Q&A with Park Bo-yeong, Park So-dam, and Lee Hae-yeong

by: Raine


I’m a huge Park Bo-yeong fan and it was pretty amazing to see her film “The Silenced” at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival and then to sit in on a Q&A. She was so flippin’ cute in her skirt and heels. Especially next to the bright pink suit that Park So-dam was sporting. Both were adorable, but Park Bo-yeong had this eloquence of speech that was enamoring. I wish I had sat closer so I could’ve asked a question. But the questions asked were quite good and answered a lot of the ones floating in my brain.

Click here to read the Q&A

2 responses to “Q&A with Park Bo-yeong, Park So-dam, and Lee Hae-yeong”

  1. Enjoy your trip and chance to meet the K-Stars. Have enjoyed your post and as you “were” a great fan of PARK SHI HO was expecting to get an update of what is going on with him these days and when we can expect to see him again!

    Hope you get to see Korea while you are there and not just mingle with the stars.

    Keep up the interesting post.


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