Park Shi-hoo in Chinese film “Scent”

by: Raine


Park Shi-hoo’s comeback has begun!

Lots of Park Shi-hoo news is floating about on the interweb and it’s about time. During his hiatus he traveled th U.S taking photos (where I stupidly didn’t stalk him. What was I thinking?) and spent some time in Japan where he exhibited his photography.

Now oppa is in China filming his new movie, “Scent,” under the direction of Hong Kong director, Jessey Tsang. Filming started yesterday, on the New Year. He will be required to speak 3 languages, English, Chinese and Korean. I really hope they don’t dub him because I NEED to hear him speak English. Hehe.


Before the start of filming, oppa has been doing interviews and bringing in the New Year with fans who waited outside his hotel! He and hyung went to greet and hug them.


Thanks to for all of their hard news gathering work and to all the Twitterbeans who post all this great news!

And with that happy news reported, I leave you to receive New Year’s wishes from oppa!

5 responses to “Park Shi-hoo in Chinese film “Scent””

  1. Will come back princess’s man. Nothing ( from Korean drama 2013) satisfied us during your absence. Show up quickly, we waited for you sooo long.

  2. Best of Luck!!! I just came to know you recently through watching your drama “Princess’ Man” but really admire you inspite of all the issues out there! Keep fighting!!!

  3. cheers, dong saeng for this PSH post.
    he’s back, he’s back!
    may he fly high in 2014.
    wishing you a great year as well!

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