Happy birthday to me!

by: Raine

1623583_823705034323388_2076428249_n(Baby me)

It’s my birthday!

I’m already having a great day waking up to birthday messages. It’s a grace of social media! I also received a message from my mother on Facebook that includes the picture above in a set of 3. Here they are together!


(Baby me; Me; Baby Lil’ Raine, Raine, and Brother Raine)

So sweet, mom! Thank you! Just to qualify, we were dressed up for a dance recital and a karate tournament at the time. I was a cute baby! Hehe. You did good, mom and dad. I think we came out okay!

Anyway, here’s an update on what’s happened in the past year since my last birthday.

1)I have lots more students now in my private cello studios at both of my jobs.

2) I bought a car.

3) Lil’ Raine and I adopted a kitten who we named Momo.

4) Deeno came to visit!

5) I went to my first k-pop concert (INFINITE!) and met some Dramabeanies and had a great, great, great time!

6) I got hired by Hancinema to write.

7) Lil’ Raine and I started a diet that we’re rocking!

8) I’m doing a lot of professional organization and development in my field (Cello pedagogy and….writing about k-dramas). I’ve been doing a lot of reading, writing, and talking about cello and teaching cello. I’ve signed up for a summer seminar. I’ve been actively learning Korean to help with the K-drama part of my life. I feel like I love to learn more and more each year.

Um…that’s it! I’m pretty happy with the life I have and I want to thank everyone in it for making it so awesome! Special shoutout to my friend Robotic Raven and Hubby Raven for staying by me every since I moved to Colorado! And, y’know, for being cool and doing stuff with me and eating with me and shooting with me and…and…you get the picture!

Happy Birthday 2014….TO ME!

8 responses to “Happy birthday to me!”

  1. oppps! i also want to say that you are looking great! happy and pretty! is it the Colorado sun or our oppas or a real oppa? lol
    keep smiling, dong saeng!

  2. ohhhhhh!!!!!! my favorite blogger and net chin gu, raine dong saeng! saeng il chu ka ham nida! geonbae!!!!
    is it feb 10 or 11?!!! same date as my Su Ju bias Siwonssi’s?!!!! cheersssss!!!
    anyway, saranghae, dearie! more power, more blogs to keep my sanity!!!!!
    meowww to your family and to timmy and momo!!!

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