Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances

by: Raine

Second post in the Park Shi-hoo mini-series and I’m totally stoked! I must say that this post in particular was so much fun to write and put together. I got to look at lots of pretty pictures and learn about my ultimate k-actor. On my list of k-dramas to watch  are Iljimae, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and Family’s Honor. Not only will I get more Shi-hoo in action (where he shines best), but I will get to feed my addiction. How can it get any better than that?

(Not only a great actor but a talented model. He looks good, of course, but he has a commanding presence in photographs.)

As I mentioned before, this is an interactive series in which I will post polls, ask questions, ask for feedback and update each post according to viewer responses throughout the week. Let me hear from you!

This week’s post focuses on the bromance. What IS a bromance? In Raineland, it is the on-screen pairing of two men who have sizzling chemistry. It doesn’t necessarily have to be homoerotic, but it does have to make you squee and have the irrepressible urge to re-watch scenes with the bromantic pair.

When we talk chemistry, we usually focus on the kind that creates electricity between our man and his woman; the kind that makes you scream “Just kiss her already!” But there is another kind of chemistry that is just as powerful: the bromance. When we see two men with strong friendship, camaraderie, and loyalty, we are captivated. We are drawn in by the intensity of the bond shared between them. This can be seen not only between the characters, but the actors.

(Park Shi-hoo as Kim Seung-yoo with Song Jong-ho as Shin Myun in The Princess’ Man)

In his most recent drama The Princess’ Man, Park Shi-hoo played the role of Kim Seung-yoo, a Joseon-era Romeo to Moon Chae-won’s Juliet with whom he had AMAZING chemistry. But the beauty of this drama is that the chemistry between Seung-yoo and the other characters was also enthralling. The dazzling smile for which he is loved was exchanged with other men, connecting them to one another and to us, the enamored audience.

Because this man commands every scene he is in, when he is paired with another alpha male, it makes for spellbinding drama. In Queen of Reversals, each time Goo Yong-shik was on screen with initial leading man Jung Joon-ho as Bong Jun Soo, we could feel the testosterone flowing through their veins. Powerful stuff. If he’s paired with a man who can’t hold his own in a scene, the eye is drawn to our Shi-hoo and his poor male counterpart is unfortunately forgotten.

(Now that I’m writing this, I wonder if we could create a bromance with himself, like Lee Min-ho in the Camry CV.)

I have amassed a collection of bromances that have existed on screen, odd-couple bromances that made me giggle and the bromances of my dreams. I present them now to you. Enjoy. I know I will.

Park Shi-hoo Bromances in K-dramas:

(Im Ji-kyu as Kang Woo, Goo Yong-shik’s sassy secretary in Queen of Reversals.)

A) Im Ji-kyu: This is mostly definitely Shi-hoo’s most epic bromance. It kept me laughing and rewinding for more giggles and cuteness. Kang Woo had a saucy reply to every command, a snarky observation for every situation and witty bits of advice for every romantic snafu. Yong-shik and Kang Woo often picked on each other, goofed off and argued like a married couple. They even fought over the remote control. Yes.

(Lee Jun-ki as Iljimae, Shi-hoo’s half-brother and enemy in Iljimae.)

B) Lee Jun-ki: This one was suggested to me and although the thought of mixing the word “bromance” with the word “half-brother” is a bit icky, since my definition of “bromance” lacks homo-eroticism, I decided to go for the pairing. Iljimae and Shi-hoo are enemies who are unknowingly also half-brothers. But hot-damn are they some good-looking half-brothers. I haven’t seen the drama but I watched some scenes between them and there is most definitely some testosterone-tastic chemistry.

(Lee Min-woo as as Jung Jong, Kim Seung-yoo’s best friend in The Princess’ Man.)

C) Lee Min-woo: Oh, how I love Lee Min-woo and his genius portrayal of Jung Jong and we all know Park Shi-hoo was magnificent as Seung-yoo. Put them together and you get one amazing bromantic pair. Jong and Seung-yoo did not question their loyalty to each other. The beauty of their friendship was in how they were completely free with each other. The emotions shared between them were felt by the drama’s viewers. I felt as though I was in the scene with them, aching, laughing, crying, loving. These two, rather than filling the screen with enormous energy, possess a scene so completely that it just simply is.

(Song Jong-ho as Shin Myun, Kim Seung-yoo’s best friend turned mortal enemy in The Princess’ Man.)

D) Song Jong-ho: I ache for this pairing. I entered them into the running because I want to imagine how they were before the tragic events of this story. These are best friends whose relationship is passionate and fiery. Being together makes them feel good. They duel. They joke. They talk. They smile. Seung-yoo accepts Myun completely even though Myun is incredibly insecure. When they were together on screen after their falling out, I felt their intense desire to be friends again. The hatred fed on this desire. It hid the guilt and pain of betrayal and it buried the underlying love that wanted so desperately to be shared.

Park Shi-hoo Odd-couple Bromances in K-dramas:

(Choi Jung-woo as Ma Sang-tae, Seo In-woo’s enemy in Prosecuter Princess.)

A) Choi Jung-woo: Not quite the odd-couple bromance since they are enemies most of the drama, but when they are on screen together, there is nothing mild about the emotions created. What I love about Ma Sang-tae is that he is the villain, but a pathetic villain void of malicious intent. It allows for a tentative(very tentative) frenemy relationship to develop between Sang-tae and In-woo. They end up working together in the end. I think I support this bromance so much because it was such a great use of a villain.

(Kim Chang-wan as Mok Young-chul, Goo Yong-shik’s unexpected roommate from Queen of Reversals. )

B) Kim Chang-wan: This man is always the backbone of every scene. He has a quiet, unassuming presence that is beautiful thing to behold. His Young-chul’s kind soul permeated each scene, supporting and strengthening characters no matter what the mood happened to be. He crawled under Yong-shik’s skin and before he knew it, the younger man’s posh apartment became a home that he felt safe coming home to. Of course, there was the hysterical clash of Yong-shik’s fastidious cleanliness and Young-chul’s slovenly ways. Particularly hilarious was Young-chul’s inability to remember which toothbrush was his.

(Kim Roe-ha as Jo Suk-joo, Kim Seung-yoo’s hyung in The Princess’ Man.)

C) Kim Roe-ha: Let me count the ways I loved this relationship. They are each others’ rescuers, gibang roommates, partner revolutionaries. They have meaningful conversations in the middle of the night. They have tender moments. They have trust. They can be completely frank with each other. Both men are strong in mind and body and learn to rely on each other, developing the deep bond that comes through mutual hardship.

Park Shi-hoo Fantasy Bromances:

(Jang Geun-suk in Love Rain, his new drama that will air on KBS2 in March 2012.)

A) Jang Geun-suk: I’m a sucker for Sukkie despite his absurd fashion taste and strange need for constant acknowledgement. The guy has looks. Even more importantly, he’s has acting chops. This is an idol star who has made vast improvement from project to project, just as Park Shi-hoo has.

If we pair these two, we’d probably end up with a hyung/dongsaeng relationship with quirky dialogue, lots of hugging and some great melodrama.


(Jung Ji-hoon, aka Rain (Mr. Raine), with his adorable baby face, and then his incredibly amazing manly body he obtained for his film Ninja Assasin.)

B) Jung Ji-hoon/Rain: If anyone were going to replace Park Shi-hoo as my number one, it would be this man. He is talented as an actor, model, singer, rapper and dancer. He is humble, diligent and hard-working. On screen he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself. He can make you laugh, cry, fear him, love him and feel incredible awe.

Put this insanely talented man together with the magic of Park Shi-hoo and you would have a camaraderie that could carry a film or drama without another soul on screen for the duration of the production.

(Kang Ji-hwan as Hong Gil Dong.)

C) Kang Ji-hwan: This is a man whose acting has never failed to move me. Even though he’s made some horrible drama choices, the best part of all of them was that he was in it. He is one of the most natural actors I’ve ever seen. He reminds me of Julia Roberts in that way. The actors lucky enough to be paired with them always shine beside him. He brings out the best in everyone around him, which is a quality I greatly admire.

Take this man and put him next to Park Shi-hoo as a foil and you get drama bliss. Can you imagine the magic these two could work in any genre? Ji-hwan’s natural comedic ability drawing on Shi-hoo’s magnetism and the two of them having a blast on top of it would make for an epic comedic rivalry in a rom-com.

(Yoo Ah-in as Moon Jae-shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandel. Must. Point. Out. Lips.)

D) Yoo Ah-in: I love how goofy this guy can be. Truly. Every time I see him I remember how adorable he was shoving cake in his mouth in the k-film Antique. He is best known for his brooding, action-packed characters, but damn does the man have the knack for comedy. Take his role as Moon Jae-shin, for example. The character has a dark past, he’s a ridiculous martial artist and he is highly unpredictable. But then he does wonderfully cute things like hiccup around women. Ah-in pulls both aspects off with ease and a screen-filling presence.

I have to say it. This pairing would just be all kinds of pretty. I see them rockin’ a saguek as comrades in arms. This would be brotherhood at its best, bound by friendship in place of blood. Picture ninja Seung-yoo beside Crazy Horse Jae-shin. Niiice.

Park Shi-hoo Reader Suggested Bromances:

(That is one handsome cat. He may be more handsome than Shi-hoo.)

A) Lord Timmy of Miami: Because Shi-hoo is a self-admitted cat lover, it is only right for him to have a trusty familiar. And who better to be by his side than Timmy? This cat is considerate, loyal and protective. He will skillfully guide Park Shi-hoo on his path to dominate the K-drama world. (Suggested by MadDino and Villager.)

B) Kim Roe-ha: Our second entry about this man. As I’ve not yet seen Iljimae, Hottie suggested this pairing. Based upon the on-screen chemistry between them in The Princess’ Man, I believe that they were just as magic in Iljimae. Sa Cheon is close to Shi-hoo as Suk-jo was close to Seung-yoo. Roe-ha ssi, you take care of my man therefore I like you.

If you have anything to add about why a bromance contestant would be an awesome pairing with Park Shi-hoo, I’ll add it in! Thank you for reading. Until next week!

(Hasta la Pasta, baby.)

Park Shi-hoo Quotes

In reply to be asked about his late start in acting: A man’s career begins when he reaches his 30’s. Park Shi-hoo

End Park Shi-hoo the Miniseries: Bromances

(The man has a cat. The man loves said cat. Raine loves said man.)

My first Park Shi-hoo drama was Prosecutor Princess. Let’s bring it back.

From the 2010 K-Drama Prosecutor Princess starring Park Shi-hoo and Kim So-yeon:

“Amazoness”Oh Joon-sung

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25 responses to “Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: Bromances”

  1. Thanks Rainie for putting together this mini series on PSH. I fell for him in FH and since then, he keeps on getting better and hotter in subsequent dramas especially TPM and now he officially is my no 1 K-Actor!

    For bromance, the best comedic partner is Im Ji-Kyo whilst his relationship with Lee Min Woo and Kim Roe Ha in TPM are poignant, strong and make you wish to have that kind of real friends in life.

  2. I loved your definition of bromance. I don’t think I’ve ever read a better description of the term. You are hopelessly in love with PSH Raine. Can’t say much for the other sets of bromances, but Yoo Ah In (YAI) is awesome. Yes, he does have a cute and adorable side. Don’t forget though… YAI is all man.

    • Aw, thanks! I thought it up on the spur of the moment!

      And yes, I love my OPPA :D:P

      YAI is all man and I love when men like that have all those other sides to them, like Rain and KJH. I’m loving him in SKKS. Have you watched Antique?

        • Kim Jae-wook! He was in MSOAN, Bad Guy, Kopi prince and Dal Ja’s Spring. I actually have a post planned that includes him. And dude, he’s totally straight, but in that he was sooo sexy. I just wish it was me he was dancing for.

          AND he speaks fluent Japanese *swoon* (Sorry oppa, I still love you most!)

          • Oh I knew he was straight, I was just referring to his character. My sister and I loved Bad Guy. It was really good.

            Kim- Jae Wook… okay now I remember his name. His transformation in Antique blew me away. I didn’t know he spoke fluent Japanese. Cool.

  3. I love that PSH photo – the bare top in the white shirt.

    It’s hard to breathe when I see such a handsome face on that kind of hard rock body. In my next life, I want to come back and be his perfect neighbour. No, not his girlfriend as I can’t handle the stress of fighting off competition.

    Suffice to just admire him from across the fence.

    But then, I may prefer to be reincarnated as Timmy so I can share his bed without having to fight off competition.

    • I will date my Oppa if I EVER HAVE THE CHANCE! He’s like the perfect age for me too. I always go for guys in their early 30s. I’ll learn to cook Korean food. I went to our Asian market and they have all the ingrediants…:D

  4. Raine, you have done a FANTASTIC job! You must have worked like mad for that two days to get this up. Thank you very much. I appreciate your hard work.

    Personally, amongst all the pairings I have seen in his dramas, I feel he has a deep rapport and understanding with the Jo Suk Joo character in Princess Man. Interestingly, PSH’s and the actor Kim Ro Ha’s characters in Ilimae also shared a close bond.

    I like the bromance in TPM between them as they are the strong, silent type. The type who can punch each other in a moment of fury but would sacrifice for each other. I feel the bond between these two men stronger than I could feel for the three childhood friends (Seung Yoo, Jung Jong and Shin Myun) in TPM.

    In Iljimae,there was never a moment in the drama where PSH and Lee Jun Ki, his half brother share any sentiment as brothers until the ending scene.But tht was only a split second revelation when PSH told Lee Jun Ki during a fighting scene that they share the same father. I would have loved to see how these two come together to acknowlege each other as they were both brilliant in this show.

    I notice PSH, even when he is the suypporting actor always held his own against the main lead. Infact, sometimes outshining him even .I felt that in Queen of Reversal.

    • I will add the other Iljimae bromance under my commenter suggestions:)

      And yes, this post was a difficult one to put together. But it was fun fun fun.

      My next post is on the leading ladies. So if you have anything you want to say to it before I post next Friday, please let me know. especially about Iljimae, HtbaPN and FH as I’ve not seen them yet.

      As for my favorite thing with him in it, for me it was PP and TPM. They are so different genre wise that its hard for me to compare. I do think the TPM script was amazing, but the leads in PP had tons of chemistry and a wonderful rapport on screen and PSH really got me right there in that one. You already know how I feel about TPM. Heehee. He’s my oppa.

      (MadDino…photoshop me in with him!)

      Thanks for reading!!!!!!

  5. He’s already that old? He looks like a baby! I thought, 22, 23 perhaps? And then you go sneak in a picture of my beloved…

    Good job, my little dongsaeng!

    • Unni,

      I thought you would appreciate that. I had to download SO many pictures *heh* to find the right ones. What a burden! 😛 I will actually do a series on your beloved later on. But there is SO much on him that I need to do a lot more research….

  6. LOVED THIS POST! You have me drooling over him just by reading this post alone. I had a hard time in deciding some of the votes, esp between Im JI-kyu and Song Jong-ho. Chose the latter because of the intense way you described it. Have added Prosecutor Princess, Queen of Reversals and TPM to my to-watch list!! and LOL, no one chose JGS as a fantasy bromance partner. Chose Yoo Ah-in. Agree with you on how he’s got good looks, smoldering intensity, and great comedic talent.

    • I’m so glad you liked this post. I worked 2 days on it! I’m sad not more people have read it:(. I LOVE PP. Some people don’t get it, but it rocked my world. TPM was amazing.

      Poor Sukkie.:(

      YAI has been on my radar since I watched Antique in like…April.

    • Hi thejawvillager, as a new Park Shi Hoo ardent , I would suggest you watch TPM first. It is PSH as his best. That was my first PSH drama and that show hit me right between the eyes.

      I followed up immediately with Prosecutor Princess , Queen of Reversal , Iljimae . He was brilliant in these. I am now halfway through Family Honour ( 54 episodes).

      But I feel he really shone in TPM because of the script. He is now my No. 1 idol. In all my 12 years of K drama watching , I hardly find anyone capturing my imagination until I saw PSH in TPM. That man has “it” in him to attract fans who appreciate talents and not looks alone although he looks gorgeous.

  7. HAHAHA! I’m going to totally approve of that pairing.

    Isn’t it sad when awesome actors are in bad productions? *cough* Kang Ji-hwan *cough*

    I’m glad you liked the descriptions. It took me a while to think up good ones for each of them. I wanted to make it easy for people to remember then and also for people to vote if they didn’t know them.

  8. I am making my comments. I didn’t know he was in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, which actually makes me sad because I didn’t like that drama. Grr. Grumble. Now I want to actually finish it, just to see that man.

    I totally forgot about the snarky secretary and the old guy in Queen of Reversals. I loved them. I love your descriptions of them.

    Can my fantasy pairing be Timmy and Park Shi Hoo?

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