HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 14


(Image and text are samples from my work on HanCinema.net and belong to HanCinema.)

Ratings go down for Jackpot as my opinion of it goes up. Isn’t it funny how such things work? The brothers triumphed together last episode and this episode brought the expected troubles and downfall. Dae-gil, despite his luck, continues to be trampled upon by the driven In-jwa. Yeoning, despite his good intentions, is dragged down by those who love him. Also, he discovers that Dae-gil is his brother, which adds a dimension to his character and a stronger dynamic to his relationship with Dae-gil.

Yeoning sticks to his beliefs, much as he did in real life. He became a steadfast king despite all troubles thrust upon him and did real good by his people.

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