Master’s Sun: Episode 15 Madcap

by: Raine

Deeno from MadDinoAsylum and I switched! I’m doing odds now and she’ll do evens. It works better schedule wise.

AGB Nielson Nationwide had episode 13 coming in at 14.8%, episode 14 coming in at 18.4%, and episode 15 at 19.1%.

episode 15 madcap

Raine: Master wants Gong-shil to want him as much as he does her. She doesn’t. She explains that she wasn’t waiting for his memory to come back. If she had been, she would’ve shown him the necklace and let that be that. She thought it’d be easier for both of them if he didn’t remember. And now, she’s giving it back. He’s hurt that she wanted to throw it away and says he’ll just throw it away, too. She coldly walks away and he panics and does the only thing he can’t think of to keep her from leaving: he cries out in pain and leans on her for assistance. HAHAHA!

She reluctantly takes him home at his insistence and he harps on her for not visiting him. He makes her drive him home and puts his hand on her shoulder for his own safety. He has to fight the temptation to caress her. So cute.

Deeno: He’s so transparent. I love it!

Raine: Ridiculously cute. I want to hug him.

Deeno: Is there anyone you don’t want to hug?

Raine: A porcupine. Evil mom from Secret Garden.

Deeno: But imagine all the blood!

Raine: No. I’ll imagine hugging Master and Kang Woo and their abs instead.

Raine: Aunt tells Hee-joo.2 that Master left and Uncle elaborates that it was with Gong-shil. Heh. He lets it slip that Master got hurt saving Gong-shil much to Aunt’s chagrin. Hee-joo.2 takes in the information evilly and we get a flashback with her talking to Hee-joo…only she’s not Hee-joo, she is Han-na (Hee-joo.2)!!!! Han-na (the ghost) is wearing white while Hee-joo is in black. Nice and subtle there, show. They are talking about how Master really likes good Han-na, not evil Hee-joo. OMG, my brain. Han-na wants to tell Master the truth.

Deeno: You’re getting me all confused now. I prefer Hee Joo 2 and Blue more. It’s not like Blue is going to come back to life.

Raine: You know me and names. I can’t help it. It’s my OCD…makes me all crazy like!

Jump to Driver Gwi-do who is sorry he didn’t care for his nieces better. The one who grew up in England was Han-na and Hee-joo grew up in a Korean orphanage. He wanted to bring them back together, but Han-na returned saying that Hee-joo got into a car accident and blamed him. After that, she disappeared. So why would she show up after 15 years? Kang Woo thinks she’s an accomplice. He also thinks Master might misunderstand everything and be unable to forgive Gwi-do for being beside him and keeping these truths secret.

Raine: Gong-shil takes Master home and stops the ruse. He wants to start all over again. He understands her guilt over his injury, but he admits he was foolish just rushing in. Solution: be more careful. He says he doesn’t want to end their relationship after experiencing death. Gong-shil acknowledges his decision, but says she’s not interested anymore. She’s not as afraid of ghosts anymore so she doesn’t need him. The quality she found most interesting disappeared. She doesn’t want him to lower himself to her level and she wants him to move on. She leaves and he lets her so that he can have time to find a new attractive quality about himself. He consults with this “get lost” hand and tries not to be furious about not being attractive to her. HAHAHA. He’s talking to his hand!

Deeno: And admitting that he’s unattractive.

Raine: And being appalled by his admission. Hehe.

Raine: Master seeks out Matchmaker and her client remembers him and makes the “get lost” hand motion as he disappears. Haha. Anywho, he tells her to release Gong-shil from her contract or ELSE. She promises not to hide his “taeyang”.

He finds Gong-shil talking to a potential ghost bride and scares her with his sudden appearance. The ghost likes Master and Gong-shil snappily tells her to forget it. Master guesses that her “ghost training” has desensitized her to ghosts. He tells her that her contract is over and wonders if that makes him go up in attractiveness. Haha. This reminds me of Hwang Tae-kyung in You’re Beautiful not wanting to lose one percentage point with Go Mi-nam.

Gong-shil, however, is determined to be a jerk and says that the settlement is what he owed her. She “thought” the terms of the contract were unfair. Master wants to hear the words “sacrifice” and “love”. She says those words only exist in stories. Master has jumped into storyland, he says, while she has crawled out of it. She tells him to “get lost” and he points out she told him to do it three times. His heart doesn’t understand the words. And then, a granny ghost interrupts the conversation. Haha! Master is annoyed by the interruption, but Gong-shil holds up her hand to talk to granny ghost. She goes to help Granny’s son and won’t let Master touch her and banish the ghost. He is frustrated by being told to “get lost”.

Raine: Master follows her and tries to get involved and Gong-shil and the granny ghost talk smack about him. Hehehe. They find granny’s son passed out drunk under a car and granny ghost is seen standing next to coffee ghost. Hrm, he really is following her around. Gong-shil wakes the drunk son up by singing.

It’s obvious that Master followed her in case the mission was dangerous and she points that out. Will he keep putting himself in danger for her? That’s why she won’t involve him. It’s too dangerous. They see and hear different things. He offers his hand, but she rejects it. She has her own life and can’t just cling to him. He retracts his hand, hurt. She thinks he was bewitched by her because she held onto him like no other woman could. She apologizes and he understands her words, but still can’t come to terms with it. She tells him to keep his distance and he leaves before she can tell him to “get lost” again.

Deeno: I’m much happier with this logic just because she explains it to him, but it’s still kinda lame.

Raine: Yeah…I get she’s terrified to get him killed again, but can’t she just say that and let him choose for himself. He IS a big boy.

Deeno: Must stop perverted thoughts!

Raine: I likes perverted thoughts. Big boy. Heh.

Raine: Coffee ghost watches her and has a message for her. Lee Chun-hee wants to see her! EEEEEE!

He seems happy to see her and says he asked “Joon-suk” the coffee ghost, to get her to come. He asks if she remembers him. She remembers him from her dreams. He explains that he was by her side for the three years that she “dreamt” (ie was in a coma). Gong-shil tears up.

Jump to a very hurt Master remembering how Gong-shil stuck to him. He contemplates her necklace and I want to hug him.

She is being so cold that it’s strange. I no likey.

Lee Chun-hee’s character’s name is Yoo Jin-woo. He’s a photographer. He gave her a book of his photographs and she contemplates the fact that there is another person who can see ghosts. Flashback to her conversation with Jin-woo. He says he was the first to find her when she was lost in the mountains because her soul told her where her body was. Her soul didn’t go back to her body for three years, but hung out with him. She wonders if that’s why she sees ghosts. He doesn’t know why either of them see ghosts. She asks where she was and it turns out she was was him when he photographed the collection. He offers to take her to all of the places. Then she’ll remember being with him. Gong-shil seems relieved to find another person like her.

OMG, third lead? Lee Chun-hee? Bestill my heart!

Deeno: I like this third lead too and I’m still curious about him. I also secretly imagine that he’s a serial killer and that’s why he can see ghosts. Maybe he killed Coffee Ghost.

Raine: I just like that he’s Lee Chun-hee with his goofy grin and awesome voice and single lids. Nom nom nom. I suppose that could include his past as a serial killer, too.

Deeno: A cannibalistic serial killer?

Raine: These recaps always somehow get around to cannibalism. Have you noticed that?

Deeno: They also get around to you being a pervert which is also frowned upon in most societies. Though perhaps not as much.

Raine: I vote we change that. Come’ere big boy. Help me change society.

Deeno: You want to make perverts even scarier than cannibals? You’re doing a good job.

Raine: I knew you’d pervert my meaning. See what I did there?

Raine: Cue evil Hee-joo parading around as Han-na. She meets her uncle Gwi-do and guesses he recognizes her now. He asks if she had a hand in what happened to “Hee-joo”.

When Master sees Gwi-do is back he is ecstatic. But Gwi-do dampens the mood by saying he found the twin and admitting the twins are his nieces. Poor Master. Kang Woo tells Gong-shil the same information.

Master and Gwi-do meets with “Han-na”. Master asks why she was in the same places he was in all of her post cards. “Han-na” tries to pin the blame on her uncle because he was by her side. He had sent her e-mails about places he liked and she went to those places to feel close to her only blood relation. “Han-na” says its weird to think that she and her twin are the culprit. “Han-na” grew up with wealthy parents, Gwi-do says, so she isn’t likely to be the culprit.

Right there, that tells you what must’ve happened. “Han-na”, the real Hee-joo, grew up in an orphanage…poor.

Deeno: Why is nobody doubting her identity? Or asking which twin is which?

Raine: Because…the writers deemed that it wasn’t yet time for that question. Follow the illogic! It will lead you…somewhere…

Deeno: …bright, happy, and full of butterflies. Eeep!!!!!

Raine: We must destroy this happy place. Unless it has Park Shi-hoo’s abs. Then we shall keep it.

Deeno: I was wondering how many recaps we could go without PSH. Hehehe.

Raine: I was TRYING to be all PC…but I luff those abs. OMG. Abs… They even look great on my mini-PSH.

Deeno: Wait, what is this mini PSH? Did you get a new waffle iron?

Raine: *glares* He came about in the Rooftop Prince recaps and he’s MINE and will always be safe from this waffle iron you speak of…

Deeno: Sorry. I thought we had another rogue appliance on our hands.

Raine: If we did Boris would most definitely show up.

Deeno: Yeah, let’s avoid that. It would also bring out Fluffy.

Raine: Let’s keep her at bay for as long as possible. *shudder*

Raine: “Han-na” says Hee-joo was dark and greedy. Master wants to know why she keeps hanging around him. Answer: she heard about him when hanging with “Hee-joo”. He came during Christmas with gifts for the orphans. She liked him since she was young, but couldn’t approach him because she felt she looked too shabby. “Han-na” says she’s interested in him because he’s the love of her twin and because they had a twin connection and all.

This chick gives me the willies.

Deeno: I like her! She’s creepy!

Raine: She’s lame. Go be insecure in someone else’s life and leave Master alone!

Master says he’ll believe her because Gwi-do says so. Eeeks! “Han-na” is leaving for England soon and wants to say goodbye to “Hee-joo” once the statute of limitations on the case ends. But everything is messed up now.

Raine: Gwi-do apologizes for tricking him. He’d been curious to see the man who had been so good to his niece was. He thought the best he could do for his niece was to take care of Master. Master is hurting and Gwi-do offers to resign. The resignation is accepted. Awwwwwww. No! Both men tear up. NO!

Deeno: No, he can’t leave!

Raine: Come back! I’ll give you a hug! Or we can do the Walkman together!

Deeno: Yay! Unni wants to give me a hug!

Raine: *sigh*

Raine: “Han-na” thanks Gwi-do for clearing her. They bump into Gong-shil who understands him because of Hee-joo’s ghost. “Han-na” is confident as she arrogantly asks Gong-shil if she really sees Hee-joo’s ghost. Gong-shil replies that Hee-joo’s ghost wants to protect the culprit. “Han-na” is a jerk and says that it’ll be hard to catch the culprit if even a ghost is protecting her. She walks away and Gong-shil and Gwi-do wonder if she’s the accomplice.

Master tells Kang Woo that he thinks “Han-na” is the accomplice and with that his hand in the matter is over. Kang Woo thinks that he should be understanding of “Hee-joo”, but Master doesn’t want to hear it. He wants to find the culprit and quits Kingdom to do it.

Raine: Then Gong-shil comes into his office in a strangely chipper mood. He doesn’t want to hear about Hee-joo, but she says her 10 billion won radar is ready to work anyway. Master admits he saw Hee-joo when he was dead. He finished the book like he did back then and suddenly was peaceful. He could read and didn’t hate Hee-joo. Doesn’t’ that mean it’s over? Gong-shil says she still sees Hee-joo’s ghost next to “Han-na”. He doesn’t want to know more. Hee-joo’s ghost appears and shakes her head, she doesn’t want him to suffer. He doesn’t want to listen to things he can’t even hear. He doesn’t want her to hear them either and puts his hand on her shoulder, banishing the ghost. She promises not to force him and asks him to live well. But she wants to finish the case. She tries to remove his hand, but he won’t let her. Didn’t she hate seeing and hearing the ghosts? If she chooses to deal with them now, she truly won’t need him.

She turns it around on him and asks him to live comfortably since they both now mutually don’t need the other: she doesn’t need a hideout and he doesn’t need a radar. He finds it unfair that they don’t have a “need” of each other and asks her to leave before he says “get lost”.

He looks so sad. 😦

Deeno: Poor broken person.

Raine: Put him back together!!!

Deeno: Superglue!

Deeno: Security decides to quit and runs into Poodle. She asks him to take her our for dinner before she runs off to America. He agrees and while he’s not looking Poodle pours alcohol in his soda. She wants him to fall for her when he’s drunk. He admits that he thinks she’s pretty, but that there is someone else that he has to protect first even if she doesn’t call out for his help.

Raine: How does he not taste the alcohol?

Deeno: Cuz he…got distracted by Poodle’s cute ramblings.

Deeno: Janitor wants to run off with Lee Chun Hee even if she loves Master.

Raine: I want to run off with him, too…to a beach…he has to show his abs….hehe.

Deeno: But beaches have sharks…Don’t want something else to take a chunk out of his abs do you?

Raine: All ya’ll non-beach people. I’m from Miami, yo. We know there are sharks everywhere and that only 5 people a year die from shark attacks in the entire world.

Deeno: What if he was smothered in blood?

Raine: Ick.

Deeno: Master stops Hee Joo 2 from leaving at the airport. He doesn’t want to deal with the police or family; he just wants his necklace back. She tells him that she was the girl that he fell in love with that that Blue is the girl who kidnapped him as she’s currently kidnapping Janitor’s body. Flashbacks don’t paint such a lovely picture as Hee Joo 2 tells Blue to die in front of Master or she’ll kill him. Yeah, this is becoming a mess pretty fast.

Raine: Hee-joo 2, the real Hee-joo, is an evil, evil woman who needs to get eaten by a hungry, hungry hippo.

Deeno: I can arrange that. It will cost you two chocolate abs from an actor of my choice.

Raine: Not Park Shi-hoo.

Deeno: Mwhahahahahaha!

Deeno: Blue Janitor confronts Hee Joo 2 and reveals that 2 is actually Hee Joo the orphan who killed Han Na and took her identity. She now plans to steal Janitor’s identity and live with Hee Joo 2. Hee Joo 2 likes this plan since it will leave Master alone with Hee Joo’s curse.

Raine: Wow…she is cold. She doesn’t even seem glad to see her sister…but I guess you can’t expect a person who would kill her sister to have enough of a heart to be glad to see her.

Deeno: Yeah. That is heartless. I like it!

Raine: She could be a character in Kingdom Hearts.

Deeno: I haven’t played that one.

Raine: Sora!

Deeno: Master decides that he doesn’t want to live not knowing the truth and goes after Hee Joo 2. He sees Janitor and Hee Joo talking to each other and runs to them, but is stopped by Security. He tells Master that they are running an operation and that Janitor is bugged. She gets all the dirt that she needs and Driver shows up with the necklace that she left at Blue’s memorial. Hee Joo 2 gets arrested.

Raine: I feel like the real Hee-joo was a little lame but her role in playing everyone’s emotions was good. I’m glad she’s gone now though so we can focus on Master and Gong-shil and on Gong-shil’s ghost powers and past.

Deeno: And Lee Chun Hee.

Raine: Yes, definitely Lee Chun-hee.

Deeno: Blue gets a nice parting scene with Master. Janitor gets her own parting scene. She’s decided that she will run off with Lee Chun Hee and make beautiful blue babies. She tells Master that she only wants to be the type of sun that attracts ghosts, not the scary kind that gets people killed. She asks him to tell her to get lost like he always does. He admits that he only told her to get lost because he knew she’d come back, but this time he’ll so do as she requests. When she walks away he watches and tells himself that if she really leaves that he’ll be annihilated.

Raine: Lame! Go after her. Stop this crap. Although, I want to learn more about her past and we need hottie Chun-hee to do that. So I guess it can go on a bit longer. But only a bit.

Deeno: I don’t want another lame time leap.

Raine: Give us something good, Hong sisters. Please, please. Dont’ confused us like in Best Love or get all exasperating like in Big.

Deeno: Give us more pig bunnies!

Raine: Agreed! I LOVES pig bunnies.

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