HanCinema Review: Descendents of the Sun Episode 6

DOTS_ep6_titleThis is seriously baffling. Descendants of the Sun episode 6 blasted ratings precedents with 28.5%. The drama is most definitely not about action and is all about the romance, the Song Joong-ki stare, and the manufactured drama. I admit to welcoming the earthquake and the chaos it fosters because it pulls the drama out of its extremely romance heavy focus.

What detracts from the high-budget beauty of the episode is the circular happenings between both couples. Si-jin and Mo-yeon have the same fight every episode. Mo-yeon cannot accept his dangerous, unpredictable life style, and he cannot change it to suit her needs. She constantly rejects him, and he constantly puts his foot in his mouth. As for Dae-yeong and Myeong-joo, they are separated by status and family demands, but that doesn’t stop them from moping around each other and missing each other. I wish we could see them more like they are with Si-jin. Individually, Myeong-joo and Dae-yeong are just delightful when they’re hanging out with the precocious soldier who is madly in love with Mo-yeon.

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