Music Jokes for Musicians

by: Raine

The funniest music jokes for musicians really make me laugh ’til I cry. I’m going to post them because I can, even if many of you won’t get them.

Here’s a short rant: It really makes me mad that I can’t tell these jokes to my non-musician friends. ‘Cause they’re really funny. The most I can explain is that most of these jokes involve “spelling” chords. When you write out a chord, you call that process “spelling” a chord. I WISH YOU UNDERSTOOD THEM. If you get any of them, I will jump for joy.

So please, go find a musical friend to read them with you so they can giggle…and then tell you why it’s funny.

(That makes him “suspended”. – Min)

What does F-A-C-E spell?

  • F Major 7

A, C, and E walk into a bar and the bartender yells, “Hey! We don’t serve minors in here!”

How many 2nd violinists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

  • None, they can’t reach that high!

13 responses to “Music Jokes for Musicians”

  1. “Violas…..4 for $10”.

    I know next to nothing about music.

    But I never fail to stop at such signs and get my purse ready to buy something because what’s being sold is usually cheap. So did the neighbourhood gardener or the struggling musician just died?

      • Viola jokes are the best. I have more. But I’m working on something else. I’ll update tomorrow and let you know. Give me more second violin jokes. I think I’ll put a cello joke up and the viola joke about lightening.

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