Pasta: Character Introductions

by: Raine

Welcome to Pasta’s character page where you will find morsels of information to remind you of what you already know about the characters. Or, it will introduce you to characters that were established in episodes 1 to 11 that I did not review on my blog. I will include a few spoilers that will be written in white between two black parentheses like this: (Stuff written in white means SPOILER.)

character introductions

Seo Yoo-kyung

Actor: Gong Hyo-jin

Nicknames: kicked puppy/puppy

She has been a kitchen assistant for three years and finally gets to move up to being a chef when a new member joins their kitchen. Now he will be the kitchen maknae (youngest). Or, so she thinks. It turns out he’s the new chef and her eventual love interest, Choi Hyun-wook. Yoo-kyung is a spunky, stubborn, hard-working woman in a man’s world. She is honest to a fault and incredibly adorable. Later on she loses some of the fire she began with, but I’m hoping she’ll turn that back around.

Choi Hyun-wook

Actor: Lee Seon-kyun/the Voice

Nicknames: Wookie, the Chef, chep

He first meets our heroine in a crosswalk when her goldfish bag bursts. He helps her carry her fish to safety and flirts most of the way. When we discover he is the chef, we see that he is a prickly, demanding chef who REALLY likes to yell. This character really taxes the Voice‘s voice.  Hyun-wook is a chauvinistic perfectionist who manages to kick all the women out of his kitchen within a few days, including Yoo-kyung. Her tenacity and innocence capture his attention and very soon we have a full blown crush.

Kim San

Actor: Alex from Clazziquai

Nicknames: (Daddy Long Legs, Mr. Cactus)

The mild mannered frequent customer of La Sfera who has taken a fancy to Yoo-kyung. We discover early on that he is the President of La Sfera and our resident K-drama chaebol. He is quite in love with Yoo-kyung but sticks to hiding in the shadows rather than confess to her. Seol is his sunbae.

Oh Sae-young

Actor: Honey Lee/Lee Ha-ni

Nicknames: black hole/Barbie

She is a chef who has her own cooking show and won a prestigious cooking contest. (Later we find out she cheated by sabatoging Hyun-wook. This is why he broke up with her.) At first she’s a conniving second lead who wants her man back, but she gets more cowardly and passive as time goes on. She moves in with Yoo-kyung after the trio gets fired and can’t remain in the expensive apartment.

Jung Eun-soo

Actor: Choi Jae-hwan

The new kitchen assistant after Yoo-kyung finally makes it to lowest ranked chef. He is a shy, sweet guy who adores the chef and takes everything the chef says to heart.

Seol Joon-suk

Actor: Lee Sung-min

Nicknames: Mr. PICK-UL (Skimmy from DB dubbed him thus.) The Grinch.

La Sfera’s CEO who is rather slimy. He dislikes Chef Choi. (After he embezzles money and frames Yoo-kyung, he gets fired and San steps in. He then gets rehired as the dining hall maknae.)

Team Italy

Three well-trained chefs who Hyun-wook brings from Italy to replace the fired women. They are very good cooks who are fiercely loyal to the Chef.


Actor: No Min-woo

He is the pretty and rocker boy of the three.

Lee Ji-hoon

Actor: Hyun Woo

He is the goofball.

Sun Woo-duk

Actor: Kim Tae-ho

He is the silent leader of Team Italy.

Team Korea

They are the four domestically trained chefs who dislike Team Italy because they feel invaded and inferior to them.

Geum Suk-ho

Actor: Lee Hyung-Chul

He is the Sous-chef. A rather brooding man, Suk-ho rarely smiles. He is the leader of Team Korea.

Jung Ho-nam

Actor: Jo Sang-ki

He is Park Mi-hee’s boyfriend. He plans on marrying her and wants a steady job to support a family. He is suspicious of everything and likes to make snide comments.

Han Sang Sik

Actor: Heo Tae-hee

He is the quiet one of Team Korea.

Min Seung-Jae

Actor: Baek Bong-ki

He is a rather quirky fellow who also likes to make snide comments.


They started off as the Pasta Line of La Sfera’s kitchen. After they were fired for various reasons, they took a hating to the Chef and to Yoo-kyung for managing to stay on staff. (They try to open a pasta restaurant but it FAILS. HA.) They are pointless in the show save as instigators.

Nicknames: trio

Park Mi-hee

Actor: Jung Da-hye

She is Ho-nam’s girlfriend. She and Ho-nam keep the Trio connected with Team Korea and the happenings of La Sfera.

Lee Hee-joo

Actor: Ha Jae-sook

She is the sarcastic, judgmental leader of the Trio who is the instigator of all plans against the Chef. (She is later the chef of the failed pasta place.)

Park Chan-hee

Actor: Son Sung-yoon

She’s just the third chick in the trio who makes some funny faces.

Ne Mo

Actor: Choi Min-sung

He is the head waiter of La Sfera who is rather dignified. (He later looks after Former-manager Seol once he is demoted.)

Kim Kang

Actor: Byun Jung-soo

Nickname: Cougar

She is Kim San’s noona and a lover of younger men. She fancies Philip. She doles out advice to everyone.

Seo Jong-gyu

Actor: Jang Yong

Yoo-kyung’s stern father with a soft spot for his daughter. He supports her in roundabout ways that inspire “aw” moments. He owns a noodle shop and has another kid, Seo Yoo-shik.

Seo Yoo-shik

Actor: Kim Dong-hee

Yoo-kyung’s oppa who is a medical student.

Production Details

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast Period: 1.4.10 to 3.9.10

Director: Kwon Suk-jang

Screenwriter: Seo Sook-hyang

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  1. Gonna watch this, now. I never had any interest in it before.

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  2. I can never say anything meaningful to any of these K-Drama posts. I sort of just look at the pictures and find amusement in the expressions. Everyone seems to be either over acting or under acting.

    Maybe I am just a heathen hooked on Hollywood and HBO.

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