We’re getting a kitten!

by: Raine

Lil’ Raine and I have been planning on getting a new cat for a while, but we hadn’t yet found the occasion to look for one or felt brave enough to mess with Tiimmy’s world. His Royal Highness has no idea what’s in store for him! In fact, he’s sitting next to me while I write this, watching cat t.v. (i.e. looking out the window) and is thankfully none the wiser. Mwuahahahaha! (Perhaps this is due to the fact that he probably can only read Korean…)

We’ve had the paperwork filled out for the local cat rescue for a while and were just waiting for a good scheduling and monetary opportunity to crop up.

So yesterday I was heading out for some more food for His Royal Highness when I spotted the truck for the cat rescue in the parking lot.

DING! DING! *radar goes off*

Could there be kittens in the pet store?

Lil’ Raine and I have determined that we must get a female kitten in order to placate His Royal Highness’ temper. According to reading and vets, no one can resist a baby, and male cats do better with females.

Into the store I went, and sure enough, there was a little area designated for some adoptions and pre-adoptions. There were two Siamese mix kittens, an older black kitten, a mother and son, and huge ol’ Maine coon with massive paws of GLORY!

The two mixed Siamese siblings looked young and sure enough, when I asked the adoption lady, they were 10-weeks. They had been rescued from a feral colony and came from a litter of six, two of whom had already been adopted. The other two were in foster care as they were too skittish to be adopted, and the pair in the pet store were shy, but curious, and up for pre-adoption.

The most important question, however, was: was one of them female?

YES!!!!!! The shier kitten was a female and adorable . I couldn’t resist holding her even though Lil’ Raine and I had decided the night before NOT to adopt a cat for a while. I picked all two pounds of her up and she was terrified. She buried her head against my shoulder and I decided to call Lil’ Raine down. I just had this FEELING.

While I waited I bought His Royal Highess his cat food and had a more-than-cursory look at litter boxes, collars and name tags. When Lil’ Raine showed up, she took one look at the Siamese pair and wiggled her hands excitedly.

I took out the female, handed it to her, said “she’s up for pre-adoption” and proceeded to watch Lil’ Raine fall in love with her as I had.

About 10 minutes later, we’d filled out paper work, handed over my credit card and decided to make our new kitten’s name tag right then and there even though we had to wait to take her home. (She will be spayed the 13th!)

So now I present to you the newest addition of Raine’s family, the beautiful Siamese/tabby mix, Momo:


We’ll find out more about her history when we pick her up from the clinic and we’re going to visit her at foster care before she is fixed. But we’re so excited! MOMO! We miss you already! Come home now!

Funny thing about her name, we’ve had “Momo” picked out for a while. She just fits the name, don’t you think? MatsuJun, you need to work hard to keep up!

And what about Timmy, His Royal Highness? Well, he hissed at Lil’ Raine when she came home smelling like foreign cat and he sniffed at both our hands and arms for a while. Thankfully, he got used to it, and loved on us and accepted us back into his kingdom and then demanded dinner. We’ve designated a “Momo” area and will slowly get him used to the fact that there will soon be a princess in the house. Maybe when she learns to talk and calls him “oppa”, he will melt and accept her.

We are excited and hope that Momo’s spay date will be moved up so we can get her sooner! She’ll be 11 weeks by the time we get her! But, she will have had more time socializing with her brothers and sisters, which is always a good thing. Timmy never had that as he was put on a spaceship alone and sent to earth to take over.

Stay tuned for more Momo updates! We will be visiting her on Monday and will take pictures and videos!

Momo and bro

Momo’s brother and Momo. He was adopted yesterday, too!

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