him and didn’t even apologize when they met again. She has no ground to walk on where he is concerned.

After the shoot, Joon-ho fusses over Soon-shin’s arm while Chan-mi watches with a knowing smile. In-sung dashes between them, totally disregarding the new lovers’ intimate moment so Chan-mi drags him away. Joon-ho and Soon-shin get right back to the cute and go shopping for Yoo-shin’s wedding gift together.

Joon-ho mentions filming the commercial with Mi-ryeong and she says she doesn’t want to do it. He understands and teases her that she’ll be insufferable as a star if she’s that picky. They smile and act cute. It’s really nice.

It’s time for English tutoring between the single mother and the ex-con baker! He is nervous about how well he did, but he got 84%. Aw, he’s improving! Then she gives him the shirt she bought for him as a thank you gift for helping with Woo-joo at the hospital. He accepts it bashfully and tries it on, smiling and posing like an UTTER FOOL! He’s such a dork. I LURV HIM. Hehehe. Well, a very sexy fool. She laughs at him and they chat a bit. Then he offers to make the cake for Yoo-shin’s wedding.

Speaking of Yoo-shin, she’s meeting with her team about the new project and then hands out her wedding invitations. They wonder if she got pregnant and she explains that it’s because of work. She’s even only going on a one day honeymoon and postponing the real thing until later. Jeez, she is HARDCORE.

That night Yoo-shin is preparing more wedding invitations and Granny hates that the wedding is not important to Yoo-shin. Then Yoo-shin starts crying, sad that Chang-hoon’s name isn’t on the invitation. She used to imagine him walking her down the aisle. She, Granny and Jung-ae cry and exchange kind words. Granny wonders if Soon-shin is coming and grumbles, cueing Yoo-shin ito the fact that she misses Soon-shin.

Mi-ryeong gives Soon-shin the contract for the commercial just to read over, but Soon-shin ignores it because she’s going to Yoo-shin’s wedding. Hwang suggests making a contribution to the wedding and he goes in her stead to do so.

At the wedding (Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G is playing!), Gil-ja and Bok-man are missing during the greeting of the guests because Gil-ja is having diarrhea! HA! She’s had it since the night before. Can’t have a K-drama without potty humor, can we?

Chan-woo looks GORGEOUS. I really didn’t think he was all that great looking, but the hairstyle really does wonders for him.

Yoo-shin is getting her picture taken and is looking lovely. How much fun it must be to film in a wedding dress! Soon-shin shows up and the sisters are happy to be together. The three get their photo taken together and it’s beautiful to see them together. I want more sister time. I like sister time. The photographer compliments them on their beauty; Chang-hoon used to refer to them as Charlie’s Angels.

Joon-ho pops in to say his congratulations, surprising Soon-shin. They are cute and smiley with each other. Yoo-shin gets stern with him and tells him he better be following the contract well. Aw, she’s watching out for Soon-shin. I told you sister time was THE BEST!

After the photos, Soon-shin meets up with Joon-ho and teases him about being nervous around her sisters. He insists he needs to make a good impressions on them and he says it’s for their future. Soon-shin can’t find a reply to that so she laughs. They’re interrupted with Hwang who says his greetings and tells her to be nice to Soon-shin. Then she is back to flirting with Joon-ho. I like this flirting.

I DON’T like the appearance of Hye-shin’s ex, th Ex, who nearly crashes into Jin-wook holding the wedding cake. Hye-shin spots them together and she is furious to see the Ex. She kicks him out despite his aegyo whining and begging. She has to promise him some time in order to get him to leave. He’s so pointless. He’d be better if the character was easier to empathize with. That would make for some REAL conflict. Instead he’s a child with the libido of a man.

The marriage ceremony proceeds smoothly with Dong-hyuk officiating. Jung-ae cries, Gil-ja suffers from stomach pains, and the couple is deliriously happy. They take family photos and it’s really nice to see the two families side by side. I really like the unity found in the pictures and the drama scenes. I wish we could see some of that in the actually plot line.

There is a cute little aside during the photographs where Joon-ho and Jin-wook listen to some ahjummas compliment the beauty of the daughters. Joon-ho puffs up when Soon-shin’s beauty is mentioned; Jin-wook when Hye-shin’s is.

Gil-ja misses the send off of the couple because she’s stuck in the bathroom. Heh. Ever heard of medication woman? Sheesh.

Joon-ho catches his father after the wedding and scolds him for officiating a wedding with his marital relations. Dong-hyuk turns it right around: don’t go to other weddings. Have your own. Joon-ho promises he will and Dong-hyuk assumes it’s to Yeon-ah. Joon-ho fervently denies it. Then he asks when Dong-hyuk is coming home and is ignored.

Soo-jung ambushes Dong-hyuk in his office with her sullen face and asks him where he’s been staying and how she’s supposed to understand a husband who ran away. Hrm…as I recall, you KICKED HIM OUT. Heh. Anyway, she accuses him of liking Mi-ryeong and he denies it. She invites him home, but he wants time away from her nagging. He lived his life for his family and she says she has, too. She’s incredulous that he admitted he’s tired of her. He asks her if she’s ever thought he looked lonely and she replies that there are tons of people around him.

They are both talking and neither of them are listening. She knows he can communicate with Mi-ryeong, though and that truth sends him running. She goes home to cry.

They need a real talk where one speaks and the other listens. Where each admits fault and places no blame. But no one in this show listens all that well, so I doubt that will happen.

Gil-ja is still suffering from an upset stomach. Oh karma, I LOVE you. Her husband and daughter tease her. Then the newlyweds call and they chat happily with Bok-man. When they hang up, Yoo-shin worries about Gil-ja liking her. Chan-woo stops that by sweeping her up into his arms and hauling her into the bedroom.

And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gents.

Yoo-shin’s family is already missing her and Jung-ae changes the topic to the Ex that she thought she saw. Woo-joo and Hye-shin exchange uneasy glances and then Hye-shin changes the subject to Soon-shin. LOL. That’s one waffling conversation. Soon-shin wants to sleep over, but Granny is against it. She knows it’s hard to live with Mi-ryeong because she’s known her since she was young. She had nothing and learned nothing as a kid so now she pretends to be perfectly happy. She had to beg for food as a kid and even stole to get what she wanted. That made her spiteful.

Well, thank you Granny exposition fairy. Since when did you pity Mi-ryeong enough to talk about her? It’s obvious that the only reason the story is going there is to make Soon-shin want to forge a relationship with Mi-ryeong. I want Mi-ryeong to reach out first in an honest way.

Granny tells Soon-shin to come back soon.

Soon-shin sleeps with her mom and asks her not to treat her like a guest. Then she sighs that everything is so complicated. Jung-ae tells her not to worry about Granny who is just worried because she cares.

Some way to show you care, Grams…

Soon-shin returns the next day and Hwang demands to know where she slept. He tells her that Mi-ryeong stayed up all night drinking and is still sleeping. Soon-shin checks up on her, feeling guilty. She thinks back on Granny’s words and I have a feeling we’ll see her start to forge a relationship with Mi-ryeong soon. I hope that Mi-ryeong genuinely apologizes and doesn’t keep pretending like she did nothing wrong and that she stops pouting like a child.

I was right. The next morning Mi-ryeong comes downstairs and Soon-shin has made breakfast. Mi-ryeong is baffled, but over the moon happy when Soon-shin asks her to eat together. Soon-shin avoids explaining why she suddenly decided to eat together. It doesn’t matter. Mi-ryeong is genuinely touched by the gesture and it’s the first time I’ve seen her calm and honest in front of Soon-shin. Her sincerity gets to Soon-shin. It’s a start.

Mi-ryeong tells her that Soon-shin doesn’t have to do the commercial. Surprisingly, Soon-shin agrees to do it and Mi-ryeong says she’s acting weird. LOL. Again, Soon-shin avoids explaining why. She’s growing up a little, too. I know I’ve been 100% anti Mi-reyong…but…Soon-shin has been a bit of a brat. She should’ve just been the bigger person and started to forge a relationship. Or just dropped her. But she didn’t. She played games. Now I enjoyed Mi-ryeong getting what she deserved, but in terms of growth, this is probably for the best.

Soon-shin’s drama is filming at Young-hoon’s restaurant and the hoity toity actress grudgingly approves of Soon-shin’s acting and meticulous preparation that is much like her mother’s. She doesn’t like Mi-ryeong, but acknowledges that Mi-ryeong is a great actress. Yeon-ah makes a poopy face while listening to hoity toity praise Soon-shin.

Mr. Waiter comes over to fawn over Soon-shin’s acting skillz. And then he holds up his thumb in approval and she fists bumps it with the most adorable “thank you”. Keke. Yeon-ah stops her with her stank attitude to tell her it doesn’t look good if Soon-shin leaves before her sunbaes. Her team happily informs Yeon-ah that she’s filming a cosmetics ad with Mi-ryeong. Yeon-ah most definitely will use the information for no good.

And I’m right. She goes straight to Soo-jung with some food and the news of the commercial. She pretends to just be gossiping, but most definitely intends to get Soo-jung hating Mi-ryeong and therefore hating Soon-shin and therefore hating Joon-ho dating Soon-shin.

On set, Soon-shin and Mi-ryeong steal glances at each other, slowly testing out their new relationship. Then Joon-ho calls Soon-shin and they adorable flirt. She is still shy when she asks him to hurry up and come to the shoot. D’aw.

Dong-hyuk arrives and greets Mi-ryeong with a beaming smile. He’s introduced to Soon-shin (again) and it’s a pleasant little interaction.

The filming starts and Mi-ryeong is absolutely charming. Dong-hyuk is enchanted by her and can’t help but smile. Neither can Soon-shin. It may be the first time she’s seen Mi-ryeong in action.

Then Yeon-ah arrives with Soo-jung who glares daggers at the elegant Mi-ryeong. And then she spots Dong-hyuk watching. She storms over to him just as Joon-ho arrives. Dong-hyuk turns to find her glaring at him and Soo-jung slaps him in front of the entire cast and crew.


Completely not interested in the Mi-ryeong/Soo-jung/Dong-hyuk love triangle. It’s just there to make problems for Joon-ho and Soon-shin. If it was there to explore emotional cheating in marriage, Mi-ryeong’s need for companionship or any number of other valid potential plot points, it wouldn’t be so annoying. But it’s ONLY there to create an obstacle. Soo-jung needs to grow up, take her personal problems back home and/or to a therapist. Dong-hyuk needs to stop being in denial. Mi-ryeong needs to find some new friends and avoid her friend’s husband.

I’m sad that Young-hoon has been more of Yeon-ah’s conscience the past few episodes than a second lead. I liked his easy-going relationship with Soon-shin. I miss it. He has now because a plot tool as well instead of a full-bodied character. He was actually starting to develop, too.

I get where Yeon-ah is coming from. It’s a super valid place. She’s jealous of her mother and her lover being taken by one person. But she set herself up for so much of it by latching onto someone who she KNEW was a selfish person (Mi-ryeong) and she dumped Joon-ho. She has no feet to stand on. She needs to get over herself and stop sabotaging Soon-shin and the drama. And when will other people notice the DAGGERS she glares at Soon-shin? It’s pretty damned obvious.

It’s good to see Soon-shin and Mi-ryeong take tentative steps towards one another. I WANT MI-RYEONG  TO OWN UP AND APOLOGIZE! Grr. But I can deal with this. She’s no longer pushing Soon-shin around and she’s letting things happen. I hope it stays that way. I don’t want to see her manipulating Soon-shin’s life again. Active participation is fine WITH Soon-shin’s permission. They need to get to know each other before Mi-ryeong can even dare to say that she’s earned the right to be a mother.

The romances are cute. I like that they are all in different stages. I want Hye-shin and Jin-wook to get on with it already, though. GO!!!!!!

I’m missing something organic in this show. Self-motivated characters. All of them seemed strategically placed to make certain things happen. Not cool. Give me people and situations I can believe.

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