SHINee – an introduction to my review of live performances from 2008 to Now!

by: Raine

Shinee 08 to 13

  In case you didn’t know, I’m a SHINee fangirl. The biggest reason I’m a fangirl is because they have magic when they perform live that shows off their talents in singing, dancing and effervescing on stage and that they constantly and consistently improve over the years. So I’m going to review their live performances from 2008 to present to show you how awesomely they’ve changed from talented and raw, to talented and polished. Mind you, this is a review of LIVE performances, not recordings. They are fantastic in the studio. Briefly, here is the story of how I got into SHINee. I was watching Inkigayo on Dramafever to try to get into K-pop. I was pretty bored with most of the performances and not impressed by the live, out-of-tune vocals, or the lackluster dancing of most groups. If I found someone I liked (like CN Blue!) I wrote them down to look up later. And then came SHINee‘s Sherlock. First thing I noticed was the polish in the dancing and the ENERGY. “Wow, this group has awesome stage presence and they connect with fans,” I thought. I listened to the song, thought it sounded like Michael Jackson, freaked out over “that guy” who sang awesome high notes (Jonghyun)and “that other guy” who was an awesome dancer (Taemin). I showed it to Lil’ Raine when she got home. And the rest, as they say, was history. I will use performances that coincide with album releases just to keep some form of organization. Look forward to the review and let me know what you think of SHINee‘s awesome growth and their huge musical/creative output!

SHINee – Live Performances Review, Part I: 2008 (coming soon)

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