Raine’s Dichotomy Turns 5!!!


Hello universe! I can’t believe it’s here, but Raine’s Dichotomy is coming up on her fifth anniversary in five days, September 19. I’m writing this post to ask you to celebrate with me. I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the Dichotomy, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll have the chance to win one of the following awesome goodies (see the bottom of the post for deets):

  1. A VIXX N plushie
  2. A SHINee Jonghyun plushie
  3. A Bigbang Taeyang Keychain
  4. A customized K-pop tune on cello

Unfortunately goodies #1 to #3 are only available to people within the United States, but for three lucky winners outside the U.S. you will receive exclusive, full-size photography from KCON NY and KCON LA red carpets!

Here’s how to enter:

1) On Raine’s Dichotomy: Leave me a comment on this post and subscribe to the Dichotomy. To make it more fun, tell me which is your favorite drama and why!

2) On Facebook: Like my page and share my anniversary post. Please leave me a little something about your love for Korean drama!

3) On Twitter: Retweet about my anniversary and follow me! Because I wanna get to know you, tell me how you became interested in Korean drama!

4) On Instagram: Follow me on instagram and heart my post about the anniversary. Let me know how long you’ve been following the Dichotomy!

Deets on the goodies:

Because the plushies and keychain are being custom made by Zombie Mama as you read this post, I don’t have pictures of them for you, but here are some samples of her other work so you know the exciting goodies that are coming you’re way:

As for the K-pop tune, I’ll arrange something especially for you on cello, and if you want, I can even sing! Here are a few samples to give you an idea of what lies in store for you! Take a listen and think up what you really want to hear on cello!

I never post my full-size Korean event coverage online, so this is a special opportunity to see your favorites up and personal on the red carpet with exclusive Raine-taken shots.

The giveaways end at midnight on September 19, 2016 PST. Please keep checking this blog and my social media for announcements on the winners. I will contact you via private message and email! 

Thanks for joining me and the Dichotomy for this momentous occasion. Thank you all so much for being with me through all of my K-entertainment adventures. Thank you for being the best part of the Dichotomy. I couldn’t have done this without you all.

Happy five years!

Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine

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