Featured Drama Blogs: Introduction

by: Raine

I always see blogs in blogrolls and wonder how and why they got there. After I click a link, sometimes it takes a while to peruse a site to get a feel for it. Sometimes its nice to know what other people think of the site before wasting time that I could be using to watch more dramas. And sometimes its just nice to give credit where credit is due.

This mini-series is in homage to awesome k-drama blogs that are high-quality, that create a wonderful neighborhood for a k-drama community to live in and that cleverly  bring  k-drama to the masses.

These blogs deserve attention and I’m going to give it to them.

Because I focus on k-drama on this website, I will only have drama related blogs in my blogroll. However, there are some amazing blogs dedicated to something other than k-drama.  (Wait, those exist?!)

As a courtesy to yourself and other bloggers, please check out blogs of other commentators and let them know if you like their stuff. You never know when you’ll find something you love. It also makes us feel REALLY good when we know we have readers and they appreciate our work.

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8 responses to “Featured Drama Blogs: Introduction”

  1. Awesome possum. Those blogs do deserve their due credit. I do like the organization you’ve got going on here. Just a suggestion (you don’t have to take it all), but do you think you can limit the number of posts in the recent and coming soon side widgets to 5 maybe? It gets a little busy on the side. I hope you don’t take offense. 🙂

    Love you Ranting Cello.

    • I didn’t get rid of all my upcoming posts…it mostly keeps me organized. But I did limit the recent posts…check it.

      I rarely take offense to anything. I get pissed, but if its from a well-meaning soul, there ain’t no reason. And although Evil, I still think you’re well-meaning, even to pink and sparkly princesses.

  2. 😀 Now I wish my blog was solely related to K-dramas.
    I love where you’re taking your site. Just noticed the ‘coming soon’ and ‘scheduled posts’ sidebars. Such a great idea to keep from getting engrossed in other stuff and forgetting! REALLY REALLY like that idea.
    and dramabeans…wow, I can’t imagine dramas without that site. If you’re going to make a post on them and include how you ‘discovered’ them, can I send you my version too?

    • I’m trying to organize my blog to more clearly show my ‘dichotomy’.

      I would love to include your version. It’ll be coming out next Tuesday. So send me it anytime before then.

      As for the sidebars, they’re more for me than anyone else! It helps to keep me focused and motivated!

      • I think you are super organised with your all your sidebars (especially the ‘coming soon’. I have all these drafts stored within my blog, half-finished posts, nearly finished posts, posts just with titles but I couldn’t put a date on most of them! With a few I can put a week but nothing as organised as you!

        I totally don’t remember how I found dramabeans. Probably just randomly googling something related to k-dramas – not very exciting at all! But will look forward to the grand reveal of how you guys discovered it!

        • My story isn’t very exciting either, but its probably similar to how other people discovered it and that’s a good way to feel k-drama camaraderie.

          As for the scheduling, its the ONLY way I’ll get anything done. I thrive under deadlines!

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