Forecast: Little to No Raine

My lovely followers and KDA friends,

This week will test what I am really made of. I’m working double because of a family emergency. My father is out of town taking care of it. Now I’m running my business…and his.

I have always been the “go-to” person in my family, so I’m trying to be strong for everyone.

I’m actually quite disappointed not to have time to write and haunt forums because it is a daily delight for me. But I suppose I will survive a week without it…if I survive the work load.

Can a K-drama addict go that long without a hit? Will I start having withdrawal symptoms? You’ll know if you see me post something at 3am. Heehee.

Hoping for some Raine in the forecast!

5 responses to “Forecast: Little to No Raine”

  1. Aww, fighting! Don’t over-work yourself, sleep well, eat well…ok, I sound like a Korean omma. 😛 But seriously, don’t kill yourself. I’m sure you will survive a week. Bigger question is will WE? I miss you already

  2. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I second what Lady Dino and Min commented – You can do it … is that Hai-So-E-So in Korean? I’m just romanizing…

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