HanCinema Review: Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 11


(The text is a sample from my work on HanCinema.net and belongs to HanCinema.)

As Dan-tae takes off down the road of the weary, weighed down by his birth secret and the complications associated with it, Gong Shim becomes the breath of fresh air that he once was. Her blossoming love for Dan-tae, the man who never judged her and saw her as she was is allowing her to do the same for him. Unfortunately, he feels he’s not in the place to accept her feelings and thus begins the angst.

The episode focuses on Dan-tae’s mission to discover who was at the scene of his father’s attack and while his dogged pursuit is admirable, the circumstances in which he finds himself are utterly comical rather than full of the gravity they should be##

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