Bride of the Century: Episode 8 Recap

by: Raine


Angst is the name of the game in this episode. The truth of our OTP’s feeling are in the open, but it doesn’t assuage any hurts. There is a lot more to deal with, like a ghost who requires a sacrifice and four evil women willing to make it happen.

episode 8 recap

Doo-rim pops out of Myung-hee’s mother’s house, surprising Kang-joo and his parents. When asked why she’s there, she replies cheerily that she came to introduce herself to her grandmother-in-law. (I will call her Granny-in-law.) Dad smiles adorably. Kang-joo looks mighty unhappy.

His parents head inside, leaving Doo-rim to ask him sternly why he isn’t moving. He snappily demands to know why she’s there. She ignores him and he’s forced to follow her inside. Turns out, she called his office to find out where she was and Mommy Myung-hee is happy that she showed up…er, rather, she’s as happy as a miserable person like her can be.

Doo-rim is making hand-cut noodles for them, surprising Mommy Myung-hee, her mother and the menfolk with her efforts. Dad praises Kang-joo’s performance at the company while Kang-joo notes that his grandmother has gotten thinner. Granny-in-law says Kang-joo’s marriage (his 100-year-commitment) will take a lot of weight off of her shoulders.

In the kitchen, Mommy Myung-hee is helping Doo-rim who says she can do it alone. When Mommy Myung-hee insists that she needs help, it gives Doo-rim the perfect opportunity to rope in new help: Kang-joo!

YAY! Lovers’ quibbling time!

He demands to know what she’s doing and she deflects every nasty comment with a cheeky one. He tells her that this won’t change his mind. Hilariously, he struggles while rolling out the mandu dough and she insults his strength. Hehe.

Yi-hyun comes home and ignores Yi-kyung who asks why he’s ignoring her. (Um, ’cause your’e annoying and evil?) She thinks he’s mad at her, but he’s mad at himself for letting this whole situation happen: her forced marriage, Doo-rim faking. He’s mad ‘cause he’s not worth any more than to let this all happen. Yi-kyung sighs and lets him storm upstairs. I can’t tell if she was moved by that or not. I hope she was. I don’t want her to be a Creepy Mom mini-me.

The doorbell rings and it’s Roo-mi.

Granny-in-law approves of Doo-rim’s cooking so much so that she suggests opening a restaurant for her later. Dad suggests giving her a spot in the mall, which Kang-joo pointedly ignores. Doo-rim cutely asks if they can smell something burning. It’s the ashes of her heart. It makes Granny-in-law laugh and comment that Kang-joo must be really difficult.

Yeah…you would be correct.

Kang-joo defends that it’s because she can’t be trusted not to make trouble in public, which earns him a pinch. He yelps and earns them both a stern scolding from Mommy Myung-hee. Behave, she orders.

Roo-mi asks about Yi-kyung’s intentions with Kang-joo. Does she plan to break up with him? Yi-kyung turns the question on her. Does Roo-mi plan to snatch him up if she does? For once, Roo-mi is honest and admits that it won’t happen. Kan-joo knows why Roo-mi gave Yi-kyung a wedding present, which is why he called off the wedding.

This confuses Yi-kyung and Roo-mi is puzzled by the fact that Kang-joo hasn’t said anything to her. Yi-hyun unintentionally eavesdrops as Roo-mi tells Yi-kyung about the curse. Yi-kyung pretends to think the curse is silly, but looks very uncomfortable when Roo-mi states that Kang-joo broke off the wedding because he believes them. He’s afraid something will happen to her – meaning he really has feelings for her.

The real reason Roo-mi is there is to find out what Yi-kyung will do. So maybe she ain’t so evil after all. She did give those gifts intending to watch Yi-kyung die, though. That I’m sure of. Grr.

Anyway, before Yi-kyung can answer Roo-mi, she spots Yi-hyun and the scene ends.

The family lunch with Granny-in-law ends and Myung-hee notices that Hong Man-soo is gone and Granny-in-law makes an excuse for him. Myung-hee wants to say goodbye, but both Dad and Granny-in-law push past the subject. Doo-rim makes her goodbyes, which Granny-in-law eats up. It’s plain to see that Kang-joo loves how she treats his granny despite the fact that he gruffly says they have to go.

As they leave, Granny-in-law grimaces. Guilt? Worry? In any case, she makes a phone call to ascertain Hong Man-soo’s whereabouts. He had been threatening her before his disappearance. What is your role in all of this business, Granny-in-law? Are you as evil as your kid?

Kang-joo stops the car in the middle of the road and makes Doo-rim get out of the car. He clarifies that nothing has changed. He was just putting on an act for his grandmother. Doo-rim kindly tells him that she knows why he’s behaving this way and promises that what he’s thinking will never happen. The stunned look on his face is amazing. Still, he refuses to marry her no matter what. In return, she refuses to back down and he calls her dense. Do whatever you want, he says, driving off without her.

Yi-hyun contemplates the ring he bought for Doo-rim. Yi-kyung comes in to ask him about what he overheard Doo-rim say. She spots the ring, but before she can ask about it, he leaves.

Dad is listening to the partitas again and remembering the words of Hong Man-soo. He drove Granny-in-law to the cabin where Dad and his first love were to honeymoon. She’d asked to be left alone for a while. She didn’t return for a long time, so he went to check on her and found her standing over a dead body, mortified. Hong didn’t see what had happened, but it was obvious. He didn’t know that the woman who was hit was Dad’s wife until later.

Mommy Myung-hee is standing outside the door listening to the partitas. This is where Kang-joo finds her. He asks why she never lets anyone in when Dad is listening to them. It’s when Dad prefers to be alone and Kang-joo, a little cruelly, points out that she’s the one who has always been alone. She diverts the subject to Yi-kyung and he asks if she wants him to end up like her and Dad. Kang-joo tells her not to lock him in the world she created for herself – she won’t get what she wants.

I’m wondering if losing the trust of her son will knock sense into her.

Yi-kyung searches Yi-hyun’s closet for the tie that made her wonder if he was seeing anyone. She asks her mother who gave it to him and is shocked to hear that it was Doo-rim’s birthday gift.

Yi-hyun waits at Jin-joo’s to see Doo-rim. He cuts to the chase: Did you see Kang-joo today? She tells him about visiting Granny-in-law. Yi-hyun tells her to stop because it’s hard for him to see her with Kang-joo. He wanted to stop her from pretending to be Yi-kyung, and before he couldn’t. Now, however, he can’t handle it anymore. He stares at her long and hard, then takes her hand. At first he thought his feelings were just sympathy, but at some point he realized he wanted to spend his life by her side. He puts the ring in her hand and asks if she’ll accept it.

She looks terrified to say “no,” and says “sorry” instead. Is it because of Kang-joo? he asks. Doo-rim knows it’s crazy. She started going this because of money, but now she can’t figure out what she feels. She can’t take his hand feeling as she does now. She leaves Yi-hyun looking heartbroken.

At home Yi-kyung confronts him about the tie. She asks how he can like such a girl. Did he propose to her? What was he thinking?

Yi-kyung is horrible. A horrible, horrible snob.

Yi-hyun asks her to stop; he was rejected anyway. Yi-kyung wonders if the reason she rejected him was because of Kang-joo. She’s horrified, but Creepy Mom loves this turn of events. Doo-rim will do everything they want based upon her feelings for Kang-joo. Yi-kyung smirks happily while thinking of using Doo-rim’s feelings. Wench.

Doo-rim can’t sleep and neither can Kang-joo. He goes to the mother cat’s grave, reliving his inability to dig and how she quickly took care of it. (Kitten is CUTE!) He remembers her promising to be the kitten’s mom. He rights the gravestone that had fallen over.

Creepy Mom tells Doo-rim they decided to call off the wedding. Doo-rim is confused so Creepy Mom explains that he’s calling off the wedding because of the curse. Doo-rim heard it wasn’t true and Creepy Mom wonders why she didn’t say anything. Who would believe such a thing? Doo-rim points out. Creepy Mom says that other women turned down marriage with him because they didn’t want to risk their lives. She won’t risk Yi-kyung’s life either so Doo-rim doesn’t have to convince him anymore. She’s going to wrap everything up with Mommy Myung-hee today. Doo-rim can’t meet with him ever again either, which shocks Doo-rim.

On her way out, she meets Yi-hyun who asks if she heard about the curse. He doesn’t believe the curse. Doo-rim asks why he won’t stop his mother and he asks her what she thinks. Uh…he doesn’t want you involved with Kang-joo anymore! DUH!

Creepy Mom meets with Kang-joo to ascertain the real reason that he is breaking off the wedding. He coldly says she knows knows the reason. She tightly thanks him for the truth and says this is as far as they go. She has one last request: if he really cares for Yi-kyung, he should never see her again.

Mommy Myung-hee says it’s not wise to call off the wedding. Creepy Mom asks what parent would sell their daughter’s life to save their own. Mommy Myung-hee asks if she’s calling off the wedding for a senseless rumor. Creepy Mom points out that Mommy Myung-hee knows better than anyone if it’s true or not. Then she states again that the wedding will not go on. Mommy Myung-hee asks if Yi-kyung feels the same. She did go to Granny-in-laws of her own will. Creepy Mom says the wedding will happen over her dead body. Mommy Myung-hee scoffs and says it won’t go the way she wants.

Kang-joo stands outside the family shrine/detached building. I’m just going to call it the shrine for simplicity’s sake. He thinks over Creepy Mom’s order to never see Yi-kyung again and the ghost’s mandate that he choose the outcome.

Doo-rim looks over the deed to the restaurant and considers the move to Seoul. Jin-joo comes home after being rejected for multiple jobs. Doo-rim asks her if she wants to work for her at her restaurant. She promises bonuses if they do well, all while massaging her friend’s leg. Jin-joo seems like she’ll reject, but then agrees to do it if she gets paid vacation and a salary. They dream of making it big and eating full courses at an expensive restaurant and doing all sorts of things.

They open the restaurant and work hard to promote it.

Psychic does martial arts in the yard and farts. Ha. The wind carries in a flier for Doo-rim’s new business and he decides to go there.  (He is going to eventually make some kind of spiritual connection or something right? Or else he could just continue to fart.) Yi-hyun beats him to the restaurant. The restaurant is bustling and kindly Yi-hyun gets a smile out of Doo-rim who is working hard in the kitchen.

Secretary Kim goes into Kang-joo’s darkened office. Kang-joo has no intention of leaving any time soon. He’s busy brooding in the dark.

At the end of the day, Granny, Door-im, Jin-joo and Yi-hyun eat a meal and drink soju to celebrate a great start. Granny thanks him for everything and he says it’s the least he could do for someone who saved his life (on the construction site.) Granny points out that it must be because he likes Doo-rim. Doo-rim tries to stop Granny, but she’s joined by Jin-joo who chant for Doo-rim and Yi-hyun to take a love shot. Yi-hyun decides to take one with Granny to save Doo-rim from humiliation. They start to sing and Yi-hyun struggles to keep smiling.

Later, Doo-rim walks him out and hands him rice cakes for his mother. She thanks him for everything and also apologizes. He tells her she doesn’t have to feel sorry because then he feels like he doesn’t have a chance. Instead he’ll wait for her.

Jin-joo counts their earnings. They send Granny inside to rest and moments later Secretary Kim comes in with flowers to congratulate Jin-joo. He saw her status on her Kakao. Doo-rim covers her face with a mask and greets him, pretending to have a bit of a cold. Jin-joo knows Doo-rim is curious about Kang-joo and asks Secretary Kim how Kang-joo’s doing. Answer: terribly. Barely eats and stares off into space. Secretary Kim surmises that it’s because his marriage was called off. Doo-rim hurries away, feeling terribly, and cries by herself. Aw.

Kang-joo stares at Yi-kyung’s gate, but doesn’t enter. He just leaves. Creepy Mom was watching and silently promises that he and Doo-rim will meet soon.

Jin-joo gives Secretary some food and rice cakes from their opening to take to Kang-joo. Secretary Kim asks if he can come again and she is too shy to answer. He promises to come back and leaves her squealing. She runs to Doo-rim to squee, but her enthusiasm is cut short by Doo-rim’s sad face. Jin-joo asks why she prepared that food for Kang-joo; he has nothing to do with her anymore. The look on Doo-rim’s face has Jin-joo ready to ask if she likes Kang-joo, but Doo-rim turns the tables and asks how Jin-joo and Secretary Kim are doing. Jin-joo won’t let her change the subject – she can see Doo-rim is heartbroken. Keeping it all inside will make her sick. Doo-rim simply makes an excuse and walks away.

Kang-joo is brooding in his yard. Okay, enough. Put them together again! Mrs. Jang watches him sadly and Butler Jang comes up behind her and scares her for fun. They’re pretty affectionate for an older couple. They’re constantly flirting. Hehe. Remember her trying to feed him Kang-joo’s virility medicine a few episodes ago? Hehe. Anywho, Butler Jang notes that Kang-joo looks like a soul with clothes on. The couple pities him.

The next morning, Secretary Kim tells Kang-joo his schedule and then delivers the food from Jin-joo. Kang-joo seems amused by it, but makes no move to touch it.

At home, Kang-in goes into Kang-joo’s room and is thoroughly ignored. Kang-in came during his busy schedule to comfort him. He asks if he loves Yi-kyung because it sure doesn’t seem like it. Kang-in heard everything from their mother and says it’s silly to break off the wedding for that. Letting her go is BS. When you love someone, you won’t want to let her to, Kang-in says. Love is selfish – you want to touch her and you don’t want to lose her. So he mustn’t like her enough.

Then he spots the bag of food and digs into it. Mandu and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes monetarily catch Kang-joo’s attention, but in the end, he doesn’t move. If he tasted it, he would’ve noticed they tasted like “Yi-kyung’s” mandus from Granny-in-law’s house!

Doo-rim wakes up with a fever. How come love woes always equal fevers in K-dramas? Granny wants her to go to the hospital, but Doo-rim will just take medicine and get to work. But it’s not so easy. She has trouble focusing. Creepy Mom comes to visit and compliments her decorating. She asks how business is going and Doo-rim replies that it’s doing well because of her.

Creepy Mom asks if she knows how Yi-hyun feels about her. Doo-rim assures her there is nothing to worry about. Creepy Mom wonders if she turned Yi-hyun down because of Kang-joo. The look on Doo-rim’s face is her answer. Creepy Mom tells Doo-rim that Kang-joo was hanging in front of her house watching Yi-kyung’s window before leaving. Creepy Mom didn’t know they were that serious. Doo-rim tries to make an excuse and Creepy Mom says she has nothing to be sorry about. It’s heartbreaking when there is no way they can be together.


Doo-rim tells her not to worry. She’s fine and has forgotten about it. She offers Creepy Mom a meal and leaves to make it. Doo-rim struggles to keep it together back in the kitchen, but ends up passing out. Creepy Mom takes her to the hospital where they tell her that Doo-rim overworked herself. This gives Creepy Mom an evil idea and she calls Kang-joo.

Granny and Jin-joo return to the restaurant to find Psychic there. He complains that he’s been sitting there a while. He says there is something unusual about the energy in the place. He starts chanting and tapping his fingers on the table. He says there are spirits lingering there and the owner may experience bad luck. If she brings him their most expensive dish he will tell her all about it. You jerk.

Seconds later salt flies at him and there stands Granny with a huge bowl full of salt! She says he can’t con her just ‘cause she’s old. She chases him out with handfuls of salt. Psychic swears he’s the real deal, but Granny continues to chuck salt at him. HAHAHAHA! Once outside he does notice that the energy inside is extraordinary, but it’s not coming from Granny.

Jin-joo gets the news that Doo-rim is in the hospital.

Doo-rim wakes up and Kang-joo is sitting beside her. She’s incredulous. He’s glad she’s okay and rises to leave. She sits up and says she missed him…a lot. She tried to erase him, but she couldn’t. He struggles to keep from crying. Kang-joo says that because of her he laughed, got angry, fought and felt pain, for the first time. He didn’t think he had a heart, he tried not to let anyone in. She was the first he let in. What does he have to do to make her believe that the curse on his family is real? Will she leave if he can prove it? If something happens to her, he will resent himself for the rest of his life. He doesn’t regret breaking up with her. He’ll miss her a lot, but he won’t come to see her again. He won’t even let them meet randomly – it’s the only way he can protect her. Doo-rim can only cry; he stands outside and listens with his own tears in his eyes.


That last scene was so painfully refreshing. An honest male lead. Real feelings out in the open. Of course it makes me more nervous for the moment Doo-rim’s deception is discovered, but I love that kinda pain. Call me a masochist, but this is the kind of angst I want.

I’m still a little overwhelmed by the number of evil women in this show. They each have people they claim to genuinely care about, yet the pain and suffering of those people doesn’t seem to change their minds. That’s not real caring and love. That’s greed masked as love. Yi-kyung seemingly had this awesome relationship with Yi-hyun before Doo-rim came around. Now she doesn’t care that he’s hurting. She just is pissed that he likes a person unworthy of him. She doesn’t think about how Doo-rim’s death would affect him. Then there’s Mommy Myung-hee who has lost the trust of her beloved son and still persists in this marriage. Roo-mi loves Kang-joo, but he’s suffering and she continues to be evil. She, at least, tells Yi-kyung the truth, but only after he discovers her evil plans. The only person who is super duper evil is Creepy Mom. She doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself.

We can’t forget Granny-in-law who was caught standing over Dead First Love’s body. The big question is whether or not Granny-in-law found Dead First Love already dead or if she made her dead. Granny-in-law does genuinely seem to care for her child, Myung-hee, and her grandchild, Kang-joo. She also seemed delighted by Yi-kyung. However, given the track record of this show, I wouldn’t’ be surprised if it was an act and that she is going to be the fifth evil woman of this show.

Also, what is up with second male leads proposing to women who they haven’t even dated. Let’s start with the movies and then progress to a ring, shall we? I mean, he’s received no indication that she cares for him. They don’t have an arranged marriage so why wouldn’t he ascertain her feelings first? I hate this method.

Then we have the Psychic. He’s the real thing. He senses things correctly and sees ghosts, but he’s just money-hungry. And he farts a lot. But what I wonder is his role in all of this. Will he be the one to unravel it? Or will he tell us the ghost’s true intentions? I kinda missed having the ghost in this episode. She stepped aside so we could have angst instead.

The lighting in this show is still TERRIBLE. Fix it. Please. These people are not angels. Get rid of the light halos around their heads.

Although Creepy Mom’s plan to use Doo-rim’s feelings to get her together with Kang-joo is evil, I do want to see them together. So….let’s have more couple-y hijinx on our way to the truth, to unveiling the rhyme and reason behind this curse and to punish the evil beings that haunt these episodes…and I’m not talking about ghosts.

As Sailor Moon would say: In the name of the moon, I will punish you!

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2 responses to “Bride of the Century: Episode 8 Recap”

  1. I love the early minutes of this episode. From Doo Rim cheerfully welcoming the Chois to grandma’s house, her cheeky ripostes to Kang Joo’s gruffness, her conscription of the ‘no menial labor’ Taeyang heir to work on the dough, right up to their dining table banter with Doo Rim adroitly pulling grandma into the tease with her sniffing of the air for her imagined burnt to ashes heart. Sweet bickering that happens when two persons have feelings for each other, even if at that time Kang Joo had decided to call off the wedding.

    For whatever it’s worth, Doo Rim had also scored points with grandma with her culinary skills, an uncommon accomplishment in today’s age; Yi Kyung can’t even clean fish!

    I also love the closing minutes of this episode with both Doo Rim and Kang Joo for the first time, making known their feelings for each other. Sweet, their articulation of the love one has for the other, without utterance of the words ‘I love you’, but sad, expressed preceding Kang Joo’s determination of never meeting Doo Rim again, as the only way to protect her from his family curse.

    Well, let’s see how far will Kang Joo get with his ‘protection’ scheme.! 🙂

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