Master’s Sun: Episode 8 Madcap

by: Raine

Deeno from MadDinoAsylum and I are back for more ghostly lovin’ and hijinx. We want to axe the “ghost-of-the-day” B.S., but there’s a lot of other good stuff that makes it easy to stick with the show.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had episode 8 coming in at 17.8% as compared to episode 7’s 16.1%.

episode 8 madcap

Raine: Master tells Gong-shil that he’s not made of marble and puts her hand on his chest. He is not indifferent. She is surprised he feels something and he says he always did, like a NORMAL person. It seems she is finally starting to act normal, too.

He asks her to touch him at a friendly level so people don’t stare. Gong-shil admits she barged into his life without considering him and she promises to be careful from now on. Then he promises to listen to her ghost stories if she doesn’t run off on her own and get hurt again.

Again, he’s defending his feelings without bothering to really notice that she’s genuinely shaken by him. He offers his hand to her because her “radar” is going off and thinks she rejects him so that Kang Woo won’t see them together. But he wants to get handsy despite his relationship definitions and grabs her hand. He’ll do the explaining to Kang Woo that they are “just friends”. I love how completely convoluted he is. A man will do a lot to protect his ego, won’t he?

Deeno: He’s so transparent. He needs to realize that he wants the girl already instead of this back and forth jealousy struggle.

Raine: I think it’s okay because he is so damaged. Besides, he seems to be making bigger strides than she is romantically.

Raine: Kang Woo reports to Master’s dad about Gong-shil’s stint in the pokey and her research on Hee-joo. Dad thinks that they might know each other from an orphanage or something. Or perhaps from Europe. He also advises Kang Woo decides to continue with his mission despite the fact that it will hurt investigating her. He goes to throw the dolls out and sees Gong-shil being dropped off by Master. She promises master she’ll scold that little ping on her radar and sends him off.

It won’t just be a little “ping” for long, not with how handsy you two are. HEHEHEHE.

Master takes his anti-anxiety pills and sees cheese. He remembers Gong-shil advising he eat tofu since he just got out of jail and decides cheese is a good substitute…sure? He imagines her touching his face and she shoves tofu in hre face and talks to her teddy like it’s Master. Then the supermarket ghost harrasses her. Hehe.

Deeno: I love that he substituted cheese for tofu. It’s totally something I would try to do because I love cheese and hate tofu.

Raine: And it’s so hoity toity and snobby and omg, so Master!

Raine: Aunt is worried that Gong-shil is making Master act unusually. Even his Dad has heard about it. Master wonders who is reporting to Daddio, but Aunt finds the interest normal. Master thinks it’s weird because Daddio hasn’t taken an interest in him before. Then he blocks Uncle’s attempts to eat the cheese. Heh.

Deeno: Must guard cheese from thieves.

Raine: Don’t. Touch. The. Brie…or you DIE!

Deeno: I would die for a good old cheese curd.

Raine: I could make that happen.

Deeno: Mmm. Cheese! I’m starving!

Raine: Gong-shil is sorting recycling and being haunted by Granny when a pouting Kang Woo comes down for a run. She apologize for not coming home from work with him and he decides to tell her he doesn’t like her. It was a joke he told the kids that she believed. He tried to go with it, but he can’t anymore. She is embarrassed, but understands because she thought it was strange for someone to like her. She wishes he’d told her sooner because she got so excited over the candy. He says that although she accepted his gifts, she doesn’t really like him – she was not hurting because of him. Therefore, he doesn’t have to be sorry.

Well that was cowardly. I’m mad at you.

Deeno: So childish of him. One little bump and he backpedals a million feet.

Raine: You deserve to be stalked by that psycho Poodle Yi-ryung!

Deeno: He deserves to be stalked by a creepy doll.

Raine: Or eaten by one.

Deeno: He’s too pretty to be eaten.

Raine: I agree. We’ll freeze him and make him into a 3-D statue that can be touched. Hehe…

Raine: OMG this song is AWFUL. The one that plays here. I don’t know who sings it. But she sounds like she’s dying…

Anyway, Kang Woo runs and broods during the terrible song and clutches his chest.

Raine: At a pool party with scantily clad women, a ghost reaches for some legs and pulls a girl under the water. Everyone watches her struggle and doesn’t go to help her. She screams underwater when she sees the ghost and the other girls have to scream for the lifeguard to help. Wait, he didn’t see the idiot flailing? What kind of lifeguard is he?

Ghost goes for some more legs as Uncle reports the third pool accident at Kingdom hotel’s pool. Complaints were of something pulling the woman’s leg, but no one was seen. Master decides to install his radar at the pool.

In other funny news, he refuses to let Uncle touch his golden telescope and freaks out when Giant mall is taller than his. HAHAHA.

Deeno: Only Janitor has touching privileges. Yay!

Raine: *cue sexy music*

Raine: Master comes to run his radar who is not very happy. She has dark circles under her eyes and looks like a zombie because of the supermarket granny. Then he asks if she knows about water ghosts, and she says that she saw one when she went to the Han River with her sister. She collapses and freaks out over never wanting to see one again. He offers his hand and she says it won’t help.

Master feels bad sending her to catch the water ghost and tries to come up with a solution to the dilemma. That solution: send her for a “vacation” at the Kingdom hotel with her friends. What a douche! HA! But she’s happy about it.

Deeno: I love it, but hate it. It’s exactly what master would do, but Janitor is getting tricked.

Raine: She has too much stress to think. That or she’s always been ridiculously gullible.

Raine: Gong-shil invites coffee shop girl who wants to invite Kang Woo, but Gong-shill says no.

The ghost checks out the legs of some lifeguards and makes watery footprints.

Kang Woo calls Yi-ryung who spouts on about how awesome she is and how hard it is to meet her…except she came to meet him. He wants her to find out intel on Gong-shil and her relationship with her parents. Yi-ryung gets jealous that he wants to marry her, but he shuts her down. She agrees and wants to eat with him, but he shuts her down again. HA! She complains about a salaryman being hard to get.

Deeno: So clueless, but so adorable.

Raine: For the first time, I like the petulant second lead!

Deeno: It is a rarity. We should throw a party.

Raine: Master tries to find out who is reporting to Daddio about him.

I think coffee shop chick is Gong-shil’s real unni…I think I’m being slow about this. Hehe. Anyway, she invites Sneaky and Kang Woo along on vacation with them.

Deeno: Real unni? Really? I missed that.

Raine: Really.

Raine: Gong-shil is checking out the hotel and wants to see fireworks, but is scared of the dark. She gets a call from Master who seems to know exactly where she is. Stalker! He’s right behind her and looking dapper. He invites her for lunch and she finds his behavior strange. He’s barred the pool to the public after dinner and the employees think Master is doing it for Gong-shil. Well, he is, but not for a romantic reason.

Gong-shil is thrilled he’s offering to buy her food.

Deeno: I fall for tricks involving food every time.

Raine: I do, too. Hell, I would go even if I knew it was a trick if he bought me steak. STEAK!

Deeno: Oh! I really really really want steak now. With wasabi!

Raine: STEAK! Okay, nix the recap. Let’s go for steaks.

Deeno: STEAK!

Raine: Aunt and Driver Gwi-do donate to the orphanage where Hee-joo group up to gather information. Turns out she’s been donating for some time: it’s where Master met Hee-joo. Gwi-do sees Kang Woo heading inside and wonders why he’s there.

Kang Woo shows pictures of Gong-shil and coffee shop girl, who IS her sister, Gong-ri. I probably should’ve known that sooner. I blame how busy I’ve been!

Deeno: I still missed that. I don’t know what that says about me.

Raine: But you don’t care about names. I do. I’m that idiot who keeps the dramawiki open while she watches to make sure she knows everyone’s name and I STILL missed it…

Deeno: Nicknames are easier.

Raine: I’m too OCD. I can’t stand not knowing…I should update the character profile page now…

Deeno: I’d probably care a bit more they were guys or at least wonder.

Raine: So Gong-ri, the sister, stops for gas on her way to the hotel and sees her ex who stole on her money. She chases him in her car.

Master is a bit too flattering to Gong-shil and it’s weird. I prefer his sarcasm. He asks if she has any other clothes, checks out her boobs to eye measure her boob size. Hahaha. He decides to prepare a suit for her. When Gong-shil heads to the bathroom, she hears two employees talk about the “date” that Master has planned and thinks it’s for her.

She is ordered to meet the Master in two hours and not to get mad if she’s surprised. She thinks it’s a date. He’s planning to spring a water ghost on her. Hehehehehehehe.

Master has a dress sent to Gong-shil…then what was with the boob measuring? The dress has parrots on it. SQUAWK! She meets the president who is waiting beside the pool and it really does seem romantic. She’s thrilled he prepared it for her and then she gets to enjoy the fireworks.

Deeno: I thought he was going to send her a swimsuit.

Raine: Me, too. He was totally checking out the ladies earlier!

Raine: Turns out the fireworks were in her imagination because Gong-shil overhears Master saying he’s there to figure out the problem with the pool – she knows it has to do with a ghost and she runs away. She changes out of the clothes and goes in her shorts and shirt, feeling really hurt and upset. Kang Woo’s words come to her: when your heart doesn’t tell you the answer, your pain will tell you the truth.

Gong-shil gets gossiped about – she got kicked out of her event. Master comes to take her hand and she tries to pull away. People are looking at them funny, which is what he didn’t want. Master says he doesn’t care what they say, but that Gong-shil is hurt by what they are saying. Awwwwww. She wonders why he turned her into a Candy and he said it was because she was scared and he felt guilty forcing her. It makes her feel better and she offers to go catch the ghost. They walk off hand in hand and are stared at by the staff.

Deeno: I still think he’s a jerk.

Raine: Yeah, he still did it for his own benefit, true to form. But at least he had some thought for her.

Deeno: Master and Janitor go to the pool and she is ready to jump in and get rid of the ghost after describing how dangerous water ghosts can be. Master decides to just drain the pool even if will take time and lose him money. They go, but not before Janitor feels the pull of the water ghost. It’s banished when Master returns for her.

Janitor’s friend (or unni?) finds out that the man who swindled her has a pregnant wife. And that somehow makes it okay for him to swindle her?

Raine: Yeah, she still should’ve gotten her money back. I just thought this whole unni side story was useless except to make her and Sneaky not show up at the hotel. I suppose you could say it plays out on the theme that they want what they can’t have, both the unni and the ghost of the episode, but I think it’s lame.

Deeno: Really lame. And boring.

Deeno: Poodle and Security take a subway ride and she hears people gossiping about her. Security takes her hand and suggests getting off at the next stop. She just stands up and reveals herself in full flirty mode. It’s kinda adorable as Security escorts her off the subway. He tells her that she is a terrible singer. She doesn’t care and hopes that she’s pretty enough to date her. He rejects her and runs off, but comes back for her after she gets swarmed by fans and they run off together. She’s enjoying it way too much. I like it.

Raine: I’m still mad at him for being mean to Gong-shil and being a wuss. He doesn’t deserve the adorable idiot/model/actress/second lead of glory!

Deeno: Master and Janitor tail the water ghost. It appears the ghost doesn’t realize she’s dead. She goes about her day as if nothing has happened. Turns out she’s actually in a coma. Janitor talks her into returning to her real life after watching the fireworks. Master joins them for fireworks and walks Janitor down in her pretty dress.

Raine: This “ghost” is SO lame. Seriously? It was just an excuse to give our mains some romantic time. The “ghost” had no reason to be away from her body unless we were to suppose that her arguing family kept her away. Lame.

Deeno: I still hate the ghost of the week thing even if it’s done well.

Raine: This episode is shifting the whole story towards Hee-joo, so hopefully she’ll be the ghost we’re tailing from now on.

Deeno: I refuse to get my hopes up for this show.

Raine: Let’s go finish those steaks instead…

Deeno: Steaks raise my hope.

Deeno: The ghost leaves and Janitor and Master have an evening alone to enjoy. Janitor describes how living as the ghost was like a dream come true for the ghost and how she just woke someone up from their dream. Meanwhile, Poodle is in her own dream world where the news of her day with Security makes her giddy. Janitor’s friend/unni cries over her relationship with a married man.

Raine: Lame! But Sneaky does sneak a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Seriously, shows have to pair EVERYONE up….

Deeno: Master prepares for a week long trip to China. Janitor isn’t disappointed since she needs to learn how to live a normal life without Master. She repeats some advice that she heard from Security. Turns out it’s something that Hee Joo used to say to Master.

Raine: It’s the same advice that Master’s Daddio says to Kang Woo as well! What connection is there between Daddio, Kang Woo, Hee-joo and Master?

Deeno: Master investigates and finds out that Security was sent to the company by his father. He confronts Security about it. Security asks him whether Hee Joo was an accomplice. Turns out that Master’s father had asked him about this when he was young, but Master first wanted to know if his father had paid his ransom. They’ve been at a standstill in their relationship ever since.

Raine: So…Daddio won’t tell if he paid the ransom. Master won’t tell that he saw Hee-joo….why?

Deeno: I don’t know and I don’t get it.

Raine: *grumble*

Deeno: Hee Joo finally appears in Master’s office. Janitor finally finds out that Hee Joo is evil. Master asks who Hee Joo’s accomplice was, but Hee Joo won’t spill since she wants to the protect the other person. Master asks Janitor to stay with him and help him act strong. To protect him from Hee Joo’s gaze.

Raine: Yay! The tables are turning! But…this Hee-joo thing is more annoying than anything. That, and Daddio’s girlfriend spoke the worst English I ever heard. I think we should banish Daddio from the plot.

Deeno: She spoke English? Missed that.

Raine: Point made….wait…Deeno…where are you going?!…She ran off to get cheese covered shrimp and steak…traitor…

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