Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy

by: Raine

Currently I’m working on my very first recap. Oh holy hell its hard. I bow down to the recapping gods. My lack of knowledge of the language has me jumping to different translations and really thinking about what I know of the culture to properly recap. But it’s fun. I plan to continue to recap shows that my dramabeaners either don’t get to, or don’t want to get to. Sooo…..

Look out for the recap to Pasta, episode 12!

“Pasta” starring Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Seon-kyun. (2010)

Also, as a cellist, I want to start playing some cello versions of my favorite K-drama land songs. K-drama plus cello? Oh hellz yes!

To get you into the mood.

From the 2010 K-drama Pasta starring Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Seon-kyun:

“Pasta Intro”

6 responses to “Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy”

  1. it’s the birthday today 03 april of our beloved si hoosshi.he celebrates it this time with his japanese fans in tokyo.Saeng il chu ka ham nida,psh! Jal jinaeseyo! ❤ from wherever we are, let's be happy for him today!cheers! \^.^/

  2. Mad Dino,

    Recapping is fun. It’s making me really think about what I say. I think I’m taking way too long on each scene, but I figure, better get the super-analysis over with now or I’ll be tempted to do it later.

    I do have a PC. However, it is sadly (and frustratingly) on the fritz. I’m currently using a mac and its sort of driving me nuts. In any case, I would like to hear about your recapping experiences and software (for when my computer comes back to life…hopefully.)

    My post about nails came out just shortly after I got back from my friends wedding and I had to cut my beautiful French manicure off to perform. I paint my nails clear because when I gig/teach/perform, nail polish isn’t the most professional thing to wear…

  3. Recapping is fun! You’ll be surprised by all the work that goes into them. If you need any tips ask. I have it down to a science now and know all the best software, if you use a pc that is.

    I read your post about fingernails the other day. I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of having painted nails. I paint them myself and tend to veer towards dark colors. I’ve only hand a manicure once. The week I got married. Mr. Dino liked them. I didn’t.

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