AniGIF dedicated to “Ask Korean Guys” on “My Korean Husband”

by: Raine

My question was read on this week’s “Ask Korean Guys’” vlog and I got a very adorkable answer. Nic, you asked for this. Sorta. So here is my low tech version of a very hysterically awkward moment.


Han is calling Mr. Gwon “oppa” and being aegyo about it. As usual, this is Mr. Gwon and Han being fun. If you don’t know the My Korean Husband blog, you should check it out and follow them on all of their social media!

PS The “Dichotomy” comes from the fact that the dichotomy of this blog is due to my life as a classical musician/music teacher and my interest in Korean entertainment! Not…anything else. Raine is a handle I’ve had since forever. I SWEAR!

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