Interview with Sistar

by: Raine


So yes, I get to say it: I interviewed Sistar! SQUEEEE!

Yes, they’re really that beautiful in person, and yes, it was really fun. Not only am I a fan of their music, especially Hyorin’s powerhouse voice, but several of them are actresses. These girls have been rocking the limelight since 2010 and show no sign of stopping.

Six of the Korea Joa 2015 members got to ask questions and it was fun hearing all of the questions and answers.

Click hear to watch my interview with Sistar!

One response to “Interview with Sistar”

  1. i love ’em,too, dong saeng!
    was able to watch them live years ago!
    my bias is hyo rin who is a catlover!
    raine chin gu, you’ve been doing the rounds of everything korean! LOL

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