K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: Introduction

by: Raine

Welcome to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style,” where Raine takes a tune and spins it for an instrument that was cool when Bach rocked.

The 'cello man who makes sure 'celloing is always fun. I make sure he knows the meaning of "K-drama".

I had wanted to break out of my classical mold for a while. I was what you call a very “classical” musician. I only played classical (and Classical) music; I didn’t improvise; I got snooty when you clapped during the wrong places at a concert; and I thought my music was better than yours. (Oh hell, I still do.)

But no longer. For the past few years I’ve been letting my hair down in a couple of rock bands, playing without sheet music (*GASP*…the horror…), doing a little improvisation here and there and becoming downright rebellious for a classical musician.

To continue that trend, I’ve begun to arrange songs for solo cello – specifically K-drama songs. Without a solid OST, many-a-drama would’ve fallen flat. Those songs that make you want to pull your hair out by episode sixteen have also carried you thus far. When you hear City Hunter’s theme, you get all wild and crazy cause you KNOW that Lee Min-ho is abouta bus’ out some cool moves and have women (and men) melting into gooey puddles of hormones in front of their television/computer screens.

From the 2011 K-drama City Hunter starring Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young:

“Sad Run”

My first arrangement will be a song from the 2010 drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night.” Its status: coming soon!

If you have a desire to hear a K-drama tune ‘cellofied’, please drop me a line.

All of my arrangements will be played on my 2005 Hungarian cello. Her name is Dotty and she likes K-dramas, too.

Dotty the 'cello

Fun ‘cello fact: The cello’s full name is the “violincello”. It has since been shortened to “‘cello”. Now, it is common to accept the spelling without an apostrophe in place of the six missing letters. Cello.

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12 responses to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: Introduction”

  1. I would like to play various of them but i cant find any cello sheet for them x.x im new with my cello but i already want to play all this:

    hope someone help me!

  2. Didn’t know the Cello had a first name.
    Ranting (Violin) Cello – I actually have a request for you.
    I’ll be posting some links or videos to pieces I like in popular movies. I hope you can break them down in your musical language and explain them to me.

        • 14th C Bitte- Would you like me to write a post on it or give you an outline so you can include it in something? I’m going to do some research tonight and have it to you either later tonight or tomorrow sometime.

          • Post please my dear Ranting Cello. It’s an awesome instrumental *realizes mistake* peace. No, I mean piece!

            I imagine myself being introduced to my crowd of loyal death eaters with this piece being played in the background.

            • You gots it. Then it might be tomorrow night or the next morning ’cause I’m a bit anal about doing research. Even if I know most of the facts I like to double check and cross reference by listening to other pieces…must be all that time in graduate school that I spent doubting every word I wrote… SOO. I won’t make it too long, but I’ve got most of my reference material except for the youtube videos that I want to use. Hopefully you will be pleased!

            • My Ranting Cello… take your time. Bitter rushes no one. I shall wait patiently as I was groomed to. It’s in my pureblood nature.

  3. Thanks! It’s coming as soon as I have time (and enough quiet) to record it.

    Also, I listened to Sad Run like 15,000 times while I was editing this post (and figuring out how to post music) and I got excited every time, hoping Lee Min-ho would step around the corner!

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