Glossary: Raine Style

by: Raine

I’ve been throwing out terms left and right in all of my blogs. I’ve decided to take a page out of OCKoala‘s book and create a glossary. As always, this is a liquid post, to be updated as my brain conjures new ideas.

A Moment

A moment is a scene, or part of a scene, that jumps out at you. It seems to be suspended in time. You react to it without realizing. It reaches out, grabs onto you and doesn’t let you go. A moment produces a knee-jerk response: tears, laughter, awe, jaw-dropping, horror, surprise, infatuation, goosebumps. The actors lose themselves in their characters; the on-screen chemistry is intense; the moment is as real to you as your heartbeat.


What IS a bromance? In Raineland, it is the on-screen pairing of two men who have sizzling chemistry. It doesn’t necessarily have to be homoerotic, but it does have to make you squee and have the irrepressible urge to re-watch scenes with the bromantic pair.


Bring your own bib. This was created by Hoeee, a commenter on my Park Shi-hoo Mini-series: the Kisser. His hotness requires that actions be taken in circumstances of excessive salivation. I thought it was quite appropriate and I will be using it again, perhaps even to describe someone other than Park Shi-hoo.

Chaste Kiss

The chaste kiss is NOT a drive-by kiss. It is a beautiful thing. It is a sweet gesture of affection that does involve the lips, but only the lips. These are often overshadowed by their counterparts, the full-blown hot kiss that gets a fancy name by K-drama fans (i.e. the Cola Kiss from Lie to Me and the Game Over Kiss from Personal Taste.) It says, “I adore you. I cherish you.” It’s not a lusty kiss. But a kiss to make you melt.


Chemistry. As much as we like to say that it doesn’t matter, that two strong actors can overcome a lack of chemistry, it isn’t true. They can deliver a great performance. They can convince you that their characters love each other. They can make you laugh and cry and scream at your television screen. However, the pairing that lacks chemistry will never reach out their arms and grab your heart. Chemistry draws the actors to each other and that is what captures an audience.

Chemistry is not just sexual either, although that is a main component in romantic couples. Does the pair truly enjoy being together? Do the smiles that the script asks for begin as acting and then become real? Does the pair enjoy working together? Do we have affirmative replies to all of these? Then, ladies and gents, we have some sizzling chemistry.

When we talk chemistry, we usually focus on the kind that creates electricity between our man and his woman; the kind that makes you scream “Just kiss her already!” But there is another kind of chemistry that is just as powerful: the bromance. When we see two men with strong friendship, camaraderie, and loyalty, we are captivated. We are drawn in by the intensity of the bond shared between them. This can be seen not only between the characters, but the actors.

Drive-by Kiss

Once upon a time there was a chaste kiss. Then one day, an evil man stole it away and left a changeling in its place. It’s name: the Drive-by Kiss.

Now all K-drama fans have a bone to pick with the limp-fish, no lip movement involved, face-bumping kisses. (Please see Boys over Flowers for several examples that will make you wince with the complete lack of emotion.) These kisses look like the couple accidentally touched lips – a drive-by lip graze if you will. Actually, it’s an insult to real kisses to call them kisses. You’re a fake kiss, drive-by kiss. You faker. Fakity-fake McFaker.

Hot Kiss

The hot kiss: We all know this one. It’s the one that earns a nickname. It’s the one that has you replaying it and fantasizing that it was you. It’s got hormones, hormones and more hormones. This is the kiss that makes you HATE the limp-fish kiss because you were denied the awesomeness that is a good kiss. No, a great kiss.

These kisses are not just tonsil hockey and sucking face. No. The mood is established with intense gazes, slow approaches, and unbearable anticipation. They are caused by physical closeness, declarations of emotion, relief, desperation, happy endings and any other activity that induces a rush of love and hormones.

These kisses combine techniques. They explore. They convey “I love you”, “I want you”, “Don’t leave me”, and “I have no words to tell you have I feel ’cause I’m a man so I’ll just show you instead.” SHOW ME! PLEASE SHOW ME!

The hot kiss must be qualified. The man can’t be doing all the work. This is an equal opportunity kiss – full involvement for all. It is consensual. It’s no fun if the guy is making move and the girl is just standing there. What the hell kind of kiss is that? We won’t be talking about those in this post. In fact, we shall shun them. They are hereby shunned.


One True Pairing.

What are the makings of a good OTP?

1) Ingredient #1: A great leading man…like Park Shi-hoo. He loves and honors his family. He is humble, intelligent, handsome, sexy, magnetic, talented. He has a beautiful smile, a great body and an intense work ethic. He treats cast, crew, colleagues and fans with respect. He appreciates his fans.

2) Ingredient #2: A powerful leading lady. She doesn’t necessarily have to play a character as quietly strong and courageous as Moon Chae-won’s Lee Se-ryung or as bubbly and determined as Kim So-yun’s Ma Hye-ri. She just has to equal Park Shi hoo’s ability to capture scenes and hearts. She needs to be a mature actress who is comfortable in her talent. This does not mean she has to be a noona to him like Hwan Tae-hee in Queen of Reversals. It means she must be a hard-working, gifted actress who takes her job seriously. It also means that she enjoys her work as much as Park Shi-hoo does.

3) Ingredient #3: Chemistry.

The Park Shi-hoo Effect

Park Shi-hoo is not a lead usurper for nothing. He has shattered not one OTP, but TWO.  This is a phenomenon known as the “Park Shi-hoo Effect“. It results in heart theft and epic rises to stardom. Shi-hoo may seem a quiet, innocuous sort of fellow, but once you put him on screen, as Girlfriday says, “he’ll make a fan out of you”. How does a leading man stand a chance against the Park Shi-hoo Effect? Writers find their pens moving to accommodate his greatness. Leading ladies are swept away. Fangirls fall at his feet.

Stolen Kiss

The stolen kiss: This is when he just can’t help himself. Or she. But more often he. It’s sexy when a man takes over. The stolen kiss can be of the chaste or hot variety. It just requires surprise – no premeditation. Those involved are so overcome with emotion that they can’t control themselves. Examples include You’re Beautiful‘s kiss between Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin-hye.

When a man steals a kiss, it’s just overpoweringly sexy. It’s declares, “I’m a real man”, “I’m taking control”, and, most importantly, “I can’t resist you”.

Yah! Dongsaeng Head Slap (Y!DHS)

The Y!DHS was coined by my dongsaeng Ricky for anytime a noona decided to torture him, namely me and Zgznoona. This is how it works.

Dongsaeng: *says something stupid or anything that the noona does not like*

Noona: YAH! DHS!

This is the best invention ever. I use it on Deeno a lot.

10 responses to “Glossary: Raine Style”

  1. Thanks for tweeting! I hated the kisses from BOF and until I started watching more dramas, I thought that was all there was!!

  2. Chemistry is the secret ingredient. You can’t do a memorable drama without it. It’s hard to describe but when you see it you just know.
    Y!DHS is a hell of a good invention.

    Drive-by and accidental kisses should be forbidden in dramas. I can tolerate them only if they are truly funny. Most of the time they are not.

  3. Raine, more please ! You are always brimming with ideas. And BYOB is awesome! Haha!

    But I love your “Park Shi Hoo Effect” best. For obvious reason !

    Park Si Hoo, fighting! Raine , fighting !

  4. The best “moment” for me is always the first meaningful glance. One that involves 3-second staring and the unblinking eyes sort of say “I am seeing this person as a man/woman now”. It’s the prelude to many awkward “No-I’m-gonna-resist-my-feelings-but-why-can’t-I-stay-away” situations.

    The BYOB phrase is new to me. Thanks for introducing it to me! I now have a new phrase to describe my otherwise indescribable salivating nature.

    Awesome & refreshing!
    I look forward to more updates 🙂

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