Raine’s Top Six Picks of 2013! on Hancinema

Lisa project version 2

It is the end of another year in K-dramaland and time to look back and count how many hours I spent watching dramas, running my drama blog, and working on drama-related projects. Since I watched twenty-eight 2013 dramas, recapped three and reviewed nine, and delved into past dramas, that would give me a total of…

…let’s just not say how much time I invested in drama. Instead, let’s talk about which of those twenty-eight dramas stuck in my head and why they did.

Click here to read the full review on Hancinema!

P.S. My awesome mom (click here to see the rest of her work on Etsy) made the title picture so you should think she’s as awesome as I do!

2 responses to “Raine’s Top Six Picks of 2013! on Hancinema”

  1. I also loved I Hear Your Voice and Monstar. I still need to check out Nine and Heartless City- they are on my to-watch list. Thanks for sharing your top picks!

    • Of course! Let me know what you think about Nine and Heartless City. May not want to watch them back to back. You will be out of adrenaline by the end! LOL.

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