Dramaland: A Week in Review #1

by: Raine

Hello everyone. How have your ventures into dramaland been this week? I am a bit behind on some of my shows, but I thought I’d give you an update with my thoughts on each show and you could give me yours. If I’m not caught up to where you are, please indicate that you are going to give a spoiler so I can skip over it until I’m caught up. I will, however, give spoilers up to the episodes I’ve seen. BE WARNED!!!


I’m on Episode 12!!!

How many of you are watching this teary, tragic mess? I was fine with it until Seok-hoon declared his undying devotion to Se-young and then the shit hit the fan and it went crazy. Hong-joo is driving me bonkers with her self-righteous revenge. At least Seok-hoon, the cheating bastard that he is, is trying to move on. Hong-joo is steeping in self-pity and denying any part she had in any problem in their marriage. Not like Seok-hoon who is cruising down De NIAL. Not to mention all the interconnected relationships that are hard to believe and the strange chemistry between Min-woo and Hong-joo. It’s just so against my moral standards that I have trouble stomaching these character’s actions or relating to them at all. Somehow, somehow…the Seok-hoon/Se-young romance is still cute. I’m grossed out by my reaction.

Glorious Day

glorious day

I’m on episode 27!!!

This is a damned cute drama. The only really annoying parent is Jae-woo’s mother who gets her verbal smackdown when gramps gets fed up with her! But even she is understandable. Everyone is against her and she feels alone and unloved. Granted, those feelings of her own making, but she’s not nearly annoying as, let’s say, the Secret Garden mom.

The plot ambles along pretty slowly and I’m not quite sure where it’s gonna go. Da-jung’s father is a horrible mess and I’m guessing quite a few episodes will be dedicated to straightening him out. I’d prefer more Jae-woo and Da-jung cuteness over that, but I suppose its a necessary evil.

Okay, small admission: I started this drama for Hongbin! THERE I SAID IT! I’m a silly Vixx fangirl and I wanted to see my young little friend act! He’s definitely getting better and has a natural talent that can definitely be cultivated. GO BINNIE! By the way, Lil’ Raine started this drama for the SAME REASON! BWAHAHA! STARLIGHTS UNITE!

I really love how Jae-woo’s family supports him and how the grandparents and the parents, for the most part, aren’t insane or insanely shrieky. The secondary couplings are really cute and I’m in love with how Eun-chan acts as the glue for Da-jung’s family. He is so precious. I’m glad they used an older kid this family drama. It’s a great re-working of the typical set-up.

I love the uncle’s romancing of Da-jung’s mom. I hated it at first, but he’s so sincere in everything he does: hating her, loving her, helping her, helping her children. He’s a good match for her.

Fated to Love You

I’m on episode 16!!!

I love this show. I know the story of the T-drama, but never watched it all the way through. I know it turned pretty angsty for a couple episodes, but the cute came back in full force and hot damn I love the goofiness. I HATE Jang Hyuk’s laugh, but that’s the only thing I hate. I wish the secondary characters and storylines were beefed up, but damn, is that main couple just scintillating or what?

And the humor! I love Secretary Tak and his butt smacks and goofy dances and how he’s really a hyung. I love when he cuts to banmal and says , “Geon-ah.”

Geon’s grandmother and Mi-young’s mother are a particular favorite of mine. I LOVE GOOD PARENTING. I never thought I missed it so much until I came across a drama that had it. Sure, they’re pushy. Sure, they’re a little screechy. But at the end of the day they listen to their children; they don’t hate on their childrens’ spouses. They feed them and bicker playfully at them. They’re emotionally available. HOORAY.

I’m finding Daniel a very lackluster character. He’s purely reactionary save for when he proposed…then he crawled right into the background. I mean, I guess he was more forward when they came back from France, but he still didn’t stand out to me despite the fact that I LOVES Choi Jin-hyuk. Se-ra is also BORING. She gets nothing to do. Nothing at all. Secretary Tak has more scenes!

Joseon Gunman

I’m on episode 10!!!

I’m really behind on this one. Although I find the show a fun watch, something about it doesn’t propel me forward. I love Lee Jun-ki. He is as present and effective as always. His character is full of life and diverse. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m not into the main coupling. Or because I don’t find Nam Sang-mi all that interesting in any scene she’s in save for with Lee Jun-ki. Or because the plot doesn’t quite have the drive it needs. However, there is that same beautiful polish that was in The Princess’ Man that draws me in. And Lee Jun-ki. And his passion that carries everything. And the amazing father/daughter pairing in Jeon Hye-bin and Yoo Oh-sung. What a wonderful pairing. It’s fraught with so many delicious layers.

Maybe what I’m feeling is that this world is so small. In The Princess’ Man I felt like the characters were affecting larger change than just their personal agenda. It affected the lives of citizens. Joseon Gunman feels more reactionary. Gunshots fire. People scream. There’s no acutely felt plight of the citizens. It’s all about revenge and curiosity. At least that’s how it seems to me, when I look back in retrospect.

I do love that the heroine is bright and curious and full of life. I especially love in the most recent episodes that she took a stand. I need more of that. I also need more Lee Jun-ki. He is totally carrying the show along with Jeon Hye-bin and Yoo Oh-sung.

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