Master’s Sun: Episode 10 Madcap

by: Raine

Deeno from MadDinoAsylum and I got a little kooky on this madcap. It was a bit of a convoluted emotional mess, but the cuteness prevailed!

AGB Nielson Nationwide had episode 10 coming in at 17.3% as compared to episode 9’s 16.8%.

episode 10 madcap

Raine: Master Joong-won breezes by Gong-shil with his new fiancee by his side. Her name is Seo-yeon. Instead of going up with her, Master sends her on her way so he can talk with a hurting Gong-shil. He says she looks good being apart from him, but he was in hell. Gong-shil can only ask if he’s really getting married. He says the secret the dead wife ghost from last episode talked about is scary.

Does that mean he thinks Gong-shil likes him or that she doesn’t?

Deeno: I think he’s pretty aware that Janitor is crushing on him. And happy as could be about it.

Raine: I only got that after watching the episode…

Deeno: This was not an easy episode.

Raine: I need to watch it again. I missed too much.

Deeno: I watched my half twice because I knew I didn’t understand most of the first half watching it once.

Raine: Emotional mumbo JUMBO! Speaking of jumbo, a jumbo hotdog sounds really good right now.

Deeno: I have some smoked spicy sausage hot dog thingies.

Raine: Okay, forget watching this again. Let’s go eat!


Raine: Anyway, Gong-shil thinks he’s getting married so he doesn’t have to see her anymore. He says she doesn’t mean enough to him to make him do that. LIAR! He walks away, leaving her feeling like dog poo. But at the elevator, he won’t let his fiancee touch him. Kang Woo and Sneaky witness his cold demeanor.

Deeno: No touchy!

Raine: Electric shock!

Deeno: Portable volcano!

Raine: That spews lightning bolts!

Deeno: And yellow paint!

Raine: Gong-shil broods on the stairs and Kang Woo asks if she knew about the wedding. He also asks if something happened the night of the pianist’s concert. She doesn’t remember Master being there – only the back of someone. She says she was out of her mind that night and realizes she must’ve been possessed when he came. She guesses ghost wife might’ve told Master her secret, i.e. that she likes Master. Kang Woo isn’t happy to hear any of it.

Driver Gwi-do asks if it’s okay for Master to use the fiancee for business purposes. He points to his head and says he’s calculated the risks. Gwi-do says Gong-shil looked surprised and Master admits he can’t think about her because she’s somewhere else – in his heart. He’s accepted that. Gwi-do wants him to admit his feelings and that the marriage is not real. HA! YES! YES! YES! Anyway, Master is afraid to live life outside his perfectly functioning brain, but Gwi-do thinks that Gong-shil, seer of ghosts, will be able to understand Master’s damage.

He’s scared to start using his heart rather than his brain.

Deeno: Sometimes it helps to read recaps. This episode was really confusing.

Raine: I agree. He’s wrestling with his emotions and his confusion is making me confused.

Deeno: Trying to watch this at double speed makes me confused, but it may not just be the double speed.

Raine: It could be the ghosts…

Raine: Kang Woo asks Gong-shil if Master has to be her hideout while she muses over the fact that Master is trying to get rid of her. He asks if it hurts to be by Master and Gong-shil says she has no time or place to love like Candy and her Prince Charming. She is merely a radar and Master is her hideout and that’s how she hopes to remain. She goes to see him, leaving a wounded Kang Woo behind.

Gong-shil enters Master’s office and congratulates him on his engagement, which shocks him. Heh. She asks if he can still be her shelter, but one that is very lightly used, since he’s going to be someone else’s “sweet home”. She’ll just use the sub-basement. He says he doesn’t like sweet stuff. Hehehe. So she asks him to have a son with the same ability. HAHAHAHAHA! He doesn’t like that suggestion either. He moseys up to her and wonders if she’s acting that way because of her secret – the one he doesn’t know because he respected her privacy. But he can guess what it is from her behavior. He’ll pretend he doesn’t know anything and acts all smug about it.

Deeno: Basement babies…

Raine: I like where this is going…

Raine: Then she breaks his heart by saying she doesn’t like him; she likes sweet things. Awwww. She says she hates men like him who are rude and that she’ll leave before he tells her to get lost. He stops her to tell her to get lost and she storms out.

She’s just trying to protect her little heart, but I don’t like it. BOOOO! He doesn’t like that Candy Kang is her excuse either.

Deeno: I kinda like it more now because it kills his heart and also makes sense in his mind. Double attack!

Raine: But what about my mind. It looks like a scrambled egg…

Deeno: Nom. Nom. Nom. It’s a bad comparison to make when we’re both hungry.

Raine: I just pictured you wearing a very Anthony Hopkins-esque look….

Deeno: I imagine me in zombie make up…and the pig rabbit. 

Raine: Gong-shil gets called to the Aunt’s office to look at some porcelain for Master’s engagement. When she picks it up, she sees something inside and gets scared. Aunt thinks it’s because she’s scared of the price. Gong-shil advises her not to think of the porcelain vase as too important or it will get arrogant. Aunt is insulted, thinking Gong-shil is referring to her. Gong-shil tries to explain that it was once a water vase and someone put too much of themselves into it. The only course of action after that is to break it so no one gets bewitched. Aunt thinks it’s because she wants to break up the marriage and doesn’t get that Gong-shil is ACTUALLY talking about the vase.

Anyway, Gong-shil high tails it out of there to visit her unni and tells her about the ghost and how Aunt wouldn’t head her warming. Unni has other concerns: people say Gong-shil was rejected by Master.

Aunt wants Master to get rid of Gong-shil, but Master brought up marriage so he can keep her. I’m not sure how that works, but okay. I’ll go with it for now. He wants to see her …until he doesn’t want to see her. Ha. Master realizes that something is weird with the expensive vase and drops it back into the box, freaking out his Aunt.

Why is my life inundated with Joseon porcelain? Goddess of Fire and now this!

Deeno: Pickled vase!


Deeno: What if it had time travel abilities?

Raine: I already have a pickled baby.

Deeno: Much sturdier and more nutritious.

Raine: Model Yi-ryung shoots down her friends when they assert that Gong-shil is dating Master. She thinks Gong-shil and Master are incompatible but her bitchy friend points out that Gong-shil is smart, pretty, good at sports and popular. She is the Big Sun for a reason. HAHAHA! Yi-ryung, the small sun, has a fit and promises to show them how weird Gong-shil has become.

Master asks Gong-shil what she saw in the porcelain vase and if it followed her. It didn’t and she warns him against its dangers. He asks why she didn’t use her hideout and she replies that she was afraid the person she liked would misunderstand. He is annoyed that she insists she likes Kang Woo. She says she won’t love something she depends on and gives an anecdote about a wolf loving a sheep and needing to eat it when it’s hungry. He thinks the sheep was crazy for suggesting that the wolf eat him – I think this anecdote is weird. Master Sheep doesn’t want to be eaten and Gong-shil wolf doesn’t want to eat him.

Master contemplates sheeps and wolves and wonders if he should’ve listened to the ghost wife tell Gong-shil’s secret.

Deeno: This is making me hungry. If I saw a lamb I’d eat it. Who needs love to get in the way of dinner?

Raine: These people need to get their priorities straight.

Deeno: Cannibalism = good!

Raine: Come to a Madcap between Deeno and Raine and you will learn all sorts of things you never thought were possible!

Deeno: We’ll also stuff an apple in your mouth and stuff you in an oven.

Raine: Delicious!

Raine: Kang Woo finds out the marriage is fake – it is just business on both sides that is to last a week. He doesn’t have to tell Master’s daddy to hurry back for a wedding. Gwi-do warns Kang Woo not to reveal the truth ‘til Master does.

Aunt ogles the vase and takes it home after picking on her wimpy husband. She tells the vase she likes dignified scholars and dreams that there is one in a hanok just outside her house. He is playing a reed flute and offers his hand to her. Before she can take it, she wakes up under her slobby husbands arm and sends him to sleep in another room so she can dream of her young scholar.

Deeno: Last night I dreamt that Mr. Dino had another wife. I think this drama was the reason why.

Raine: He brought back a ninja pot?

Deeno: Or he just brought back pot?

Raine: That must’ve been why your dinner tasted funny…

Deeno: But I didn’t have dinner. I was out making oogly eyes at a cardboard cutout. But cardboard does taste funny.

Raine: Kang Woo offers to accompany Gong-shil to check out the Aunt’s office and Gwi-do overhears. He loudly mentions that Kang Woo will probably take her home so that he and Master don’t have to do it. Hehe, I likes him. Master pretends not to hear and then checks up on Gong-shil’s office. She’s not there.

She’s snooping around Aunt’s office with a very scared Kang Woo. He tightly grabs onto her and she has to ask him to lighten his viselike grip. HAHAHAHA. The vase isn’t there and neither is the ghost. Kang Woo can’t believe she’s calm and she explains that she’s used to fear. He realizes that’s why she was hiding. She elaborates that Master gives her breathing space to live without fear, but she’s afraid she can’t depend on that anymore because he’s getting married. Kang Woo laments that he can’t be her hideout. He remembers that the marriage isn’t real and asks Gong-shil to test herself and see if she can now live without her hideout. She did it for the week that Master was in China.

Gong-shil isn’t sure that she can avoid him if he’s easily available, but Kang Woo challenges her to try to live without Master for a week. If she can, she should let him go. If not, she will hurt.

Aw, he’s selfish and also concerned. I love it.

Afterwards, Gong-shil offers Kang Woo her arm to  walk him to dinner and Master watches jealously.

Raine: Sneaky flirts with Yi-ryung who spots the Dooly doll on Kang Woo’s desk. Meanwhile, Kang Woo is on rounds and has to steal himself to check out somethign potentially creepy. Yi-ryung pops out of a doorway and scares him into the CUTEST POSE EVAR! She thinks he’s adorable, too.

Deeno: So cute! I could watch that…aniGIF!!!!!

Raine: *SQUEEEE*

Deeno: That is my mission for tomorrow!

Raine: YAY!

She’s come to warn him that there may be an article about them because of the subway incident. If he goes with her now for beer, he can become her bodyguard.

Wow, she really doesn’t let up!

Raine: He invites her to eat kimbap with him and Gong-shil. Then she attacks his chest with her lips, marking his nice white shirt with her lipstick. She wants to show the mark to Gong-shil. He doesn’t and reschedules dinner.

Gong-shil tries to peep into Master’s office and he jumps out of the shadows and scares her. They bicker about ghosts and the point of the argument is that ghosts look to her like the sun and Master wonders why he does too even if he’s not a ghost.


Deeno: Master wants the lowdown on how things are going to play out with Janitor and him. Is she a Candy? No she’s just sensible and doesn’t need money as long as she’s still seeing ghosts? He can categorize her so he doesn’t know how to deal with her and how to get rid of her. He’s afraid he’s going to end up falling for her. She tells him that she’ll just chase away the ghosts.

Raine: So he’s trying to be a douchebag.

Deeno: Well he already came back with a fake fiancee.

Raine: But…then why is he flirting with her? Oh yeah, douchebag…

Deeno: On the way to chase away the pot ghost, Janitor clings to Master and tells him about the ghosts she was able to deal with while he was gone. She feels confident that she’ll be able to leave when the time comes. He wonders where his necklace went.

Raine: I took it. My pickled baby likes it.

Deeno: My pickled baby is drawing a tank with the ballpoint pen.

Raine: We should arrange a playdate for them.

Deeno: Or a WWF Smackdown.

Raine: Same difference!

Deeno: Rumors spread about Janitor being dumped. Aunt gets vicious after the super super super creepy scholar starts haunting her dreams. Seriously that thing scares me because it’s so ugly.

Raine: It looks like a demented avatar. It’s goofy. The doll was creepier.

Deeno: It has a beard.

Raine: It had a lazy eye, hehe.

Deeno: Security gives Janitor a pink dinosaur. Poodle pops in for a visit and invites Janitor to a class reunion to rub the public dumping in her face. She notices the pink dinosaur and realizes that Security and Janitor have couple dinosaurs. This is not a good sign…for Poodle.

Raine: OCD me popping in. The green dinosaur is Dooly, a cartoon from the 80s. And the pink one is his girlfriend, Gong-shil. So she and Janitor Gong-shil have the same name. It’s cute!

Deeno: It’s dinosaurs! Of course they are cute!

Master’s father thinks that Hee Joo is alive.

Raine: Wasn’t it because he thinks she has a twin? Was that the reason being floated?

Deeno: It’s not floating yet! Flailing in the water perhaps.

Deeno: Driver tells Janitor that he’s on her side since she’s the only one that can get close to Master and actually stick to him and asks her where her reunion is being held. Then he asks Master about his dinner with his fake fiancee.

Raine: Sounds like Driver Gwi-do is conjuring up a cute meet to me!

Deeno: I love him!

Deeno: Master’s aunt won’t wake up (cuz a big ugly bluebeard is sitting on top of her) so her husband steals the vase. He gives it to Master and tells him that Janitor suggested breaking the vase. Since the vase is from fakee (fake fiancee) he’ll have to break his engagement in order to break the vase.

Then we get this weird scene with Janitor and Master where Master decides that he must break the pot, but he’s going to blame Janitor and make her take responsibility for the broken engagement. He drops the vase. Aunt wakes up, sees ghost, and rightfully screams her guts out. I’m still not sure if this scene was in Master’s mind or a dream, but the transition to the scene is so sudden that it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem like a conversation our OTP would actually have.

Raine: I think it was real because Aunt is no longer haunted. This ghost is as random as that mirror ghost who made Poodle Yi-ryung think she was beautiful and instead, turned her into, well, a Poodle.

Deeno: The scene just felt out of place.

Raine: I just thought it was cute he was hugging the vase…

Deeno: The next scene has Janitor talking to her pink dinosaur about Janitor making a big fuss about breaking the engagement and saving his aunt. So the scene actually happened? Weird. Security finds Janitor talking to herself/the pink dinosaur. That sounds odd, but it happens me all the time. Curse you, Fluffy Deeno.

Raine: SHHHHH! Don’t say her name. You might summon the beast!

Deeno: My brain is too tired to summon the beast.

Raine: Phew!

Deeno: Security tells Janitor to brag about her boyfriend and makes plans to show up at dinner, but doesn’t really tell Janitor this.

Raine: He’s so cute and she’s dense not to figure it out.

Deeno: But she can still figure out all the ghost’s problems.

Deeno: Master has his breakup dinner in the same restaurant as Janitor’s reunion thing. Fakee brings up the curse.

Security talks to Master’s father. It’s explained that Hee Joo has been sighted since her “death.” She’s also been following Master from country to country. The current theory involves twins, but which twin died? And whichever twin is around could be the reason why Master is cursed. Didn’t most of his fiancee’s have terrible “accidents” that ending the engagement? Is Hee Joo the person behind Giant? What is going on?

Raine: Hee-joo.2 and Hee-joo the ghost are both pains in the butt.

Deeno: We should kill the living one and end up with a blue and red ghost.

Deeno: Aunt and Uncle run into a girl at their apartment. A girl that is being stalked by the Hee Joo ghost. Wait, how am I supposed to call them now. I guess there could be a good and evil twin. Hee Joo being the evil one?

Raine: Hee-joo.2 is the living one! Domo arigato, Mr. Robato!

Deeno: Hee Joo is a robot!

Raine: I knew you’d like that idea.

Deeno: Exterminate the robot! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Deeno: Driver fuels Master’s jealousy by pointing out Janitor and saying that Security is planning on joining in at the dinner so Janitor can brag about him.

Janitor gets questioned about her relationship with Master. She tells all the good moments then tells her friends that Master is engaged to another woman, but she is still clinging to him since he’s her only special person. Master shows up behind her having heard the whole story. He tells her that he’s broken off his marriage and tells her to take responsibility as he drags her off. EEEEEEEE!!!! And then he calls her baby and refers to himself as her oppa as he strokes her cheek. *cringes*

Raine: When he showed up, he pet her hair, too! But when he said oppa I got all mushy…*squee*

Deeno: I loved the hair petting, but his faking sweetness just creeped me out. He isn’t Sweet Kang Woo.

Raine: I think that was the point. He weirded her out, too.

Deeno: Master drags Janitor out of the restaurant and yells at her for not bringing up that he’s her safety hideout and she’s his radar. She just wants to get away, but ends up running into Security. Security tries to calm her down, but Master isn’t done talking to Janitor and drags her away. Poodle comes out and Security admits to her that he likes Janitor and tells her not try seducing him again. I kinda feel sorry for Poodle.

Raine: I do only because I like her. But he’s clearly and firmly turned her down. So she’s an idiot poodle, but I still likes her.

Deeno: Master and Janitor argue which ends when Master admits that he loves her.

Raine: So Gong-shil doesn’t believe that he likes her. She thinks she’s holding him back? Is that why she’s so resistant and keeps lying to him about her feelings?

Deeno: I think she’s never really considered it a real possibility that he’d want to be her prince charming. To her it’s still just a fairy tale.

Raine: So then why the lying? It’s so convoluted. Oh yeah…K-drama…

Deeno: The cake is a lie.

Raine: I need to go play that now.

Deeno: I need to eat a hot dog cake now.

Raine: How come we always end with food references? I suppose 2am is as good a time as any to write a recap on an empty stomach…

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  1. The reason why Joo Won broke the vase in front of Gong Shil was so he had a cover for his engagement being temporary. He played up his aunt being sick so Gong Shil would tell him he had to break it and he could say that he had no other choice but to break off his engagement for the sake of his aunt, and Gong Shil was responsible. Clever boy.

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