HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 18 (final)


(Image and text are samples from my work on HanCinema.net and belong to HanCinema.)

The boys of Entertainer Band scraped and clawed their way from the bottom to the top, past obstacles of evil female idols, ambitious CEOs, slimy managers, and reformed souls. If you’re looking for an underdog story with a touch of romance, a solid OST, some cute guys in a band, and a friendship-related family, then Entertainers is for you.

The drama may not be the most cohesive in its follow through of the big issues, but it knows how to deliver emotional punches. Casting Ji Seong to carry the drama and flesh out reformed Seok-ho meant that no matter how short or long an emotional beat, it was fraught with emotion, and many times, moving tears.

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