K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: “Hello, Hello”

by: Raine

–Welcome to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style” where Raine takes a tune and spins it for an instrument that was cool when Bach rocked.–

The 'cello man who is stoked for the first installment of K-drama tunes.

Today’s tune hails from the 2010 drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night, starring Jang Geun-seok, Moon Geun-young and Kim Jae-wook.

Greetings from Raine:

“Hello, Hello”

Arranged and performed by: Raine

Original tune info:

“Hello, Hello”Ballad version

  • OST: 매리는 외박중 /Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary!
  • Composer: Lee Young-hoon
  • Vocalist: Jang Geun-seok as Kang Moo-gyul
  • Station, air dates: KBS2 2010-Nov-08 to 2010-Dec-28

Original tune:

Thank yous: Cynthia, for helping me find the composer. You helped keep a mad ‘cellist recover her sanity after a week-long, fruitless search. MadDino, for your support and techie prowess.

Fun ‘cello fact: The cello bow is strung with horse hair that is most often cut from a stallion’s tail.  Bow makers prefer horse hair that comes from horses bred in Northern climates (i.e. Siberia).

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21 responses to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: “Hello, Hello””

  1. Hello Hello was one of my personal favourites from MSOAN and you’ve just made it even better^^ I love the sound of the cello, it’s deep and it’s so emotional, ah I love it. ::swoon::

    on a side note, I’ve been reading the manhwa MSOAN and boy is it nothing like the drama. I wonder what the writing/production team were thinking? I wish JGS and MGY would make a different movie/drama together, because certainly the highlight of the show was their cuteness.

    • Min, mi amiga – your comment made me smile so much. GRACIAS!

      I’ve always meant to read MSOAN but there are so many things I say that about. I bet its a ton better. JGS and MGY are great together. He has that screen presence and she is such a natural actress and they bring out the best in each other. As the Cubans would say “que cute”.

  2. I have misplaced my listening devices (aka headphones). I will be back to comment further. It is really impressive that you can play an instrument other than the piano. I only know how to play the piano period (or actually I used to know how to play that).

  3. Very, very impressed here. Great job. I’m just so awed here, LOL.
    And I laughed at the irony of rain x 2. It’s kinda beautiful… 🙂 Personally I don’t get what the hype about Rain is all about. 🙂

    • thejawavillager – You don’t get CSW or Rain. Looks like we won’t be fighting over men…that’s a good thing.

      Thanks for listening. I only realized the ‘rain’ irony when I was recording the introduction. You know, I really get shocked when I hear my voice on recording. I sound like a little girl! And when I sing, I sound like a Disney princess. It’s a pattern…

    • As a singer, he’s kinda..eh for me. I like some songs, but a lot of the time he seems to be pushing it too hard – he doesn’t have much range, maybe? His voice is not that strong, but has a lovely sound. I do find myself humming Fresh Woman, LOL, and he can crawl all over me (a la Love Song) ANY day.

      As a dancer – those are not the kinds of performances I go to see, but I do appreciate his skill there. He’s physically very adept and it comes across in both the dancing and the acting. I think he probably works very hard to put together an entertaining show and he loves what he does, so people respond to that.

      As an actor – I can’t think of anything I’ve seen him in that I didn’t enjoy, and he is often VERY moving. Again, I think it’s a function of how fully he inhabits his body. He’s completely present in these things, in whatever capacity is required, so I believe what he’s projecting.

      As a human – any show or interview I’ve seen him on he appears to be funny, polite, and respectful. I get that as a ‘showman’ he can appear to be these things, and yet, not actually be these things – but it seems very genuine. He is also smart and exceptionally hard-working, qualities I admire in a person.

      I often interpret his reactions to crowds or interviews as a sort of puzzled enjoyment of the world’s response to him, and I guess it’s that combination of humor, humility, intelligence, and beauty that just really endears him to me. I’ve met enough people in this world to just know that anyone with that work ethic can probably also be really hard to deal with at times – but if they’re not just being mean for the sake of being mean, if they’re not just ‘I’m better than you mere mortal so leave me alone’ I can deal with cockiness, impatience, etc. It comes with the territory, and it’s honest. They aren’t lying about what they know to be true about themselves, and really…if you’re very good at something, it’s hard to understand how it could be THAT HARD for someone else. If I can get up at 5 am every day and work until midnight and juggle 3 careers…you can too if you want it bad enough. That’s all that works out to be.

      And finally…even when he wasn’t rockin’ that Ninja Assassin bod, he just personifies sex appeal in my book. I look at his face at rest and I want to hug that cute little boy. I look at him ‘on’ and I want to..um…..hug that boy HARD. Lots of times in a row. In lots of different positions. I’ve had that gut-punch reaction to a couple of men in person in my life, too, and those relationships turned out to be very special on several different fronts. It’s like the oxygen disappears from the room, and other people do really disappear. I’ve just never felt it with someone who I wasn’t actually looking at in person.

      It could be that he’s exotic to me, the little white girl from New England. But I can tell you that I do not have that response to all Asian men, or really any Asian man except him. I can appreciate beauty even when it doesn’t ‘look like me’ and I do, wholeheartedly, find the beauty in White, Black, Indian, Asian, you name it – but my gut reaction to him goes beyond that, and I’m guessing what I feel is what a lot of others do, too. He’s lucky that his charisma works for so many – it has allowed him the measure of success he enjoys, because if it was just hard work that put him there…there’d be a lot more people there with him.

      • Unni – You are so eloquent. Here is my not so eloquent agreement/response!

        Singer – I appreciate him because he sings in tune live, he has really amazing rhythm and I enjoy listening to him. Is he the best singer, no. But is he involved in all processes of song making, yes. That is awesome.

        Dancer/stunts – The man has the most physical prowess I’ve ever seen. Whatever he does physically, he excels in and that just boggles my mind. He does everything himself, the dancing, the stunts, the running a million blocks over and over for scenes, jumping off things, fighting…Plus, he LOVES performing, like you said. And that always shines through because he loves it. Its not JUST work ethic. True showmanship is to get a high off performing, live in the moment and love to please a crowd.

        Actor – You said it. I can’t say it better than you. He is what he is doing in the moment. Period. He loses himself in the singing/dancing/acting/stunts/emotions/ WHATEVER.

        Human – I love his interviews. He’s down to earth. You could sit down to talk with him and he’d make you feel comfortable. I think its part of his success. He doesn’t alienate the people he’s worked with, he makes bonds and connections and is ‘real’.

        Work ethic – I know quite a few musicians down here who are natural prodigies (I am NOT) who practice a lot and think they’re god’s gift to the music world. Drives me nuts. I hate seeing it in celebrities/idols. But I also know many who are confident in their abilities but don’t look down on anyone else or make them feel like an ant beneath their shoe. I love working with them. LOVE. And I love watching Rain work.

        Sex appeal – In Sang-doo I still think he has a rockin’ bod. JUST SAYIN’. The Ninja Assassin bod is definitely not necessary. I think its part of that physical prowess. He is comfortable and confident in his skin and his ability. He’s a hot, sexy, capable dude, he knows it. So you know it, but he’s not in your face about it. And about the hugging…me too. 😀 I have not yet had that kind of special relationship that you describe. One day! 😥

        Asian dudes – My friend calls me a Rice Queen. But I grew up in a melting pot town. My boyfriends have been of all different races. My sister’s boyfriends have been of all different races. (Now I haven’t had one in a while….) Rain is just universal. That’s the bottom line.

        “He’s lucky that his charisma works for so many – it has allowed him the measure of success he enjoys, because if it was just hard work that put him there…there’d be a lot more people there with him.” Amen, unni.

        • Raine – I too found him appealing in Sang Doo – the Ninja body is just unreal – and not possible to maintain for very long periods of time. When I was in the Army I dated a couple body builders and one of them also did MMA – I know what it takes to get into show shape, and even though they are beautiful forms the rest of the time, that competition shape requires more time effort and commitment than is compatible with an actual life. I just prefer him bigger than smaller – say, from the age of about 25 on, when he grew into his shoulders and his face thinned out a bit.

          I have also dated men of several different persuasions – never a full-blooded Asian man, but one who was born in Trinidad and had a Chinese mom and a West Indian dad (he looked like Bruno Mars, but bigger), and one from NJ who had a Japanese mom, and a couple from Jamaica, plus my daughter’s dad is hispanic, and my very favorite ex-boyfriend, still a good friend 20 years later, is black. A couple guys from Puerto Rico, and then your full complement of Italo-American, Portugeuse-American, etc. I guess I just never cared much for the blonde hair-blue-eyes combo, although there were a couple of those too… I guess the Army is a good place to meet lots of people from all over!

          • Yes it is. I’m in my own little world where I meet the same people over and over again…and I’m not allowed to flirt with people at the weddings I play at…I had a massive crush on a blond haired blue eyed…Puerto Rican. So he wasn’t your typical blond.

            As for Rain, I really do just like a body that looks like its taken care of. The NA body is really hard to keep up, but he’s so active it doesn’t really matter.

      • Unni- I’m in the middle of Sang-doo and I remembered what my FAV body part of Rain’s is : his butt. He has the NICEST ass! Have you noticed that? He’s dancing away and I’m like ‘benga’ca miho y baila con mami. *imagine a Cuban accent* te quiero….

        (If you don’t get this post here, I’m reposting it ’til you see it!)

          • I was definitely thinking the latter. Check it in Full House. That’s when I first noticed. It must because I grew up around Latin Men and when I saw Sang Doo dancing it reminded me of all the nice rear ends around here….:D

  4. Love it! 🙂 Looking forward to listening to more of your arrangements!

    P.S. JGS’s laughable hair and dead animal attire–so true 😛

  5. Funny…I expected the cello to take the place of the music in the ballad, but what it actually evoked for me most of the time was Jang Geun Suk’s voice, rather than the guitar. And then in places it’s almost both. Very impressed by your hard work, especially since its an area that is practically magic to me, knowing pretty much nothing about music or composing.

  6. I didn’t even know this song existed. I really like it. Your arrangement was awesome. I wish I had mad music skills. I hope I helped with the technical stuff.

    Did you notice my song recommendation contest?

    Thank you for posting this!

      • MadDino,

        I’m glad you enjoyed the arrangement! I’m soooo excited about finally finishing it (and the post).

        As for the manga, I just read Kimi wa Petto again after reading your recaps. Isn’t it great? I really enjoy Manga. It’s written/drawn crack (as opposed to K-drama crack). I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Something else to distract you from responsibility, right?

        I’m going to head over right now to check out the contest. *meanders on over to the asylum.*

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