Here’s Some Holiday Cheer!

by: Raine

Tomorrow I’m performing at two charity events and my brother and my best friend roped me into singing and playing guitar… EEK! Here’s from our rehearsal tonight. (He convinced me to post them…) I’ll also be playing cello, which makes me feel better ’cause I’ll be able to redeem myself. Haha.

But I want to send some holiday cheer! What better way than through music?

So I was being a total dork at the beginning of these. Especially Jingle Bell Rock. It was like the 5th time we recorded it and I was trying not to go crazy and keep it interesting.

You’ll have to turn your volume down a bit or you’ll get some white noise. I set my output level too high and I didn’t know how to fix it…

“Jingle Bell Rock” Raine (voice, guitar), Raine’s baby bro (flute)

“Silent Night” – Raine (voice, guitar), Raine’s baby bro (voice, flute)

10 responses to “Here’s Some Holiday Cheer!”

    • Aw, well thanks! It’s nice to know my blog reaches people and they can enjoy it! I’m going to post more soon. I have about 6 or 7 posts planned. Now to write them up…:D

      Happy holidays to you!

      • I am happy to hear that you have so many post planned to write which I will enjoy to read all of them. Happy holidays to you too!

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