Infinite Doesn’t Disappoint with Newest MV “Tell Me”

Infinite is back as a sextet with an EDM-influenced title track and a video that tells the tale of love and regret. I’ve been excited for this comeback because it’s the first one after almost a year and a half. After watching this video, I am happy to report that it was well worth the wait and the single and the video maintain the boys’ signature polished dancing, and retro melodies, while upgrading the package with edgy mixing and classy wardrobing.

Their newest 12-track album, “Top Seed,” dropped January 8th along with the music video for “Tell Me,” a song written, composed, and arranged by frequent collaborator BLSSD.

The Story

Like many Infinite tales, this yarn is woven with strands of regret and sadness over a love lost. Lyrics tell of their desire for their love to come back and of the emptiness they feel without her. We see that in imagery sprinkled throughout the video: L lying on his bed sadly reminiscing; Sunggyu running and chasing a figment of love through maze-like hallways; Dongwoo imagining that she is riding her bike until her form dissolves into nothing but air.

As the video progresses, memories with the former love become more concrete. We see L leaving her in a fit of angerand Sungjong getting a door slammed in his face. Despite the love, it was most definitely difficult and with the quiet ending that mirrors how it began, L ruminates quietly on his bed, mourning a love lost.

The Video

This video is really gorgeous. I love how understated the warddrobe is with earthy colors, rich in browns, reds, and greys. It is the lighting that makes the boys glow with vivid jewel tones as they search for and remember love. Then there is the blossoming white tree that is the setting for dance sequences that are then juxtaposed with the lady love standing alone with her back to the camera. Each member has his own path that he follows down memory lane and it’s reflective of their vocal lines. Woohyun constantly looks at his love from behind while singing powerful belts while Sungyeol’s interjections mimic the collapsing wooden sound wall. But, the way in which each member is highlighted and shown off is one of my favorite parts of the video, storytelling and beauty of the shots aside.

While the video is lovely, it is by no means the most interesting music video, which is its major weakness. I’d love to see a dance version with the boys grooving in front of that gorgeous white tree.

The Dance


Infinite is one of the top male dance groups in K-pop known for their incredible synchronization and difficult routines. This dance is particularly hard-hitting and uses a lot of the old school hip-hop wide arm movements that only serves to highlight how tight these boys are when they dance. Admittedly, it was a little weird watching six-person formations, but the execution was excellent. It makes me eager to see the dance version of the MV and the dance practice!

The Song

This BLSSD song is a mix of EDM synths, 90s drum machines, and the tell-tale Infinite melodic lines that really play with highs and lows, allowing for fun vocal highlights like Sunggyu showing off his gorgeous high range and Dongwoo his gruff lower register. As catchy as any of Inifnite’s past lead singles, “Tell Me” is a song put together in a clever way that will stick in your mind, especially with repeated lyric, syncopated melodies, and modified choruses.

This is Infinite’s first comeback without former seventh member Hoya, who left the group in August of 2017 to pursue a different career path. Re-branded as six, Infinite tackled 2018 with MV “Tell Me” and album “Top Seed,” a great way to start the year.


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