Mission: Diet and Exercise (plus some ranting)

by: Raine


(Meatball night!)

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’ve started a new diet regime with Lil’ Raine. It’s been 30 days and I’ve lost 8.5 pounds and Lil’ Raine has lost 9.5 pounds. YAY! I’ve been going to the gym regularly. I’ve been cooking every day (I have the cuts and scars to prove it!) We’ve been good. However…Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. I’m hungry and sore all the time! Not starving, mind you. We’re doing this the healthy way, eating 4 or 5 times a day, but to lose weight, you really need to cut those calories (or burn them at the gym). IT’S HARD AND I WANT TO WHINE ABOUT IT!

As time passes by, it is easier and the hunger lessens and the weight comes off, but sometimes, like this morning, I just want waffles and syrup and whipped cream and crushed nuts with fresh fruit on top. But did you ever look at how many calories that is? I know the nuts are 60 calories. Just the nuts. My calorie limit for my height and ideal weight is 3oo-400 per meal. Run with that and eat that waffle breakfast!


(Me (left) and Lil’ Raine (right) singing on meatball night to make the time pass… that diet coke is LEFT OVER FROM SPLURGE NIGHT. Don’t judge us! :P)

Last night was glorious: BBQ chicken wings with ranch and blue cheese. We even indulged in diet coke! OMONA! But it’s so HARD to plan only one or two splurge days a week. Want…more…wings…

Now onto good things. I’m a dress size and two pants sizes down. I’m learning how to cook (which means some horrifically bad meals), but more often than not, I like the stuff that comes off my stove and so does Lil’ Raine. Her job is the dishes. Hehe. That and the balanced diet with all the greens, good proteins, vitamins and minerals really makes me feel awesome and gives me the energy to keep going.


(Lil’ Raine and Momo singing into the spatula…’cause that is how cooking gets done, yo! We listen to musicals and K-pop! Right then she was singing along with Norbert Leo Butz in The Last Five years.)

Mostly, I want to say that I couldn’t do this without Lil’ Raine, or Deeno, who is also on this with us. We can whine and revel in our pains and losses (those are good in this case!) Lil’ Raine can stop me for going for another serving of something. We can argue over chocolate chips for snacks.

OMG, seriously, if you go on a diet, having chocolate chips is like heaven descending. OMG CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

All-in-all, I’m making the changes in my life I want to last for my whole life. My kids will have a mom who can cook. My husband will have a woman who looks good and feels good about herself. I won’t be the halmoni/abuelita with a cane or a walker! I will be doing yoga at 95 dammit!

And that is my rant about my diet.


(Momo and Timmy…just ’cause….)

12 responses to “Mission: Diet and Exercise (plus some ranting)”

  1. Cook, cook, cook. Be curious and learn how to make everything and anything, from cultures and far. Learn what goes into dishes and try new things.

    Don’t worry about messing up, it’ll get easier over time.

    Honestly, I don’t know how people don’t cook, I always feel like they are missing so much.

    Anyhow, good luck. Find a way of healthy eating that works for you long-term, because short-term diets aren’t really a good thing.

    • I really love cooking and we are finding the things we like and can keep up and the things that drive me bonkers. Tonight, I discovered even the smell of salmon makes me queasy. So I’ll bake it for her, but she has to take it out of the oven…or else I get smacked in the face with the smell of Nemo…This week is Italian week. Next week I’m going to try some korean soups (I dont mind the anchovy stock so much). Going to learn the family recipe (Spanish!) for enchiladas! Not cooking before was horrible. I’m so spoiled now, I feel, compared to before!

      • Yeah, you have to find the dishes that work for you, and weed out those that don’t. Some seafood smells make me queasy too, i.e. when my sister uses those dried mini-shrimp.

        Italian, Korean, Spanish… all sounds yum. I tend to eat a lot Japanese and Korean food every week, plus Greek (I love lentils) and Indian. I often have miso soup for breakfast, and bibimbap or some Korean soup most weeks. Get yourself a dolsot (for bibimbap) or a Korean clay pot (for hot pots and soups) when you’ve a few $ spare, so lovely too cook in those.

        Not sure if you are on Pinterest, but I have a recipe board there in case you are interested. Mostly veg stuff (because that’s how I eat), though not only (I’ve been cooking for so long that I’ll pin recipes with meat because I know how to adapt them in a pinch). I’ve got some Korean stuff there, though you’ll probably have to ignore some of the sweets…

  2. go for it, dong saengs! aja! a little indulgence can be allowed once in a while. but! be sure to go back to business. lol
    i love your pics. and those two adorables remind me of our own, nuggie and kumo! and! si hoossi’s jami and dami! lol
    cheers, chin gu! fighting!

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