Korea 2015: What I Packed

by: Raine


What did I pack? The question is: What didn’t I pack? The kitchen sink. Normally I’m a backpacker. I have a travel bag and purse and that’s it. I march my way around places I’ve never been with the bare minimum. However, this time is different. I’ll be bunking down at the Ritz Carlton in Seoul with my fellow journalists, bloggers, photographers, and K-culture and entertainment aficionados and a-holics. I figured, what the hell? I’ve never overpacked before, so I packed everything I always wanted to take and never could. On my return trip, I’ll let you know what was completely useless and what I definitely should’ve brought!


Now let’s get right to it. What DID I pack in my big rolling suitcase, my little rolling suitcase and my backpack? And how did I prepare?

  1. Lots of extra underwear. You don’t want to be stuck without clean underwear. Cuz…just no.
  2. I crocheted a bunch of accessories to bring with me. They’re cute. They deserve to be worn!
  3. Hair product and makeup. I’ll be meeting some people and doing some interviews. I don’t want to be unprepared.
  4. Extra SD cards, flashdrives, and batteries. Again, you don’t want to be left without. God forbid you see SHINee and you run out of space on your SD  card! TRAVESTY!
  5. Snacks and a book for the plane. Or something to entertain yourself. Boredom on a trans-Pacific flight could be death.
  6. Your electronics. For me those are my camera, my phone, my tablet; the tools of my trade!
  7. Charging cables, adapters, and if you need them, converters. I brought a converter for my hair straightener.
  8. First aid – bring everyone you’d use at home ’cause you don’t want to take pills your body is going to reject. And also, prescription drugs! Plus bandaids for your heels. I don’t use the fancy stuff. By the time you buy it, you have calluses anyway.
  9. Bring travel-sized bottles of your shampoos and lotions. You don’t want to have to get used to new product. If you’re skin is like mine, it gets testy without it’s usual routine.
  10. Copies of your important information just in case something happens and you lose it or it gets stolen.
  11. Email loved ones itineraries.
  12. Copies of travel insurance…please don’t lose my bag American.
  13. Print out your itinerary so you don’t have to look it up.
  14. Double check your international calling plan or get a phone when you arrive.
  15. Pack your passport and cash in a safe place. I’m keeping mine in a bag in front of my belly, like I normally do.
  16. Figure out your credit card and cash situation. What are your exchange rates and international charges? Is it better to order from the bank or pull from a foreign card friendly bank or atm? Many machines do NOT take foreign cards.
  17. Mix-and-match outfits. Cuts down on suitcase space!
  18. Presents for hosts. Bring something that originates in your country or your town. Plus, when you give them away, you’ll have room to bring stuff back!

I’m sure I’m forgetting things. Let’s see if I still swear by these packed items when I return…what did you guys end up bringing on your trip to Korea or on your international travels?

Here is Lisa Espinosa sitting in the airport waiting to head to Dallas before heading to Incheon! I’ll never understand airport hubs…in any case. See you in Dallas!


A very tired Raine…aka Lisa!

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