Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 46 Recap

by: Raine

Soon-shin has a lot to say when she learns the truth and I’m glad she gives Mi-ryeong a really hard verbal punch in the gut. Jin-wook continues to be my favorite character – he is total husband and father material.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 26.6%.

episode 46 recap

Soon-shin bolts after overhearing the truth and a desperate Mi-ryeong chases her. Soon-shin mumbles an excuse about why she’s there and slowly stumbles through her emotions: denial, shock, disbelief. She finally asks if it’s true and Mi-ryeong admits it. She says she got scared and ran. Soon-shin still has trouble believing it and runs again. Mi-ryeong chases her, loses and acts all weak so that Hwang has to support her to the car. It’s really pathetic. She knew this would happen.

Soon-shin wanders while she tries to absorb the news. She has no one to call and talk to. Joon-ho would be useful right now, but he was a noble idiot a few episodes back and broke up with her. He keeps waffling and wants to go back to her, but he stays firm in his idiocy.

Mi-ryeong mopes at home and has a pity party, thinking it’s all over. Soon-shin walks in and Mi-ryeong immediately attacks her, happy to see her. Soon-shin won’t let Mi-ryeong touch her and storms upstairs.

Upstairs, Soon-shin furiously knocks things from her desk and dresser. Mi-ryeong tries to stop her, but Soon-shin turns from physical outbursts to verbal: how could a person do that and act so shamelessly? You had so many opportunities to tell me the truth. Mi-ryeong tearfully apologizes. It doesn’t go over well. The lie hurt too many people. Soon-shin’s father meant everything to her. Mi-ryeong kneels and apologizes and admits to being greedy, but Soon-shin kicks her out.

This may be the emotional blow Mi-ryeong needs in order to become human. I don’t pity her at all.

Hwang checks in on mopey Mi-ryeong who has no idea what to do now.

Chan-woo and Yoo-shin leave for work and Gil-ja is awkward as she says her greetings. I love it. She gets cranky at Bok-man who loves having Soon-shin around. She says that she is charming and Bok-man tells her she never way. Ha! They fuss and Gil-ja refuses to do Yoo-shin’s laundry (that Yoo-shin didn’t ask her to do). She decides to go on a trip for a few days and he laughs at her because she won’t be able to book the plane ticket. Gil-ja takes the challenge and off she goes.

Chan-mi can’t get ahold of Soon-shin and In-sung takes a moment to flirt with her before he hears about Soon-shin’s AWOL status. Soon-shin is at her father’s grave to apologize and pour out her grief.

Granny couldn’t sleep the night before because of a nightmare involving Chang-hoon. She thinks it’s because she didn’t visit the grave and that he’s worried for his kids. Hye-shin tries to reassure her but Granny snaps that she is very disappointed in her. Later, Jung-ae warns Hye-shin to be careful dating Jin-wook because of Woo-joo. Even if he’s a bad father, the Ex is still her dad and it’s hard on Woo-joo.

So true. It’s why the dating should NOT be done in secret. I really hope they don’t do that.

Dong-hyuk worries about Soo-jung and tries to call her. Wait, where did that come from? He remembers Yi-jung crying that he never gives them any time. I guess the situation with Mi-ryeong and Soon-shin got to him. He heads home and Soo-jung is secretly pleased to see him, but she acts all prickly. She tries to shove him out and he pouts that he came to get some clothes. They fuss more and then Yi-jung comes down to tell them to grow up. They’ve both been waiting for each other and should just apologize.

Yi-jung the immature is scolding her parents. There is something wrong with this scene.

Soon-shin is missing from set and In-sung and Chan-mi are freaking out. They lie that she’s really sick. Yeon-ah overhears everything and I can’t tell if she feels bad or if she’s constipated.

In-sung reports to Joon-ho about Soon-shin’s disappearance. We cut two the two gossip-y employees talking about Soon-shin. They say that she didn’t show up because she got dumped for meddling in Joon-ho and Yeon-ah’s relationship. Joon-ho overhears it and cannot stand to hear them badmouth Soon-shin any longer. He addresses them and tells them there is no relationship between him and Yeon-ah. They don’t believe him, so he loudly calls to Yeon-ah across the room and in front of everyone asks her to explain that they aren’t in a relationship. He raises his voice more, angry and fed up. He wants her to explain that it’s a ridiculous rumor.

How long did it take for him to do that? He should’ve just done that in the first place. Then he goes searching for Soon-shin who won’t pick up her phone. He leaves her a message after some hesitation.

Yeon-ah sits in Young-hoon’s restaurant and wallowing in her own patheticness. She thought she’d succeeded because she had a good job and money, but she realizes that she’s PATHETIC Young-hoon calls her out on sabotaging Joon-ho and Soon-shin. Yeon-ah says it was Joon-ho’s choice. She demands to know how Young-hoon doesn’t have any greed in him. She just wanted to have what she wanted to have. What’s wrong with that?

You and Mi-ryeong deserve each other. Go run away together. Leave Soon-shin alone.

Young-hoon asks if she’s happy now. Dating Joon-ho now would be nothing. She admits she knows that now. Only took you 46 episodes…

Hwang comes back without Soon-shin, but Mi-ryeong doesn’t have to worry for long because Soon-shin comes in and heads upstairs to pack. Mi-ryeong goes after her and asks her not to go with a flimsy apology. She promises to do anything Soon-shin asks so Soon-shin orders her to apologize to and beg forgiveness from her family. She should also find the suspect who hit her father. She hear Dong-hyuk has a black box that could help. Mi-ryeong refuses in a blind, chickenshit panic. She says they are both going to be finished; their lives depend on secrecy. She doesn’t want to lose everything and doesn’t want Soon-shin to either.

Soon-shin scoffs and demands to know if all of that is worth more than her father and her family. Mi-ryeong says that they are. Soon-shin’s face hardens and she won’t let Mi-ryeong touch her – it disgusts her. She’s also embarrassed and ashamed to be her daughter. She leaves and I want to cheer.

Chan-woo calls Yoo-shin to let her know that Gil-ja has run away/gone on a trip. The rest of the familiy eats ramyun and wonders where Gil-ja ran off to. Bok-man bets that she didn’t run far because she didn’t want to spend money. Best guess is a jimjilbang. And they would be right. Heh.

Woo-joo ignores a call from her father and won’t tell her mother why. She tells her mother to leave and declares she hates everyone and everything. Starting your teenagerhood already? She storms out leaving Hye-shin confused. So she decides to meet with the Ex to work things out.

The Ex is very contrite and immediately starts rambling about what made Woo-joo angry. He says that “that woman” just showed up and Woo-joo is misunderstanding. He asks what Woo-joo told her and Hye-shin stares at him incredulously. He realizes he gave himself away and tries to make his excuses, but they don’t work.

Hye-shin, however, has another agenda and sticks to it. She asks him to be a good father to Woo-joo. She knows she needs to improve as a mother as well. She wants them to be proud parents even if they go separate ways so that they don’t hurt Woo-joo anymore.

Good for you!

Woo-joo walks home and is joined by Jin-wook. He offers her a cold treat and she politely refuses. She seems less hostile around him. He kneels down and explains that he rmother loves her most in the world. If Woo-joo tells Hye-shin not to meet him, she won’t. The same for him. If she doesn’t want him to meet Hye-shin, he won’t. He doesn’t want it to be hard on her. Jin-wook doesn’t want Woo-joo to feel like he took Hye-shin from her.

They walk home together and I’m left loving this man. How amazingly sweet and mature.

Soon-shin stands in front of the police station and struggles over what to do. Can she ruin Mi-ryeong for her family? We don’t see what her choice is.

Next she heads to her family’s house. Hye-shin greets her brightly and tells her Granny is sleeping because there is a new trouble maker in the house. Heh. I feel like the kids don’t make trouble. It’s the adults and their social rules.

Jung-ae is looking at a family picture when Soon-shin goes to see her. She admits she and Granny are feeling restless lately because of Chang-hoon’s death. Soon-shin asks how Jung-ae would feel if she could never find the suspect behind the death. Jung-ae doesn’t even want to think about it. Soon-shin is so decidedly down that Jung-ae knows something is wrong, but Soon-shin won’t admit what’s bothering her.

Before she leaves, Soon-shin peeks in on Granny.

Yoo-shin calls Gil-ja who is lurking around the neighborhood, but lies that she is in Jejudo and she’ll be away for ten more days. Then she runs away when she sees Yoo-shin round the corner. HA! Yoo-shin sees her.

Bok-man grumps about Gil-ja leaving everything behind. He refuses to call her because it’s insulting his pride. She’s always putting him down. He knows she hasn’t gone far. Jung-ae wonders if living with Yoo-shin is hard on her.

Y’know if they checked the card statements, they could see where she’s spending…just sayin’…

Jung-ae gets a call from the detective in charge of Chang-hoon’s case.

A lonely park makes friends with a weepy Soon-shin. She hears her father’s voice assuring her that everything is okay and that he’s proud of her.

Joon-ho apologizes to the director who is very worried about Soon-shin. (They’re talking in front of a poster for Good Doctor!) Outside, Reporter Park assaults him and asks if he heard the news from his father. He says the police will investigate Dong-hyuk as a witness for the accident.

Joon-ho rushes to meet his father and ask what the hell is going on. His anger is very badly contained as Dong-hyuk asks if Reporter Park visited him. Joon-ho is blown away by the fact that he hid the truth. Was it because of Mi-ryeong? WAs this the secret between them?

Dong-hyuk redirects to Soon-shin: is she okay? And Joon-ho finally finds out that Soon-shin knows everything.

Off he goes to find her, looking everywhere that they went together. He calls Mi-ryeong for a lead, but the woman sounds drunk as she throws herself ANOTHER pity party. After a long search, he finally finds Soon-shin in the lonely park and calls her name. She is surprised to see him and he runs to her, calling her stupid for being there alone. He’s been looking for her. D’aw! He caresses her hair and face, telling her he was worried. She cries and asks him what she should do now. He pulls her to him for a hug and lets her cry.

Okay, you get some points back that you lost, ‘cause that was reallllllly sweet.

Granny reads the Bible and Jung-ae brings her the news from the detective. They might find the suspect. She has to go to the station to re-open the case. Granny is so happy that she’s crying.

Mi-ryeong stares at the clip Soon-shin gave her and debates what she should do. She looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself that it’s okay, “It’s okay Kyung-sook.” Then she orders Hwang to take her to Soon-shin’s family’s house to beg for forgiveness. She won’t lose Soon-shin.

Although she’s being too dramatic, it’s the right decision.

At the police station, the detective greets her with a smile. They have some information from a car’s black box. They should be able to track the hit and run car with that. Then he asks how Chang-hoon knew Mi-ryeong. The informant told them that they were together on that day and he got into the accident trying to save Mi-ryeong.


So I’m guessing Soon-shin did go to the police. I hope that she did. Mi-ryeong needs to have consequences to understand what she did wrong. Just like Yeon-ah. They really do deserve each other.

I’m so glad Joon-ho finally called Yeon-ah on her bullshit. I really despite characters who just mope and pity themselves and don’t do anything to better THEMSELVES. They blame other people and I have to watch their idiocy. I hate it.

I hope Mi-ryeong gets the full extent of the punishment she deserves. She needs to come clean to herself and to others. Hwang needs to stop being her crutch and HE needs to take responsibility, too.

We’re going to have to tackle the issue of Soon-shin not being Chang-hoon’s biological daughter as well. I will kill Granny myself if she treats Soon-shin badly.

I vote we focus on Jin-wook/Woo-joo/Hye-shin and Joon-ho/Soon-shin for the rest of the series. And more of those cute bow headbands.

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