I’m Alive!

Hello world! I greet you after seven months of radio silence and with my intention to return blogging. For my absence I ask your forgiveness and your understanding. I will tell you my long, sad story of why I neglected dramaland and the Dichotomy, and my plan for my return. In October I struggled with things outside dramaland and the Dichotomy, and decided to prioritize. When priorities are arranged, internet life ranks low and the drama devotee is forced to reckon with RL, otherwise known as “real life.”

Real life inundated me with a new career, new hobbies, and a general urge to rethink my life; and think I did, but only after my new job became less new and less frightening. I was hired on as an editorial coordinator in a book publishing company, which was very exciting, but also quite challenging. I was a woman who was only used to freelance work and not used to the rigors and structure of company life. It took time to acclimate and during that time I acutely felt the lack of K-drama in my life. I blogged for Hancinema, but that is a different sort of watching than is watching for enjoyment.

When involved in watching drama for pleasure, I allow myself to fall into the worlds of the characters, and that sense of losing myself to a story was something that I lacked for months. It truly made me miss the stimulation of K-drama and the community that follows it. K-drama inspires me to learn Korean culture and language and food. It engages me and makes me happy. I keenly missed how much drama and its fans added to my life. While I didn’t watch drama, I did pick up a new hobby: crochet. It’s quite wonderful and fun. I’ve been learning to create and have been able to wear my own creations, which is RIDICULOUSLY awesome. It’s also a more portable passion that K-drama. I can crochet while waiting, watching tv, waiting for rice to cook…you get get the point. Here is a Brenda KB Anderson hat I made called the Zelda Cloche: 20150412_150906 Super cute, right? Anywho, time passed. I crocheted. I worked. Gradually, I began to emerge for air on Twitter and watched a few episodes of drama here and there. As I got used to work, time opened up for me to teach more cello, played more cello, crochet more cute things, and indulge in K-drama. Then I discovered Healer…and watched it two times in a row. I was inspired to write about it, but then I realized that I should reintroduce myself to blogland. So here I am! I’m trying to decide a sustainable way to keep the blog going and I have several projects that I’d like to try to make work: K-drama tunes, reviews of dramas and K-pop, reviews of actors and directors. I’m afraid recaps are too time consuming, but perhaps weekly reviews could happen. I’ll let you know. But I do know that I want to be active and connect with my audience. Welcome me back! I’m ALIVE!

4 responses to “I’m Alive!”

  1. welcome back, raine dong saeng!!!
    i dreadfully miss you and your blogging naturalmente!!! i have always felt that you are into or have been engaged to some RL priority. now you reveal the truth behind your long break from kdramaland. whoa!
    since you mentioned, yes i watched Healer twice, and more, more,more! fangirling time for your unni! i just can’t get enough of His Imperial Hotness JCW!!! LOL
    but wait, PSH, my Mr. Catman though is still no. 1
    in my heart. i’m eagerly waiting for Love after
    Love with Yoon Eun Hae who i like.
    Chang Wookssi is just so cute! LOL
    anyway, it’s back to old times with you! cheers!
    i’m really so happy that we can connect again! cheers!!!!!!!!

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