Master’s Sun: Episode 12 Madcap

by: Raine

Deeno from MadDinoAsylum and I are back with sheep and wolves and poodles and leeches!!! Oh yeah, you should probably bring some tissues to this recap/episode.

Remember, I host even episodes and she hosts odds!

AGB Nielson Nationwide had episode 12 coming in at 19.3% as compared to episode 11’s 18.3%.

episode 12 madcap

Raine: Master and Gong-shil kiss and then he holds her while she tries to process the whole thing. He wants the real Gong-shil to know that he doesn’t believe that she wants him to get lost despite pretending to be possessed. He started it all because she said she could handle it. If it becomes too hard, it’ll end. So, what does she want to do?

She adorably makes an excuse that a ghost came and went and he seriously says he’s glad she’s returned. D’aw. She asks why he’s there and he reminds her that the date is at her house and barges into her place. He says going to her place isn’t anything for people who “slept together” their first night. Hehe. Then he spots her underwear on her bed. They start talking about how being together in her room is “dangerous”; she thinks it is; he doesn’t think so. He says the kiss was just to chase out a ghost. Pfffft.

Deeno: He just likes kissing her. And it’s about time he admits it.

Raine: I can dig the unsolicited kissing. I actually would like more. I like affection.

Deeno: *newt lick of affection!*

Raine: Gong-shil is still angry and doesn’t want to accept him, but he admits he feels fear too. His heart goes to her and he can’t control it. He’s here and he doesn’t want to be driven out, but invited in like the ghosts in her office. HEHE.

He tells her cat stuffed animal to get lost, the one that substitutes for him, and I’m cracking up.

Deeno: She talks to ghosts. He talks to inanimate objects. It all works out.

Raine: I totally like how you think.

Raine: Driver Gwi-do explains to Aunt that Gong-shil can heal Master’s Hee-joo curse because she sees it as a scar. She is the only one who can do it because she won’t leave him be. She also caught his heart and he’s trying to figure out an escape.

Deeno: She’s just a cute little leech…

Raine: Leech…even the word is gross.

Deeno: But she’s still adorable.

Raine: Yes, yes. That is true.

Raine: Master rummages through Gong-shil’s fridge and finds beer: she and Kang Woo drink it sometimes on the rooftop. Well, he drinks it. In any case, it doesn’t sit well with Master and he takes the beer out. Gong-shil scolds him to leave the beer. He shakes the beers and puts them away. Hehe. Fighting over beer. This is awesome.

Deeno: Awesomely petty!

Raine: I totally replayed him shaking up the beers. His expression is priceless.

Raine: He put money into her account and wants her to move somewhere better, but she is most comfortable there. She bolts when she gets a text and Master jealousy checks her phone, but he can’t read her text! He recruits the kids downstairs to read the text by bribing them. HAHAHA! They ask why he doesn’t’ read, but they read the text: about bringing in the laundry and telling her that he loves her and he wants to sort recycling with her. Hehe.

Anyway, the kids flatter him for more toys and he says he’s the CEO that is so special to Gong-shil. He gives them lots of gift certificates.

Deeno: I thought he was giving them his name card.

Raine: Why would they need more than one?….Timmy….is standing in front of the computer. I think he doesn’t want me to recap. MOVE TIMMY! NEED MASTER CUTENESS!

Deeno: More name cards means more power!

Raine: Like Yu-gi-oh?

Deeno: I have no idea.

Raine: Kang Woo meets with Poodle Yi-ryung about the news story that broke about them. He’s not happy but she assures him that a different story will come out in the morning: she and Master will come out as a couple. Why? Is Kang Woo worried about Gong-shil. He asks after Yi-ryung and she’s surprised by his caring and prefers that he be mad instead of worry. Aw, it’s so cute how he gets to her by doing hardly anything.

Deeno: She’s delusional.

Raine: She’s…adorable…like a …leech?

Deeno: Leech Poodle!!!!

Raine: OMG! It’s a new breed for the avatar to play with! We have appa the flying bison and Yi-ryung, the Leeching Poodle!

Deeno: Yes! I actually got that reference, but I still think the bison looks like a beaver too.

Raine: Flying beaver!

Raine: Master sits outside and Gong-shil asks him to go. He reveals he read her text and surprises her. He says he has his ways and she agrees. He always gets what he wants. Then she suggests a way for him to relax more about their complex relationship: think of the wolf and the goat. The wolf loved the goat so much that it would never eat it and always protect it. Therefore, the goat could relax.

Too many animals in this scenario. My brain hurts.

Raine: Anyway, Gong-shil promises to protect him like the wolf in the story. Then she tells him to go home and avoid the rain. He looks all touched and then comes in while she’s fearfully anticipates water ghosts. He will protect her because she needs him at such times. She’s embarrassed to ask him to stay and he says her promise to protect him was cool enough, so he’ll leave later. He guides her to the bed and sits next to her, offering only to hold hands and nothing else. He trusts her not to take advantage of the situation. Then he takes his jacket off and holds her hand. SERIOUSLY?! Hanky panky will keep ghosts away too!!!!! HANKY THAT PANKY!!!!!!!

Deeno: I love the look on her face when he takes off his jacket.

Raine: I’m wondering why she didn’t help him…

Deeno: Pervert unni is back!

Raine: Couldn’t stay away for too long! Did you think the Colorado floods dragged the perversion away?

Deeno: They almost dragged Momo away for way too long.

Raine: When I get Momo, I will never let her go. Recaps might start showing random kitten pictures…

Deeno: I refuse to participate in such recaps.

Raine: MEOW!

Raine: No hanky panky. Instead, he watches her sleep peacefully and regrets hurting her. He falls asleep next to her and she wakes hand-in-hand. She thinks about how he’s hurting and how he’s so scared that he can’t read. She won’t hurt him further.

Raine: In the morning, Master is gone to deal with Yi-ryung’s dating scandal. Kang Woo wants him to admit to it since he already has four people on his record. Haha. Master wants Kang Woo to do it, but neither likes the idea of being paired with her. Gwi-do interrupts, refusing makes her look bad. Master can’t have that since she’s his mall’s model. They both decide not to deny the rumors.

Next order of business: did Gong-shil see the article? Yup, and she didn’t seem to care much. She went to find a ghost at the mall entrance. A woman is looking for her child who is watching over her as a ghost. Her unni suggests not telling the mother for fear of making her faint. A man comes to help the weak woman and the ghost child runs away.

Deeno: I like this side story a bit more.

Raine: Me, too. Especially since Gong-shil is being more active in her ghost life now.

Raine: Gong-shil tries to entice the boy’s ghost out from under some stairs while Ucnle’s secretary and two workers watch her and think she’s looney. They spot Yi-ryung and secretary admits that both men like Gong-shil, not the model.

Deeno: I love that Janitor is really starting to embrace her insanity.

Raine: It’s glorious. I like embracing insanity. I’m learning fanchants to Infinite songs because I’m going to see them in November! CAUSE YOU’RE MY DESTINY!!!!!

Deeno: Cuz you’re my de-sanity!

Raine: Those aren’t the lyrics. Fired from the fan train…*Fans are literal. Don’t mess with them*

Deeno: Ceiling fans freak me out.

Raine: How did you deal with my guest room?

Deeno: Huddled in the corner. They can’t get me there!

Raine: I also have moveable fans…

Raine: The ghost boy finally emerges…and we cut to Kang Woo and Master in front of Yi-ryung. She says she denied rumors and says she saved both of them. She will confirm them if they annoy her. Master says he’ll renew Yi-ryung’s contract because he doesn’t want people to think he ended things because of the scandal. Kang Woo wants to escort her to Master’s event and Yi-ryung is happy to have two men “fighting” over her again. She’s is so snobby it’s cute. How is that possible?

Deeno: It only works for Poodle because she’s so blatantly open with her feelings and plans.

Raine: Yeah, no guessing games. You think he’s falling for her? I think he’s starting to warm to her.

Deeno: Warming up yeah, but I don’t think it will lead anywhere besides a bickering friendship.

Raine: At least he’s smirking around her. So cute. Kya!

Yi-ryung bumps into Gong-shil on her way out and says she hates both men. She wonders if Gong-shil will be the fifth cursed person for Master. Gong-shil says there is no way she’ll be the fifth person because she won’t let go of him. Yi-ryung doesn’t believe her and stalks away.

Raine: Gong-shils brings the boy to the office while the man who helped the tired mother before is freaking out that mom is looking for her kid. He wants to get rid of the body and the kids belongings quickly.

Gong-shil presents the ghost kid and the flier. The kid is too scared to talk and Gwi-do is weirded out by having to comfort an invisible kid. Master hysterically boasts of his ghost experience (following an invisible dog). Kang Woo asks what to do and won’t avoid scary things. She suggests he sing a song about teddy bears. Gwi-do suggests singing the song together.

And then starts ghost therapy with three adult men singing “The Three Bears” and the ghost kid smiles. This is the best thing EVAR! Kang Woo is serious, Gwi-do is super into it and after a few verses even Master gets into it. HEHEHEHEHE.

Deeno: That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. They Hong Sisters really know how to bring actors down a peg or two.

Raine: It’s glorious! I was cackling.

Raine: Sneaky presents a shoddy timeline of Gong-shil’s life to Uncle. Popular, then unknown accident, hospital for three years and then a loser, then working with Kingdom. Uncle scolds him for doing his research over good food. He continues to press her unni who promises not to talk about it. He ends up feeling guilty about what he’s doing.

Deeno: I love how he drew out the timeline. Like it needed a chart…

Raine: He wants to act like he ACTUALLY did something…

Deeno: When the information just practically falls right into his lap.

Raine: Kid ghost shows Gong-shil where the accident happened and then the creepy flier guy shows up in a tow truck. The kid ghost immediately disappears. She asks Tow Truck if anything strange happened and he notices the flier. Uh-oh. He knows she’s looking.

A flashback tells us that he accidentally hit the kid in his car and stuck the kid in his trunk. He doesn’t think anyone saw.

Deeno: I was mad when he just stuffed him in the trunk. He should have sent him to the hospital!

Raine: I KNOW. WTF?! What a douche.

Raine: Gong-shil goes back to where the mother is desperately looking for her kid and the kid ghost watches her. Aw, I’m tearing up with Gong-shil. The kid is so obviously worried for his mom.

Gong-shil goes to tell Master about the situation. He knows  the mother will have a hard time whether Gong-shil tells her the truth or not. He warns her not to say anything and become a horrible person to the mom. Gong-shil asks if she was horrible to him when she told him she saw Hee-joo. He admits to hating that Hee-joo had been beside him.

Deeno: Aunt tells Janitor to stay away from Master and not bring up his past with Hee Joo.

Master tries to read the lamb and wolf book, but decides it would be better to head over to Janitor’s place so she can store some beer for him too. She protests and asks him what Hee Joo means to him. He tells her that Hee Joo Blue loves him and tells her that he’d rather not know about Hee Joo Blue being in his presence since it will make for an awkward love triangle. Janitor insists that he confront his issues with Hee Joo so he can read again.

Raine: Love his pettiness with the beer. Beer for the win! Also, I like that she’s starting to push him for his sake and not because of her fears.

Deeno: I love that she cares about him enough to be upfront about his problems.

Deeno: Master tries reading the wolf book all night long, but he struggles.

Raine: He’s so in love and I love how it spurs him to actually better himself.

Deeno: Security meets with Poodle who asks why he didn’t visit her in the hospital. He rejects her again, but this time he notices her crying in the security camera after he leaves.

Raine: Guilty conscience?!

Deeno: I’m hoping so because I’d love that. I’m getting more and more onboard with Poodle getting a guy. Somehow. I’m still not sure it’s possible.

Raine: Or at least a genuine friend.

Deeno: Master asks Kang Woo to explain about Hee Joo. When he finds out about the twin he asks a lot of the same questions we did. Which one died? Which one dated him? We also get a nice flashback of a Hee Joo smiling with the necklace after watching her sister die. There is blood involved I’m happy. We also see Hee Joo 2 visiting Dead Hee Joo’s memorial.

Raine: So one sister is a sociopath who loves gaudy jewelry?

Deeno: She was smiling! It makes me so happy!

Raine: *twitch* I need more beer antics

Deeno: Driver notices Hee Joo 2 outside of the memorial when Master stops by for a visit.

Master tells Janitor that he visited Hee Joo and is on his way to becoming a book-reading citizen again.

Master asks Driver to investigate whether Hee Joo has a twin. Driver already knows that Hee Joo had a twin! And her name is Han Na. How does he know? Was he involved in the kidnapping? Is he evil?!!!!!!

Raine: NOOOO! Not Driver Gwi-do. We LOVES Gwi-do. He doesn’t SEEM evil. Don’t be evil! We already have a child trunk murderer!

Deeno: I don’t want him to be evil either. He’s like a giant teddy bear. But I would love an evil giant teddy bear that was actually a teddy bear.

Raine: I just like seeing this actor be someone friendly and fun! He’s usually a bad daddy.

Deeno: Most ahjussi actors are.

Deeno: Hee Joo 2 gets a tour of Master’s house thanks to Aunt. She notices the book and wonders whether Master can read now? Aunt freaks out, but Hee Joo 2 blames it on a drunken Uncle. She recognize the story and says that the one who loves the most is the one who died, the wolf in this case.

Raine: I hate foreshadowing. Especially when it involves death. Booo!

Deeno: I love death foreshadowing.

Raine: *sobs*

Deeno: Ghost Boy leads Janitor to the trunk his body is in. His killer is still there and decides she has to go, but before he gets her she shoots off a text to Master to let her know where she is.

Raine: I love how much he struggles and begs his insane mind to be able to read the text!

Deeno: I wondered for a second if she might send a text to Kang Woo since he can read, but I love that she sent it to Master. She knows he has his ways.

Raine: I dunno if she thought about it….

Deeno: Maybe not consciously…

Deeno: He’s able to read enough words to figure out the location and rushes off to protect her. He leaps in front of Janitor right before the killer stabs her and even though there’s a screw driver rammed into his back he asks her if she is fine. The paramedics take him to the hospital.

Aunt reads the end of the book and cries over the sad ending.

Raine: MORE FORESHADOWING! Leave me alone you damned foreshadows! YOu’re SCARY!

Deeno: I love them! I love them! I love them!

Deeno: Janitor sits in the hallway and Master walks up to her. He tells her that she really does shine brightly. He wonders if he’s dead and says that he’s glad she can see ghosts so he call tell her that he loves her. Then he fades away.

Raine: *stunned* What…? They killed a main character in episode 12? And her tears are so heartbreaking. I’m heartbroken. OMG. And it’s worse because she KNOWS what it means to see him un-bloody and in normal clothes in a glowing light. She knows she’s not hallucinating. It’s so heartbreaking when she realizes it. AWWW! *SOBS*

Deeno: I’ll admit that I laughed.

I love it! I would love it more if he’d stay dead, but we’ve already dealt with a ghost in a coma (the hotel pool ghost) so I’m sure his fading away is the result of his body being resuscitated. I still like that emotions it’s trying to get at though.

Raine: As much as I HATE that he’s dead. Bringing him back would cheapen how gutted I feel right now. Like. I watched this twice and now writing this is making me cry again. GUTTED. Don’t be cheap.

Deeno: Yeah, if they bring him back I’ll feel cheated, but I don’t think they can really kill him off and make it work.

Raine: They already have a ghost male lead and it’s called Who Are You. I think it’ll be a wake-up call for her to stop being so hesitant. He put himself on the line, literally.
She needs to do it too.

Deeno: Yeah, they both need a wake up call, but I don’t like that they Hong Sisters are playing with my emotions to bring it about.

Raine: Completely agree. It’s too powerful a thing to do and then go, “Just kidding! He’s alive!”

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3 responses to “Master’s Sun: Episode 12 Madcap”

  1. Those tears she shed were so real to me, I had a flashback to when my father died 3 years ago and receiving the call at 5am in the morning. I lived that and felt it. That was some damn good tears! Now back to the drama. HEARTBROKEN! Simply and completely! I was stunned and had a moment of silence, then looked at it again to make sure. This was a great episode to me because it pulled all of the emotions. I laughed at the funny scenes, got mad with Hanna and smiling after her sister died and then fell into utter sadness that took a financial mind whiplash of Golden Empire to bring me back. Extension? I really hope not. This drama is too good!

  2. The Hong sisters have already done the heart-wringing-just-kidding effect. Pre-surgery Dokko Jin looking for Gu Ae-jung whiles she’s trapped outside behind a wall of reporters. Then – poof! One episode later all that buildup was gone. I never yelled so loudly at a tension snap before. If Master is alive, this may be the second time in my drama-watching history.

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