Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 3 and 4


Zombie Mamma: So it seems we’ve kinda settled into things a bit. The initial, “hook you with all kinds of crazy suspense” has passed and now we get down to the business of getting a Goblin and his Bride together. You’d think this would be an easy task, seeing as how Eun Tak confessed her love to Shin last week, and Shin has realized his love this week. But somehow, I don’t things are going to work out so easily.

Raine: I agree. There’s already been some back and forth, especially on his end, regarding their romantic attachment. But man, when a Goblin falls, the world stops turning and it just coos and aws along with the rest of the fangirls.

Zombie: I was definitely one of those cooing awwws. I swear, I walked away from that last episode with a great big sigh and a very pathetic, “Why can’t I have a Zombie enamoured Goblin in my life?” Yes, I am hopeless.


Raine: I want one, too. So does Eun Tak! She’s fighting to keep him!

Zombie: I know she’s very desperate to keep him around but I’m not convinced it’s actually due to any sort of romantic love at the moment. I’m sure she has twinges of like (or if she’s like so many of us watching, great big giant lightning bolts of OH MY GOSH HE’S PERFECT!) but I think that mostly, her desire comes from a very real desire to not be alone. It’s been 10 years since she last had anyone in her life who actually loved and cared about her. Right now I think that right now, what she wants from Goblin, more than anything, is the security that comes with knowing at least one person in this world cares that you’re alive.

Raine: Definitely. Someone alive caring that she’s alive…And knowing that she is ‘destined’ to be with him is only further impetus. He, on the other hand, is so steadily and obviously falling in love that its awesomeness is only comparable to the Goblin/Death coupling, which may just be the best bromance on the face of the planet.


Zombie: I’m pretty sure Goblin and Death’s coupling is the best bromance ever written. Period.

Raine: Yup, and I’m romancing their bromance along with every other Goblin fan out there. It’s seriously witty, full of feels, gots the handsome fellers, and they sing songs about underwear. You really, really can’t go wrong.

Zombie: Is it too early to beg the drama gods for a Goblin/Death spin-off? It could come in the form of a webtoon and I’d be okay with it. I just need more of these two in my life!

Raine: Let’s petition for it NOW. Well, after we finish this thing. We had some new material introduced and some of my favorite was the Death/Sunny pairing. It’s so full of romantic tension and mystery.


Zombie: It’s the mystery that’s got me hooked. Who is Sunny and why the heck does Death start crying when he sees her? You know they’ve got to be connected somehow but with Death not remembering anything about his former life and Sunny being so very Sunny, we really have nothing to go on. I can’t even begin to make an assumption or prediction here because I really have no idea what’s going on with these two. Death is obviously moved by this woman but why? There’s got to be more to her than an odd chicken shop owner who has good taste in rings.

Raine: I’m wondering if she’s one of those rare re-incarnations that Goblin had mentioned earlier. But in any case, I’m intrigued by their intrigue of one another. It’s a great way to start any relationship.

Zombie: I’d say we’ve had some pretty interesting starts to relationship all around. It’s not every day a ghost-seeing girl and a 900 year old goblin get together. Nor is it every day Death starts crying over a woman he’s never met. I wonder, since their eyes met while they were fighting over that ring, does that mean Sunny’s going to die soon? Or does that only work when Death’s wearing his hat?

Raine: Or maybe the bad thing he did to become Death is related to her? I love things that make me guess and really have no idea what the outcome will be. Is this really the same writer from “Secret Garden” and “Descendants of the Sun?”


Zombie: I think a lot of us have been asking that lately… Oooh! Speaking of mysteries and intrigue. Was I the only one wondering why Goblin was freaking out about seeing Bobby on TV? I mean I get freaking out over Bobby (and all of iKON, really) but he’s not exactly a stand-out re-incarnation of the ancient king. Shin kept going on about how he looked familiar and all and I thought he was alluding to the king who ordered his death, all those years ago, but I don’t actually see the connection. Was it just put in there to be funny or what? I’m trying really hard to not be confused by this but my sleepy zombie brain can’t make the connection here.

Raine: I thought maybe cause the king looked so pretty he could be an idol? And the actor, Kang Min-jae has played idols on t.v. before. I just feel like the fact you noticed that means it’s important. All things in this aren’t just throw in for fun. They mean something.

Zombie: I’m pretty sure something having to do with the king will come up in the fairly new future, I just thought it was funny that they choose Bobby as the idol that triggered Shin’s memories. With idols serving as spokespersons for pretty much everything, you’d think Shin would be used to seeing them by now.

Raine: Yeah, he’s definitely coming back. Maybe queenie, too. And Bobby would trigger my memories, too. I was in Korea at the iKon debut last year! SQUEEEE!

Zombie: Ooooooohhhhhhh! Don’t even get me started! I could squee over iKON for pretty much the rest of forever but I won’t. I just thought it was interesting that memories and/or emotions that Shin has kept repressed for who knows how long, are starting to surface after meeting Eun Tak. It makes me think a lot is going to start changing for this man and I don’t think he’s going to like it. Though that’s a pretty obvious statement, seeing as how he’s already fallen in love and fought that feeling for ever and a day.


Raine: Yeah, the women in our bromantic couples lives are definitely stirring the pot. I love that. But I love that love isn’t the central force of instigation. There is the desire for death by Goblin, but also the renewed desire to live. There is curiosity in Death because of Goblin AND Sunny. Eun Tak is imagining a future. There is a whole world of fantastical elements to explore. I loved how they brought back the boy whose life Goblin affected for the better.

Zombie: Augh! I loved that too! It painted Goblin in an even brighter light. He’s not just a god who plays with people like toys. When he gets involved in someone’s life, he’s there until the end. He cares for that person and, in one way or another, loves that person; so much so he’s willing to personally open the door to heaven for them. He’s really is the tender-hearted god he dubbed himself in the first episode. Of course he can also hold a grudge and isn’t afraid to exact revenge when he needs to, but all-in-all, he’s a very sensitive being and one that would make anyone happy to have as a friend. Which makes me think there could be some very good things in store for Eun Tak…

Raine: Aegyo? Flowers? Namsan Tower? Just kidding. I’m sure he’ll be more clever than that. I was very happy that she could see the sword in him though, and I’m a little unhappy (a lot unhappy) that he’s keeping the meaning of the sword and pulling it out from her. I can totally see why he’s doing it. She’s tender-hearted herself, and fragile. I have a feeling she’ll surprise us though.

Zombie: I’m completely upset with Shin for keeping the meaning of the sword a secret. No matter how he feels about his own death, he needs to tell this poor kid what it’s going to mean for them both, once she pulls that sword out. He can’t let her continue to think that it’s some sort of joke because the second that sucker comes out, he’ll be no more and she’ll be right back to being the miserable, lonely, outcast little kid she’s been for the past 10 years. Keeping her in the dark is just mean and I don’t like it one bit!


Raine: Me neither! There’s been a total lack of honesty and trust in all of her relationships. She needs that plus the security of knowing he has her back. Also, on a completely different note, I’m curious about Duk Hwa and his role. His predecessors were serious and devoted while he’s a spendthrift and irresponsible. Are we going to see him grow up through all of the drama happening in his house? With both a Goblin and Death as his uncles?

Zombie: I certainly hope he starts to grow up soon because he’s really an annoying little punk who deserves a massive kick in the pants. I’m still struggling to figure out what his purpose actually is, other than to annoy everyone around him. I’m guessing he has to serve some higher purpose, seeing as how he’s the landlord for Sunny’s chicken shop but what that purpose might be… I honestly have no idea.

Raine: Yes. Again, all those connections that can’t just be coincidence. Another random…if she goes to kiss him or hug him, will the sword poke her in the ribs?

Zombie: You know, I’ve been wondering that as well. I’m trying to think back to any time she may have hugged him already but I can only think of her helping him walk when he was plastered. Either way, I think hugs are safe from impaling. Maybe she can only touch the sword when she goes to pull it out???


Raine: Maybe. It’s a valid theory! Also…he used the sword on the card before…so did he pull it out? Is it only allowed out for good or dastardly deeds and then back it goes

Zombie: I think it may be a weapon he can wield when he needs it but it has to stay sheathed (so to speak) in his chest.

Raine: Ew. Really have to change the subject now to…this drama is excellent. It far exceeds most of the dramas this year and it’s only on episode 4. It’s just got the right mix of character, plot, cinematography, history, and music to make it great.

Zombie: I couldn’t agree more. It really is everything a good drama should be and I’m dying for the next episode! I tell ya, these weeks just keep getting longer and longer!

Raine: Luckily, it airs today so we don’t have to wait much longer. Come to me, my lovesick Goblin, my adorable Eun Tak, my hysterical Sunny, and my bromantic Death.

Zombie: Think if we blow out a candle, Goblin will magically appear behind us???

Raine: Let’s try…


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