Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Review of Episode 2

by: Raine

I avoided watching the second episode for a few days. My hope was that it would redeem the show. My fear was that it wouldn’t. Even if it didn’t, I know some dramas take a while to find their stride. If this episode didn’t uphold my desire for greatness, I promised myself to push forward and watch at least until episode five or six.

“Sun”Francis (from the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST)

episode 2 – review

This episode delivered. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The first scene had me giggling like a schoolgirl at Cha Chi-soo’s arrogance and royal hotness. He reminded me of Matsumoto Jun’s Domyoji – oh, hell yes.  We’re off to a good show RAWRyum.

Before I continue, I just have to say that the opening sequence is just the cutest darned thing I ever did see. It hints at the anime quality I noted in my First Impressions with the adorable hand-drawn hearts and paperdoll-like clothes. I re-watched it several times to get my fill of cuteness (and Jung Il-woo in Shades. B)

We are finally introduced to the ramyun shop from the title and our graceful, swan-like second female lead. But where the hell is Lee Ki-woo? Show, bring him to me next episode! No…NOW!

*Ahem.* Pardon me. I got off track with my desire for more eye candy. (I know. I know. Raine, you already have TONS of eye candy. I don’t care. I WANT MORE!)

Now, back to the topic at hand.

I don’t know how what bugged me to no end last episode endlessly thrilled me in this episode. The Japanese high school dorama elements – dramatic ‘dos, mood swings, humiliation, arrogant man-children, former badass turned school teacher who has to take care of the troublesome children in class (*cough* GTO, Gokusen *cough*) – clicked into place with the teasers of back story we were given.

The insights to Eun-bi’s past really helped to balance her goofiness. This time around, I completely enjoyed her antics because they were grounded in a solid character. Watching too many high school j-doramas comprised only of over-dramatic fluff has turned me off to characters that have as much substance as cotton candy.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is NOT one of those.

It IS an overindulgent high school drama that has a dorky female lead with a bi-polar personality and a manipulative male lead who hurts others to ease his own emotional wounds.

It is also more than that.

If you take real issues and put a clown nose on them, you get Yan Eun-bi, Cha Chi-soo and our interesting cast of characters. The issues are there, but softened by the comedy – Jung Il-woo(f) pitches a hysterical toddler’s temper tantrum and follows it with a selfish ploy to get what he wants because he’s a spoiled, lost child. This juxtaposition is perfect for a light-hearted rom-com that still has a bit of meat on its bones.

I love how Eun-bi became an unsure, heartbroken woman with a dream she fears she can’t fulfill, who, at the same time, has an inner reserve of strength that keeps her going. Is she still ridiculously silly and far too susceptible to Cha Chi-soo’s sexual energy? Sure, but that’s okay because I see some hysterical retaliation against Mr. Chaebol in her future and I CAN’T WAIT.

Jung Il-woo’s Cha Chi-soo made me hate him and yet, he was so utterly appealing that I couldn’t help but love him as well. He had tantrums and melted hearts; he exuded sex-appeal and hurt like a little boy; he smoothly built people up and then brutally cut them down. The kid is a total douchebag whose single-mindedness makes me wonder how Yang Eun-bi is going to rock his world. He seems utterly disinterested in her save for playing with her like a cat would a mouse. (I repeat. Douchebag.)

How will you win him clumsy heroine?

Did I mention the chemistry between our leads yet? They feed off of each others’ energy in every scene they have together.  I certainly want to see some more Cha Chi-soo/Yang Eun-bi moments. (That first kiss BETTER be killer. If she turns into a limp ramyun noodle, I will have a FIT.)

Although not much happened plot-wise yet, I’m okay with that. We got some fun, loveable, heart-wrenching supporting characters like Eun-bi’s father, her dongsaeng Kim Ba-wool (and his crew) and the quirky teachers she works with. We have the rest of the drama to explore the relationships and dynamics introduced in this episode. (Like Cha Chi-soo and Kim Ba-wool’s frenemy relationship. What is THAT about?)

Selfishly, I do hope they get to the juicy plot stuff soon.

And Lee Ki-woo. *cough*

Am I ready for yesterday’s episode to be translated so I can watch it now? YES!

Thank you, show. My heart break over the last episode is mended.

(Thank you MadDino for the awesome screencaps.)

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12 responses to “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Review of Episode 2”

  1. TBH I didn’t enjoy episode 2 as much as I did ep 1. Maybe it was because I was still in the phase of getting over Gokusen overload. I liked it, but the similarities between the two ruined it. So far I like the Crazy Rooster kid most. I haven’t watched episode 3 or 4 and I heard they were good so I have reason to keep my hopes up.

    • Villager – I’m glad someone else saw the huge similarities between FBRS and HS j-dorama. It seriously drove me INSANE the first episode. When they showed me they were going to diverge from that and bring the k-drama flair, I felt better.

      I LOVE Ba-wool! He came onto screen and I was like OOOH YOU”RE CUTE AND his character is good and meaty and has lots of potential and he’s not just a knuckle-headed pushover.

      WATCH 3 and 4 so we can talk about it! Should I write a review of them?

  2. I like this show a lot, I watched 3 without subs and I’m waiting to see it with subs, so I can know if I laughed in the right places >_<

    I am definitely liking this drama- especially with the anime-like lighting it has – the colours are so vibrant and then when needed they are soft pastels…

    Thanks for the recap 😛

      • I would’ve recapped, but DB is already on that. The challenge here was not to give too much away. I wanted to SO BADLY. Did you see the new episode yet? They’re both recapped on DF!

        Writing this provided outlet to my severe reactions to both episodes. I’m glad someone else noticed the total anime quality. When I read DB’s recaps (after I wrote my reviews), they loved the elements that I initially loathed. They are common place in doramas, but not so much in dramas. I was afraid they would be replicated in the worst of ways. But it was NOT so!

        You’re welcome for the review! Kumawa for reading, sunbae!

        PS this version of the F4 rocks. They’re totally under his control whereas the real F4 just went along for the ride. “Get back in line” *Skunk haircut slinks back into line*

  3. LOL! Ranting Cello… for the PD’s sake I hope they do as you have wished. I would hate to be on your bad side and I’m a death eater of all things! You definitely sounded much happier so maybe this drama is worth trying out after all. You and Lady Dino bring your own kind of passion and crazy into your recaps. Hmm… what’s that word – Spunk. Yeah, that’s the word.

    P.S. Immortals is releasing tomorrow!

    • 14th Bitte – Thank Deeno. I saw that screencap and KNEW I had to use it, even if it didn’t fit in with what I’d written. But…I MADE it fit.

      Immortals. I’ll have to see it Sunday because hellweek isn’t over. OH NO. The trip has been extended to next Wednesday so I get Sunday off but then the double duty goes on for THREE DAYS!

      It was really cute. This episode. I was actually quite baffled and had a hard time of explaining why at first. This review was difficult to right because of the 180 my opinion did!

      BTW, 14th Bitte’s and Ranting Cellos are always on the same side, even if I might have some mudblood in there a few generations back….somewhere….

      • You are no mudblood Ranting Cello. Villager felt the same way too. I assure you both that I – Bitte, the death eater, do not discriminate against muggles. You are already a fellow death eater in my eyes. Might I add that you are quite adept at using your wand of words Ranting Cello. Now as for Lady Dino, she prefers the ways of the Dark Vader, but she too is always welcome to join. Evil knows no bounds.

        Wow… what a profound sentence. Maybe I should tweet it…

        • 14th Bitte – I graciously accept your words and I think you should tweet them. Also, you have given me an idea for another cello-ish rant although you might not understand the connection. But you did.

          Now I shall go an mix my potion for my next rant again a certain 17th-century composer and the mortal sin he has made against cello playing witches. The ingredients are difficult to find. I may have to scour a few weddings. Good thing I’m playing two this weekend….(Can you guess what this rant is about?)

  4. I love the screen caps you chose. Especially the one where she is half dead. I apparently do not watch enough Jdrama for this to seem super cliche. I love doing screen caps for this show. The faces are so expressive.

    • I’m in love with her faces. I almost put all of them in there, but that would not be right. She’s really flippin’ awesome with the faces.

      And in j-doramas, everything is OTT and they have crazy hair when their down and out, and everything that happens is the end of the universe. Lots of yellin’ and anime-like camera work. (Like focusing on certain body parts, hands in this case. I couldnt’ figure out how to work that into this review cause I was too tired…) Staring contests. That one where she is half dead. Heehee. I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed this time around.

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