HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 3


Jackpot is still on top of the Monday/Tuesday pack coming in at 11.6%. The appearance of the long awaited Jang Geun-seok can’t have hurt the rating, but it was Lee Moon-sik who really stole the show. After the hustle and bustle of the first few episodes, his character settles down and really allows the actor to shine.

Character actors like Lee Moon-sik are often relegated to a similar role from drama to drama and “Jackpot” is no different for Lee. However, there are moments where his character’s fatherly pride shines through, or his love for his former wife softens him. It is in those small moments that Lee proves his acting chops. He is more than goofy faces and trouble making. He’s an actor possessed of many onscreen skills. He even managed to redeem the rather repugnant Baek Man-geum who came around and learned to be a father no matter the circumstance. It wasn’t the writing, but the look of utter devotion on Lee’s face that convinced me.

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