Watching My Husband Cringe at K-Drama

As I squee, laugh, gasp, and cry with Attorney Woo or cringe at Kang Tae Moo aka Archaeopteryx’s rather adorable ego, there is always a secondary reaction happening in my small villa (read: loft apartment) north of Seoul. Whose reaction would that be? Why, yes. That would be my husband’s.

Let me explain this man to you. He is a rather outdoorsy, plain-spoken sort of gent who prefers nature documentaries and action movies to television. He has absolutely no interest K-drama, K-pop, and the dazzle of the industry. The last drama he watched willingly was 2014’s “Misaeng” that really spoke to him as it did to Korea as a whole.

I will qualify that he loves himself a great ballad by Kim Na Young or Kim Dong Ryul, but this is a sort of requirement for any self-respecting Korean husband who goes to noraebang. (I kid. He genuinely loves himself a break-up ballad. We often joke that our favorite songs are about breaking up.)

And I arrive at the fourth paragraph of this drivel without having truly made my point. As I wander around Dramaland, my husband has no choice but to follow me. Our t.v. is in our bedroom, and I play K-drama at full volume. Thank you.

But the inevitable. Always. Follows.

My husband covers his ears and declares, “Ah! How can you watch this?” And then I die laughing. He tends not to become as immersed in the worlds of my favorite characters as I do. Inevitably, the drama chases him upstairs to his computer, or I cave and mute it so he can’t hear it. (*Gasp* I know. I KNOW.) Lately, as I’ve been studying for a big Korean exam at the end of the month, muting is not a preferred option as I listen for “educational purposes.” Take from that what you will.

Before I met this darling man, no one in my home understood Korean, so I didn’t have to worry about them listening in as I watched. But you know, my lucky husband married a K-drama fan so….sorry honey? It is now a thing, navigating the drama watching so I don’t cringe my husband out of house and home while at the same time ensuring that I receive my quote of drama goodness.

Lately, he has indulged me as I watched “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and amazingly, I haven’t had to mute it. Thank you Writer Moon Ji Won and Director Yoo In Shik for television content I can consume with this man that I love. Not that I haven’t had to talk him through a few moments, but it has been quite a bonding experience.

Another aside, my mom called me the other day to tell me that she was watching Attorney Woo without any prompting from my sister. I know the viewership numbers here in Korea and abroad are record high, but holy moly, my mama too? I knew I got it from somewhere! I’m so proud of her.

Okay, back to husband. Husband, I appreciate you and your cringe. Your sacrifice of your ears and your t.v. time to K-drama is noted, appreciated, and will be rewarded with many trips to sing ballads at noraebang.

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