I Got Hitched and Now I’m an Alien

Hello Rainy Crew,

I’m back again for another life update. April 19, 2019 I did a special thing with a special someone with some special guests. There were rings, flowers, smiles, and hair appointments.


Yes! I am no longer Miss Raine, but now Mrs. Raine. I married that handsome, tall, music connoisseur and we have been living quite happily together in our villa apartment just north of Seoul. The wedding was small, but so loving and I’m so grateful for our friends and my family who were in attendance.

A few deets for those of you curious about weddings in Korea. We had a 100% Western style wedding in a park and ate at a nearby restaurant. My dress was bought from David’s Bridal and shipped over by my mom. It happened to fit perfectly and was on clearance. YAY FOR ME!


My lovely friend Wietske bought me a flower making class so the bouquet you see was made my yours truly while the hair piece and the boutonnière were made by my teacher.

The day after we headed to a place called Gangneung for our Mini-moon, named thusly because it was only for the weekend. But it was so much fun. We frolicked on the beach, ziplined, and visited Ojukheon.


Best part of the wedding, has been the marriage that has followed. It’s only been just over 3 months, but we get on great, split chores evenly…and…the MAN CAN COOK. OMG, if I want it, he can make it. Plus, I clean a mean dish, so he doesn’t mind doing it.

I also got my marriage visa, which officially makes me an alien! Don’t worry, I won’t turn green. Har har.

Here is picture spam for you. Until next time!



2 responses to “I Got Hitched and Now I’m an Alien”

  1. First of all, my heartiest congratulations to both of you! May your life together be as happy as it is now! 😀 Thanks for sharing your story and the beautiful photos. Cheers!^^

  2. Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you. I wish you many, many years of wedded bliss.

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