Bride of the Century: Character Introductions

by: Raine


Welcome the Lee Hong-ki drama! There are some people you should know and I’m going to introduce them to you.

Updated 3-27-14

character introductions

Choi Kang-joo

Actor: Lee Hong-ki

Nickname: none

The very rude and cold first son of a haunted family. He’s nice at home with the help and sorta nice to his parents, but he’s pretty atrocious in public. He needs a good woman.

Na Doo-rim

Actor: Yang Jin-sung

Nickname: none

The plucky heroine who has an uncanny resemblance to Kang-joo’s cold fiancee, Yi-kyung. She lives with her sweet, ailing Granny and works hard to make ends meet. Unlike most Candy-like characters, she really doesn’t ring false, mostly because of Jin-sung ssi’s acting.

Jang Yi-kyung

Actor: Yang Jin-sung

Nickname: none

She is Kang-joo’s fiancee and also played by Jin-sung…with much better hair! She is cold, but I didn’t find her that cold in the first episode. She seemed a product of her rich lifestyle and her controlling mother. I don’t think she’s cut out for this engagement to Kang-joo and being used as his puppet…

…and then the drama goes on and she turns out to be the mini-mi of her evil mother.

Park Soon-bok

Actor: Nam Jung-hee

Nickname: Granny/Grams

Doo-rim’s ailing granny who is sweet as sugar and who doesn’t like her granddaughter suffering so much because of their poverty.

Choi Il-do

Actor: Choi Il-hwa

Nickname: Dad

Kang-joo’s dad who lost his first wife and still keeps a picture of her in his study. He heads a very traditional family.

He’s pretty awesome as far as K-drama parents go. He really cares for his son, pines for his first love, and doesn’t much like his scheming wife.

Kim Myeong-hee

Actor: Kim Seo-ra

Nickname: Mommy Myung-hee

Kang-joo’s mom who definitely has a chip on her shoulder about her husband’s first wife. She’s also the pushy one and the skeptic.

She is evil.

Choi Kang-in

Actor: Jung Hae-in

Nickname: None

Kang-joo’s younger brother who is a part of the idol group “Monstar.” The group is in actuality LC9, the rookie group who debuted last year. He has an airhead girlfriend and doesn’t come home often.

Jang Yi-hyun

Actor: Sung Hyuk

Nickname: None

Yi-kyung’s oppa who has to clean up her mess when she disappears. He also has to try an appease his crews because his company has no funds and cannot pay them. He’s got the shitty end of the stick.

He also falls in love with Doo-rim, which isn’t quite as creepy as it sounds because he’s not Jae-ran’s biological son and he really does act differently with his sister, Yi-kyung, and Doo-rim. Wait…why am I explaining this? It’s creepy anyway…

Ma Jae-ran

Actor: Shin Eun-jung

Nickname: Creepy Mom

Yi-hyun and Yi-kyung’s mother who rules with an iron fist and doesn’t really care how her kids feel as long as her company gets saved.

She is creepy as hell because she will do anything, including sacrificing a life, to meet her end goal. She convinces her child to do the same. She abuses emotions to her own ends. She sucks!

Lee Roo-mi

Actor: Jang Ah-young

Nickname: None

Kang-joo’s and Yi-kyung’s friend since childhood. She work’s for Kang-joo as a personal assistant or something and is out to marry him despite the fact that he’s engaged. She likes picking on Yi-kyung. She is also evil. One of the four evils of this show.

Secretary Kim

Actor: Kang Pil-sun

Nickname: None

Kang-joo’s driver and secretary who seems very unsure around the temperamental man. He has a little thing going with Jin-joo. He’s very sweet and seems to like his boss despite how badly he’s treated.


Actor: Park Jung-hak

Nickname: None

The psychic who is visited by the Choi family ghost. I suppose she needs a bride to kill and he’s going to help her do it? He seems like a fake, but really does get premonitions and sees ghosts. He just acts like a goof.

Butler Jang

Actor: Lim Byung-ki

Nickname: None

The Choi’s family butler who works at the hanok with his wife, Mrs. Jang. He has a fun little relationship with his wife – they’re pretty sexy for an older couple.

Butler Jang’s Wife

Actor: Kwon Eun-ah

Nickname: Mrs. Jang

The adorable help at the Choi hanok who can make Kang-joo smile! She’s very chatty and gossips too much and is already coming onto her husband.

Oh Jin-joo

Actor: Park Jin-joo

Nickname: None

Doo-rim’s kind childhood friend and her confident. This character is a necessary evil.

Sung Joo-shin

Actor: Kim Ah-young

Nickname: Ghost

She’s the ghost who has appeared as the Jumper, been with Kang-joo since childhood and scared the bejeezus out of Yi-kyung in her dreams. She’s also visited the Psychic. She’s a pretty meddlesome ghost. I’m not sure of her intentions, but I think she’s pro Doo-rim/Kang-joo and anti Yi-kyung.


Actor: Kim Yoo-jung

Nickname: None

Kang-in’s idol star girlfriend. Kinda an airhead. She likes Doo-rim, but not Yi-kyung. Go figure.

Grandmother Seo

Actor: K

Nickname: Granny-in-law

Kang-joo’s maternal grandmother who has something to do with the death of Dad’s first love’s death.

Hong Man-soo

Actor: K

Nickname: None

Granny-in-law’s butler who worked for her for over 30 years before he disappears. He knows something about the death of Dad’s first wife.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: Chosun TV

Broadcast Period: 2.22.13 to 4.27.13

Air Time: Saturdays and Sundays 20:00; Fridays and Saturdays 23:00 as of March 14

Director: Yun Sang-ho

Screenwriter: Baek Young-sook

Korean title: 백년의 신부

Recaps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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