Diving into Korean film and drama!


So if you follow me on social media you might know that there has been change in my life. I’m currently writing to you from a state that starts with a “C.” I’ll give you a hint — it is no longer Colorado!

You guessed it! I’m now in California and I’m here to be near family and to do something that’s a dream come true. I’m the new managing editor for HanCinema and I’ve been at the job for two weeks. It’s a beautiful challenge and allows me to delve into drama and film, well, every damn day!

I’m also stepping up the ante on my Korean studies so if you wanna practice…연락해주세요!!! You know where to find me. On the Dichotomy. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Hope this post finds you all well! Leave a comment and let me know about anything new in your life!

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