5-Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners!!!!

We have winners!logoversary-1

But first, thank you for joining for this special occasion. It really means a lot to me that you all have been with Raine’s Dichotomy throughout my adventures. You all receive my love and gratitude! THANK YOU!! <3<3<3

As for the winners, we have five! I’m so happy to announce that:

Twitter Winner: Affocianado has won the VIXX’s N plushie created by Zombie Mama. He is a unique plushie inspired by the “Chained Up” concept. Congratulations!

Facebook Winner: Mary Brooks is the lucky winner of the Big Bang Taeyang plushie key chain by Zombie Mama inspired  by his snazzy Nikon outfit. Carry him around with you forever!

Instagram Winner: Kpop Mamas have won the SHINee Jonghyun plushie by Zombie Mama that was inspired by his “Married to the Music” getup. Please love him and give him cameos!

Instagram Winner (international): Congratulations to mariahqaisrani who won the exclusive KCON 2016 LA and NY photography!!!

Blog Winner: Myweithisway is the lucky winner of a one-of-a-kind k-pop arrangement by yours truly. It can have cello, voice, and guitar. Just let me know! I’ll share it with everyone when it’s complete!

Please email me to collect your prizes:

raine dot kdrama at gmail dot com

Congratulations and thank you! Here’s to many more years in Hallyu!

A special thank you to Zombie Mama for helping me with this giveaway and to Orion for the logo and planning help! <3<3



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