HanCinema Review: Descendents of the Sun Episode 11


Descendants of the Sun tries to pack in a lot of action by having our heroes face weapons trafficking, plagues, gun standoffs, earthquakes, kidnapping, and politics. No matter what happens, this show seems destined to best itself – and it did. It came 0.3% higher than the last episode at 31.9%. More than anything, however, it was the acting in this episode by our leads that made it worthy of that rating.

Jin Goo proved his mettle as his expressed Dae-yeong’s worry for Myeong-joo with previously unparalleled intensity. It was his version of the Song Joong-ki intensity that made the Nice Guy and A Werewolf Boy star so famous. The man truly deserves his many CF offers and his place in the sun along with the rest of the “Descendants of the Sun” cast. Not to mention that Song Joong-ki brings back the stare that made him a chilling Ma-ru in “Nice Guy”.

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