HanCinema Review: Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 2

bgs 2

(The text is a sample from my work on HanCinema.net and belongs to HanCinema.)

Namgoong Min carries Beautiful Gong Shim from moment to poignant moment. Minah and On Joo-wan are delightful as well, but it is Namgoong who is the lifeblood of the drama. There is a freedom with which he plays the mysterious, slovenly, goofy, irreverent yet thoughtful Ahn Dan-tae that allows the character to be such a strange, yet lovable, amalgamation of traits.

Before I delve more into why Ahn Dan-tae (and Namgoong Min) is so strong, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned this first week of Beautiful Gong Shim.

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