The Vortex that Is the K-drama

by: Raine

I tried to resist. I really did. But once I discovered it, I became Pavlov’s dog. The trigger for my salivation?

The K-drama.

Lee Min-ho, Park Min-Young, Lee Joon-hyuk in City Hunter, the most epic drama of 2011

It’s a seemingly innocuous little creature. It airs for an hour. It has beautiful people. It has a fanbase. All these describe many other kinds of t.v. worldwide. So what is it about the K-drama?

One blog I read says that it’s the “K-drama’s ability to show a grown man cry in a convincing manner” that captured her. It’s true. If you’ve seen Jang Geun Seok cry ( at 1:04) in You’re Beautiful after his mother rips his poor little heart to shreds, you’ll know what I mean.

Jang Geun Seok crying in You’re Beautiful (Screencap by Javabeans of

But what is it for me? The pleasure of listening to and learning a new language and culture certainly is a draw. I have been notorious in my time for picking up multiple languages to study – Spanish, French, Welsh, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and now, Korean. Is it the beautiful people? MOST CERTAINLY! As Girlfriday from  says about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, “show you complete me.” That is what I will say about one of  the most beautiful people in K-dramas, Park Shi-hoo. “Park Shi-hoo, you complete me.”

Park Shi-hoo. It’s the smile that does it EVERY time.

And have you seen the women? If anything could draw me to bat for the other team…

Son Ye-jin. The talented. The beautiful. Am I jealous? Oh hell yes.

ANYWHO! I enjoy the recipe’s for disaster that the K-drama tends to use. Many goals of shows seems to be trumping the recipes and trope’s and saying, “Haha. J/k. J/k.” A favorite observation of mine (that I read on the aforementioned was how My Name is Kim Samsoon took the piggyback trope and brought it back with a twist: Kim Sun-ah supposedly peeing on Hyun Bin’s back. Poor Binnie.

Kim Sun-ah atop Hyun Bin in “My name is Kim Sam Soon”. Did she pee on him? I sure as hell hope she did!

Also, I’m a fan of the shorter run times (12-30 episodes). If done correctly, you have an action packed show with twists, turns, gasps, and “oh-no-you-di’n’t”s that have you coming back every week for two more hits of crack. Because that’s what the K-drama is. Crack…of the legal variety. (Seriously, when City Hunter was airing, I nearly gave myself an aneurism waiting for the next episode.)

As I come up with more reasons (and when I have more time. I have to leave to teach a lesson in 2 minutes.), I will list them here. And feel free to list yours!

And now for some K-drama OST lovin’.

From the 2010 K-drama Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won:

“Appear”Kim Bum-soo

2 responses to “The Vortex that Is the K-drama”

  1. Great post! I saw you comment over at Dramabeans and I totally agree with this post.

    I also love that the series actually have an ending. One of the reasons I now rarely watch American TV shows is because I simply don’t have the patience to wait 7+ years for an ending. Or worse, to fall in love with a series and then see it cancelled on a cliffhanger! Or the absolute worst, is that it’s successful so they have to introduce all these weird characters and scenarios where by the end of the series you just hate the characters… argh…

    Anyway, k-dramas (and actually also some tw-dramas and Chinese dramas) have been a godsend. Bite size fun and entertainment.

    Though, sometimes they’re a little too addictive and I have to control myself to wait until I have a block of free time!

    • Hey Jessica! Welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting. (For real! You have NO idea how wonderful it feels to have someone read your stuff! Or maybe you do….)

      Anyway, your point about waiting 7+ years to get an ending is ineffably true. What happens to Derek and Meredith? Who knows? They’ve broken up, gotten together, broken up, gotten married by post it but not really, Derek doesn’t like Meredith’s lying…and then I stopped watching. What happened to Burke? Actor issues. Perfectly good character down the drain. If it had been one (maybe two) seasons, imagine what could’ve been. *le sigh*

      As for T-dramas. I MARATHONED Autumn’s Concerto with my sister. I didn’t have work and she did. And she would come home and I’d be a few episodes ahead of her (she’d already watched it) and she would get pissed. I’m SORRY sister but its crack and I had no control over my mouse.

      And last night I watched like 5 episodes of TPM. Heehee. And then I had to wake up to work…

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