How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 3 Recap

by: Raine

This episode was really adorable. I like how all the pieces are coming together, even if it’s a little cliche. It’s gone past all the introductory materials and is finally getting into the meat of the story. AND…we get more Park Shi-hoo…speaking Engrish. *drool*

Also, I just put two and two together. The three Baek Soo-chan worshiping ahjummas are the wives of the three stooges who cower beneath Joon-suk at the company. Nice one, Raine. Nice one.

“Tango of the Rose”The Strings, Lee Sung-ryul & Ha-lim (from the How to Be a Perfect Neighbor OST)

episode 3 recap

Duk-gil overrides all of Soo-chan’s protests, greets the neighbors and promptly makes himself at home. After sending Go-ni away for a “grown-up talk,” Duk-gil tells Soo-chan that he can’t have women in the house and that he wouldn’t be here if not for his son.

Go-ni is admiring the houses in the neighborhood when he comes across Ye-seul, Yoon-hee’s niece, and Stutter/Byun Hee-sup’s son arguing. (I can’t find the kid’s name, so let’s call him Little Byun.)

Little Byun spots Go-ni, labels him fresh meat and calls him a “bumpkin.” Hick-boy Go-ni isn’t taking that sitting down and before we know it, the adults are pulling the two kiddies apart. Ye-seul says, “Boys are stupid,” and walks away. Heehee. It starts so young.

At the company, Yoon-hee is attempting to relay appointment dates and times to Joon-suk, but spends nearly five minutes babbling and two seconds telling him that he has none. Appropriately annoyed, he scolds her, but she remains cheerful. He demands to know how she became a secretary.

Although she is disorganized, the president kept her because she is amusing. She launches into a rather absurd, comic book-like retelling of a rescue story.

The department store was being robbed and she saved a little girl from the midst of fighting men. As a reward, the president let her choose what she liked, and she chose to be his secretary.

Joon-suk looks like he’s almost amused, but it’s mixed with extreme annoyance. Yoon-hee shows off the spots where she got hurt but he cuts her off saying she got her position not from skills, but with her body.

Normally, you’d expect a girl to be insulted. Not uri Yoon-hee. She says that her unni said the same thing, but she got her spot through courage and dedication. Joon-suk decides not to expect much and Yoon-hee literally says she has nothing to say to that! HAHA! He kicks her out.

Mi-na, the Joon-suk’s other secretary, is curious why the meeting took so long but gets called away before Yoon-hee can explain. Yoon-hee muses that Joon-suk could’ve asked her more questions about the incident. She has a hero complex.

Duk-gil and Go-ni are cleaning Soo-chan’s floor when Soo-chan gets flowers and gifts. Go-ni wants to know if ahjussi is important and Duk-gil responds that he flies high in the heavens like a jebi (swallow/player). The kid says that Soo-chan looks very accomplished and Duk-gil gets jealous, saying the kid is like him, adaptable. When Soo-chan says’s he’s not, Duk-gil’s face falls.

Say wha? Does that mean Go-ni isn’t his kid? Hrm…

Soo-chan tells Go-ni to learn social skills and not fight the first day, but the kid replies that guys should never be that despicable. Soo-chan concedes that the kid is like Duk-gil, but he does not look comforted.

The ahjummas are taking Soo-chan out when Duk-gil comes out to formally greet them. Mi-hee is shocked to see him but has no time to react because Yoon-hee and Stutter come home. Stutter’s wife and Yoon-hee’s mom are deserting their families for dinner to fawn over Soo-chan. Then Yoon-hee spots Duk-gil and they are happy to see each other.

At karaoke, the ahjummas are ogling Soo-chan who is singing. Yoon-hee decides it’s her turn next and sings a whole slew of songs about “jebis”. Duk-gil thinks she’s hysterical, Soo-chan does not. The ahjummas wonder why she keeps singing about swallows.

When Soo-chan tries to approach Yoon-hee in the hall, they get shoved together by a crowd of people and, of course, are caught by Mi-hee. Yoon-hee does get a good smack in first.

We then see Mi-hee, Ye-seul and Yoon-hee’s mom ganging up on Yoon-hee for being inappropriate and professor Baek at the dentist because Yoon-hee knocked a tooth loose. Haha. He vows revenge by making her fall in love with him.

Soo-chan meets with a creepy character who is skeptical because Soo-chan is asking a favor. Hrm, what is he up to?

It is late and Yoon-hee realizes Joon-suk hasn’t eaten. She offers to get him food but he declines with annoyance. Later, he leaves and Yoon-hee bolts upright after falling asleep. He is surprised she’s there, but she says she can’t leave until he does. On her way home, she bitches about not getting to eat.

Creepy comes up and tries to attack Yoon-hee as Soo-chan lies in wait to save the day. He is thwarted by Duk-gil who happens by and gets into a fight with Creepy and his men. Yoon-hee throws her shoe at them but misses and hits Soo-chan, who collapses and fakes unconsciousness. When Creepy’s gang run away, Duk-gil and Yoon-hee comment on Soo-chan playing dead and Soo-chan is less than pleased.

The neighborhood ahjummas and Yoon-hee, save for the pregnant ahjumma, are admiring Duk-gil’s bravery. When Soo-chan passes, they say that his brain is so good that he can fake passing out right away. *snerk*

Detective Kang and his junior partner, Detective Kim aka Fluffy, are questioning people in Soo-chan’s neighborhood about the murder victim, Yeon Soo-yeon. Detective Kang says its a memorable name because it’s the same forwards and backwards. The station calls with a number and they find themselves at Leader and Pregnant Ahjumma’s house. After a clutzy moment, Detective Kang asks for Tan Myung-hee (Pregnant Ahjumma) and asks why Myung-hee’s number was in Yeon Soo-yeon’s purse. Preggers denies any knowledge and quickly escapes. Hmm…suspicious…

Although it is seemingly a dead end, Detective Kang looks suspicious and Preggers is looking even more suspicious by peeking out the window.

Duk-gil spots the detective, wondering if he really came looking for him about his Cambodian wife’s theft. When Detective Kang says “no”, Duk-gil looks disappointed but invites him in anyway.

Preggers has a flashback to a time she was in a market and passes Yeon Soo-yeon and they stare at each other. Mysterious…

Back at the office, Mi-na, the other secretary, has been assigned a huge translation task while Yoon-hee has nothing to do. Mi-na shows off her Japanese certification and Yoon-hee meekly says she studied a little French.

Joon-suk is doing the chaebol strut around the grounds of the resort and Leader, Stutter and Stickbutt are following him around like good little stooges. Joon-suk finds faults and criticizes the stooges who are nervously trying to appease him. When Yoon-hee comes in to remind Joon-suk of an appointment, she offers the stooges drinks but Joon-suk says “no” on their behalves even though they want one. Nice boss…not.

Then, lo and behold, a fax comes from France that needs to be translated. Who do you think accepts the job? And now you’re in hot water Yoon-hee.

Yoon-hee makes an energy drink and gets started on the translation, but Ye-seul’s computer breaks down. She gets yelled at by all three women in the family for breaking the computer.

She heads out to go to an internet cafe when Duk-gil spots her and offers Soo-chan’s computer. Soo-chan is initially perturbed by how comfortable Duk-gil is getting with his things, but then realizes that he can use this opportunity to win over Yoon-hee. He comes in and says French is his second language and they get cracking – and he fishes for compliments.

When it is time to print, he invades her space to try and fluster her – it doesn’t work. However, something goes wrong and they lose everything. She cleverly had not saved. She stalks out and heads to Stutter’s house. His colleague translates it in the nick of time.

The next morning, she coolly hands it to Joon-suk, hoping for a compliment but receives none and leaves.

Mi-na is impressed and says she can’t translate that much in a night. Joon-suk buzzes them over the intercom for coffee and both secretaries are surprised – it’s a sign of acceptance from the cold, handsome chaebol. He asks if she stayed up all night and he tells her she worked hard. Once she’s outside she whispers, “Asa!” and he actually sorta, kinda, smiles, impressed and amused, after her.

Hye-mi and her mother, Song Young-ja (Chairman Go’s wife who received a perfume from Soo-chan), are taking a walk and discussing a dinner with the Director Yoo and his mother. They encounter Stutter and Yoon-he coming home from work. Yoon-hee recognizes Hye-mi from Cambodia but Hye-mi denies ever being there.

At the very awkward dinner, Yoo Joon-suk, his mother Han Ok-geum, Chairman Go and Hye-mi are eating. Joon-suk is the only one who doesn’t participate in the conversation, looking unimpressed and bored. Hye-mi says all the right things to please her future mother-in-law who eats it up.

Chairman Go is talking to Hye-mi when his wife, Young-ja comes in with refreshments. He scolds her for interrupting and when she tries to defend herself, he shuts her down and she ends up leaving, dejected. Hye-mi notes her mother is lonely and her father says she’ll end up no different because Joon-suk doesn’t know how to love a woman. But Hye-mi assures him she is different from her mother. He checks to see if she ended things with that guy from America and she assures him she did. Uh, you ended him, you bitch.

There’s a picnic going on with a few ahjummas and Duk-gil when Young-ja walks by, depressed. They invite her over, curious why she’s out when her family is home. Yoon-hee’s mother and Young-ja start in on each other.

Yoon-hee’s mom informs them that Yoon-hee is going on another match date and Duk-gil gets rather curious. Hrm…

In the house, she rags on Yoon-hee for playing games instead of putting on a face mask – this is her thirteenth match date. Unni Mi-hee asks who angered mom. Who else but Young-ja who loves to show off and put down unni and Yoon-hee?

At the hotel, Soo-chan sees Yoon-hee on her match date and follows her curiously. Her date is a pretentious douche who is unimpressed with her lack of schooling and “use of her body” to get her job – Joon-suk said the same thing earlier. Douche says she’s not up to his standards – eavesdropping Soo-chan and insulted Yoon-hee look angry.

Suddenly, Soo-chan approaches them, asking why she’s going on blind dates even though he apologized. Oh, he’s copying Hyun Bin’s moves! Yoon-hee quickly catching on and they play the game before Soo-chan foots the bill and drags her away. Douche looks mortified.

Once they make their escape, Soo-chan released her and apologizes for interfering. He just didn’t want to see her humiliated. I think he is sincere, but also happy he can use it in his plan. They go for drinks and she rehashes all her failed blind dates that were set up by her mother and unni who look down on her. She retaliated by purposefully bothering them.

Soo-chan walks a very drunk Yoon-hee home, and her mother rags on her…again. The next morning Soo-chan drives Yoon-hee to work and has brought medicine for her hangover. She is surprised and touched – until she realizes, “It’s your work habit, isn’t it?” He’s amused by that.

He drops her off and smiles in victory. Inside, Stutter informs Yoon-hee that Hye-mi is to work in advertising. She bumps into Hye-mi in the bathroom and Yoon-hee tries to remind Hye-mi that they were in Cambodia together .

When Hye-mi coldly dumped the guy, it made a huge impression on her. Hye-mi pissily rebuffs her and stalks out.

Joon-suk calls Yoon-hee in and informs her she’s going to do oral translation in French for a business meeting. Run-roh.

Now time for a fangirl SQUEEEEEE. Park Shi-hoo has some adorable Engrish as he introduces her. Needless-to-say, she fails miserably and he is humiliated and supremely annoyed. He takes her outside where she explains she just wanted to show she could be of use to him. He is still angry and rightfully so.

Yoon-hee is depressed again when Soo-chan drives up. What a coincidence! He takes her drinking where the owner gives her free appetizers. Soo-chan says Joon-suk should’ve let it slide because she wants to be a good secretary, a rare trait in a working woman because most people just do it to put food on the table. That, too, she says, and gets more free food from the owner.

On  bench, Yoon-hee slumps over and burps when Soo-chan offers her a hangover drink. He looks a bit grossed out but comes back with “You look like my first love.” She calls his game but he keeps going. A sexy tango starts to play as he explains that he doesn’t know how to fill the empty hole in his heart. He wants to be close to her.

She leans in as if for a kiss and then passes out, landing in his lap, wasted. He, of course, thinks he’s winning her over.


I am totally enjoying Park Shi-hoo’s acting. His character is a little bland, but his acting is good, at least for now. Going through the pictures I saw varied expressions. I know people said he wasn’t strong in this show and I’m going to TRY to be as unbiased as possible…keyword: TRY. But like I said, for now, I’m noting varied expressions and a convincing chaebol.

We have some pretty douche-y husbands who I want to see get their comeuppance. Like Chairman Go, Hye-mi’s father. I was about to reach through the t.v. Gong Xi-style (Skip-Beat!) and throttle him for being such a misogynistic jerk. Last episode we saw Leader treating Preggers like crap. Seriously dudes, learn some respect.

As for Yoon-hee, her incompetence is a little ridiculous for her age. Bae Doo-na is absolutely delightful, but her character is so exaggerated that I wince at times. I’m still entertained, though, so I’m hoping for some development…soon.

Hye-mi still drives me nuts. She is a murderer and a conniving bitch. I’m so done with her already.

It’s a bit choppily put together because it was really hard for me to follow how everyone was related. But perhaps it’s my inability to speak Korean.

The story is pretty formulaic so I’m hoping for some variation. There is a bit, but not much. I am curious about the murder and how that fits in. The emotionally abusive husbands are interesting and I want to see them grow through that.

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  1. I’d just decided to look into this show and found your recaps. Perfect timing! Thank you for recapping; I look forward to future ones 😀

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