My International Dad

by: Raine

Dear Daddy,

This is my written ode to how cool you are. Although I can’t spend this Father’s Day with you, I can imagine you be an extra cool international businessman! After working harder than most people, he’s finally realizing his dream and I’m proud of him! So hi dad! You having fun in Italy?

Let me tell you why my dad is one of my heroes. He works really hard, he loves his family really hard, he always made time for us despite how hard he works, and now that work is paying off. What’s even cooler is that after he works, he’s going to jam in his band. Yeah, my dad plays in a band! He’s the bassist. I don’t think he ever imagined his rock ‘n’ roll genes giving birth to a classical cello playing daughter, but he seems happy about it anyway.

Here’s to you, daddy! I salute you in this fine year of 2014!

Raine’s daddy with one-year-old Raine


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