How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 6 Recap

by: Raine

There was a lot of cute and a whole lot of heaviness in this episode. Soo-chan was the star and my heart pulled for him.

“Give Thanks”Connexion featuring Hong Jong-myung and Jung Ji-yeon (from the How to Be a Perfect Neighbor OST)

episode 6 recap

We left off with a shocked Soo-chan and Duk-gil. Although Soo-chan obviously knows Yeon Soo-yeon, he denies knowing her. Duk-gil is surprised by this and the detectives are skeptical.

Soo-chan spent twenty years with her in his hometown. How can he not know her? And guess what?! She was murdered.


However, Soo-chan continues to deny that he knows her and leaves. Detective Kang calls after him that he’ll come back with irrefutable evidence.

Soo-chan is driving like a madman, remembering Soo-yeon smiling at him flirtatiously. His thoughts distract him from the road and he almost collides with an oncoming car.

While waiting for Go-ni to get out of school, Duk-gil remembers Soo-yeon waving and calling him “oppa”. It’s obviously the brotherly “oppa”.

The kids come out of school. Go-ni flirts with Ye-seul, Little Byun picks on Go-ni and Ye-seul mediates – as per usual. Then comes the sweetest moment in the whole episode.

Duk-gil calls out to Go-ni who cries, “Appa!” and runs to him. Duk-gil scoops the boy into his arms and gives him a big kiss. A father is who raised a child with love, structure and values. This man is a father.

Anywho, he takes Go-ni out to eat. Go-ni wanted to bring Ye-seul, who he thinks is cute, but a pensive Duk-gil wanted time with his son. My heart is breaking for him.

Joon-suk heads out to the resort and Yoon-hee is curious about what it’s like. According to Joon-suk, it’s not colorful enough. Byun Hee-sup thinks it’s a splendid idea and Young-jae thinks Hee-sup is a ridiculous suck-up.

After a long day, Yoon-hee heads on home and gets a call to deliver chicken to Ye-seul. Is Yoon-hee a delivery service? She’s always being asked to do stuff like that.

The bar she usually drinks at sells chicken and she runs into Soo-chan who is drowning his sorrows in soju. Although she hadn’t planned on drinking, she sits beside the quietly brooding Soo-chan and yaks his ear off. He was excited about his new position yesterday and now it seems he hasn’t gotten any pocket money from his madams. Be quiet, please, he begs.

On their way home, Yoon-hee spouts her theories about why he’s depressed: the women aren’t treating him well and he lost his job. The family calls, demanding their chicken and she heads off, but not before glancing back at a severely depressed Soo-chan. She thinks the female professor should treat him better after he gave her his mind and body.

When Yoon-hee gets home, her family rags on her for being late and drinking…again. But they instantly forget about that when she says that Soo-chan lost his job. Sun Woo and Mi-hee are shocked.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Soo-chan, Duk-gil decks him the second he gets home. How could he deny knowing Soo-yeon? Is he even human? Mi-hee, who was coming to check on Soo-chan, rushes over and stops the fight. She is furious with Duk-gil who should be comforting Soo-chan about the loss of his job.

Soo-chan has had enough and pushes them off. He heads inside with Mi-hee shouting syrupy words of support. *gag*

Inside, Soo-chan sits shell shocked. Duk-gil comes in and asks again how he can deny knowing her. He can’t treat her like that. Soo-chan replies that he doesn’t know who she was. I’m sensing past issues, what think you Mr. Crystal Ball?

Cue Detective Kang who has come with a recorded interview to implicate Soo-chan in Soo-yeon’s murder. The people of the town said that they grew up together. Soo-yeon also worked with Myung-hee over ten years ago. Myung-hee had Soo-chan’s pictures.

That is news to Soo-chan who demands to know what it has to do with him. Then the cop asks what we’ve been waiting for: what were you doing on the night Soo-yeon was murdered? You are our prime suspect. Give us an alibi.

Of course, all of this was witnessed by Na Ha-ni who rushes home to tell her husband, Young-jae. He says to keep quiet and not to tell the neighborhood busybodies.

But this is the best part: his biggest frustration is that the property value is going to drop. *headdesk*

Duk-gil finds Soo-chan brooding in his study again. He wants to know if he really killed Soo-yeon.

Predictably, Ha-ni runs off to tell the ahjummas. Yoon-hee’s mother scolds her for spreading rumors, but it’s too late. Widower Kim Dae-shik comes out for the paper as Ha-ni explains that Myung-hee had pictures of Soo-chan on her computer.

Dae-shik finds Soo-chan and decks him, demanding to know what kind of relationship he had with his wife. A blindsided Soo-chan fervently denies any relationship and Sun Woo comes to the rescue. She knows everything that happens in the neighborhood and she didn’t see anything. This curbs Dae-shik’s anger, leaving his heavy sorrow. He sinks to the ground, sobbing.

Mi-hee, Sun Woo and Yoon-hee are discussing the debacle when Ye-seul comes in and comments that Myung-hee’s hobby is photography. Sun Woo immediately goes to Dae-shik to explain that her granddaughter saw Myung-hee taking photos of Soo-chan when she went to fetch her ball from his yard. As if it is possible, he becomes even more heartbroken, wondering why his wife had pictures of another man.

The next morning, everyone is off to work and starting their days. Soo-chan greets everyone, but they all shun him, including Yoon-hee. Aw, poor thing.

He meets the female professor at a restaurant to ask for an alibi, but she refuses. There is no such thing as a secret, she says. Let’s take a break.

Aaaand cuteness. Joon-suk invites Yoon-hee to dine with him and shares his food and utensils. But she is hesitant to take his utensils so instead, she makes a lettuce wrap. He enjoys her enjoyment with a smile. Then, she offers him a lettuce wrap and leans over to shove it in his mouth, but he balks. He’s a clean freak and never eats food touched by someone else’s hand.

Go Hye-mi, aka Evil, has witnessed it all and when they notice, the mood noticeably dampens. Yoon-hee quickly takes her leave and Joon-suk invites Evil to sit. She’s brought him sushi, which he doesn’t like. Feeling humiliated, she comments that he seems close with his secretary and then, citing a sudden lack of hunger, leaves him alone.

Outside the office, Yoon-hee bumps into Evil while bringing them tea and receives a warning. Secretaries have been fired for less. Beware company gossip and conduct yourself accordingly. Yoon-hee is confused by Evil’s stinging words.

In attempt to better her chances with Joon-suk, Evil visits his mother to gather information. But his mother doesn’t know anything about him. Ha.

At a loss, Evil visits her father, Chairman Go who tells her that Joon-suk’s mother doesn’t understand her son. She only began to relate to him after the scandal he had with the actress. She took care of the actress so that the poor woman couldn’t even step out of her home.

Joon-suk’s cold-hearted mother also hates her husband. She was forced to marry him, a servant, because her fiance had died and her family wanted her to be secure. The servant was poor but wise. However, he had his share of mistresses and that made for a strained marital relationship. The president had married for money. Joon-suk’s family is complicated.

Then Evil’s father tells her, “The more a person is deprived of love from his parents, the more impossible it is for him to escape it once he has fallen in love.”

Evil goes off to think and recalls how comfortable Joon-suk seemed with Yoon-hee. She reflects upon her father’s words and sees that Joon-suk is growing attached to his secretary.

Joon-suk visits his father in the hospital in hopes of bumping into the amusing Yoon-hee. At every sound, he turns with a smile, but she doesn’t come. *squee for smiles*

At Mi-hee’s travel agency, Yoon-hee is doing some paperwork for her sister who paid the debts she incurred from an unwise investment. Mi-hee’s secretary comes in, hoping to play Go-Stop with Yoon-hee and Mi-hee calls them on playing for money. Before she can pick on them any more, she gets a phone call and storms out in a tizzy.

Her secretary tells Yoon-hee that there have been a lot of private detectives coming by. They’ve been checking into cheating husbands. Yoon-hee wants to know who the cheating guy is. (Mi-hee, what did you do? Does this have something to do with the pictures you were looking at last episode?)

On her way home, Yoon-hee spies Soo-chan throwing up and pats his back. She tells him drinking won’t solve his problem – admitting his guilt or finding an alibi will. He is furious that she, too, assumes that he is guilty. He was with a woman, okay? Is she happy? The jebi has fallen.

Yoon-hee looks thoughtful. She knew he couldn’t murder a person. He didn’t duck when she hit him. If he can’t hit a woman, how could he kill one?

Surprised and at a loss for words, he instead asks when she started talking to him in banmal. He’s much older than her. Are you showing off how old you are? she snarks. Exasperated, he gives up.

Soo-chan: “Let’s just be friends.”

Yoon-hee: “I don’t want a friend that’s so old.”

Soo-chan: “Can you not talk back for once?”

Yoon-hee: “The purpose of having a mouth is to talk.”

If he goes to jail, she’ll bring him rice. He assures her he’ll find an alibi to avoid her rice. She pats him on the back, glad he’s so determined.

Joon-suk finally decides to leave the hospital. He concludes it will be a boring night for both of them since his father’s friend did not come.

Soo-chan flops on his bed, needing rest after a trying day, but Duk-gil is waiting for him. Did he kill Soo-yeon? She must’ve been bothering him to change his lifestyle. Soo-chan is thoroughly annoyed but they Duk-gil drops a bomb.

Go-ni is your son. Yeon Soo-yeon is his mother.

Can’t say we didn’t see that coming.

Duk-gil is sad and pensive, knowing he will lose his son to Soo-chan, who watches Go-ni sleep.

In a flashback, Duk-gil is talking with Yeon Soo-yeon who is holding a baby. She asks him to care for the boy because he is the only one who is trustworthy. When he asks if Soo-chan is the father, she only cries and Duk-gil takes that as an affirmation.

How is that an affirmation? Whatever.

Over a bottle of soju, Duk-gil tells Soo-chan how he came to adopt Go-ni. While Soo-chan abandoned his son, Duk-gil almost lived on the streets caring for Go-ni. Is it easy for him to hand his son to a man who abandoned his son? He wants to wait to tell Go-ni until he and Soo-chan had developed a better relationship.

Soo-chan leaves, overwhelmed and Duk-gil sadly says that his son won’t become someone else’s. (See my comments. I have a LOT to say about this conversation.)

At breakfast, both men watch an oblivious Go-ni eat. Soo-chan had a flashback the night before about Soo-yeon looking back and then climbing into a chauffeured black car.

Duk-gil and Go-ni begin arguing so Go-ni turns to Soo-chan and tells him that he looks up to him. He’s decided his goal is to be like him. Soo-chan can’t take anymore emotional baggage and leaves.

And the blows keep on a-coming. Soo-chan can’t get a break, can he? The female professor meets him at a restaurant and throws water in his face. Why did he send that stuff over? Don’t come back to work. (Detectives at Mi-hee’s agency. Her stalker pictures… Seriously Mi-hee, wtf?)

Then we have a love-struck Detective Kang staring at Mi-hee’s profile. Fluffy, aka Detective Kim, teases him and then asks about the case. Kang is pressuring him for an alibi, but he doesn’t want to talk. He’s too busy ogling Mi-hee’s picture.

Soo-chan is getting harassed by a credit card company and the people he’s leasing his car from. (Seriously writers. How much can you do to this poor man?) Kang comes to ask for an alibi. He knows they were in love.

They go to the university to ask the female professor for the alibi, but she snootily says that Soo-chan is just trying to get her back for being fired. BITCH!

Bo-kyung and Ha-ni watch Duk-gil sort mail and then leave when Soo-chan shows up. Duk-gil points out all the unpaid bills but Soo-chan doesn’t want to deal with it. He’s too stressed – with good reason.

Duk-gil wants to know if he killed Soo-yeon, worried for Go-ni. This is the last straw. Would he kill a woman he loved? Why can’t Duk-gil have a little faith in him? Even Yoon-hee believes he’s innocent.

At a fancy schmancy dinner, Joon-suk and Evil are eating. Joon-suk eats very little and thinks with a smile about Yoon-hee enjoying her steak. Evil notices he’s not paying attention to her and comments that since they are both so quiet, they will make a quiet family. At his blank look, she nervously says she was joking. She’s frustrated as hell.

Joon-suk visits the hospital again, but is disappointed that Yoon-he isn’t there. Tee-hee.

The ahjummas are gathered to watch Dae-shik move out. He’s going to be near his family because he can’t raise a child alone.

Young-ja happens by and Bo-kyung and Ha-ni flock to her side, noting that they haven’t seen her much lately. She has been busy arranging things for her daughter’s impending marriage – eyeing Sun Woo pointedly. Sun Woo comes back with, “You didn’t even go to the funeral.” Bo-kyung makes excuses for Young-ja, the woman with the highest status in the neighborhood.

They wonder who will be moving in and hope it will be someone from the company because an outsider would be inconvenient. Sun Woo and Soo-chan are outsiders. Bo-kyung quickly tries to cover her ass. She’s been keeping her distance from Soo-chan. Young-ja is immediately intrigued and Bo-kyung insists that she be told.

Hee-sup gives Dae-shik a parting gift and asks him to keep in touch. A housekeeper delivers Myung-hee’s diary. In it she’s documented her stalker activity and it breaks Dae-shik’s heart. Soo-chan walks by and Dae-shik formally apologizes to him.

Yoon-hee overhears Mi-hee on the phone. She’s can’t believe that Soo-chan has been fired because he worked so hard. How come “he” can’t keep his personal life and business separated?

Yoon-hee stomps over and demands to know what Mi-hee did. Guiltily, she admits that she sent photos of Soo-chan and the female professor in Cambodia to the female professor’s husband.

In the kitchen, Yoon-hee remarks to her mother that has a talented daughter. When she doesn’t explain further, Sun Woo orders her to fetch Ye-seul who is jumping rope with her two slave boys. She refuses to go inside until she jumps rope and Yoon-hee thinks she’s spoiled.

While waiting, she joins Soo-chan who is watching the kids play. He liked her friendship so much he became addicted. He observes that she took to it as well. Because she believes in respecting her elders, she suggests they be half friends.

A black car pulls up and a raging man starts beating up on Soo-chan. It’s the female professor’s husband and she’s watching guiltily from the car. Go-ni tries to stop the man, but he gets shoved away. The child is bawling.

Soo-chan is more pained by his tears than by the beating and demands Yoon-hee take him away. The husband calls Soo-chan a jebi as Yoon-hee guides a sobbing Go-ni away. The female professor stops her husband and they leave.

Soo-chan breaks into tears.


There was so much material cram packed into this episode, but I’m glad for it. Oftentimes they spread stuff like this out too much and it’s really frustragin.

Duk-gil: I HAVE to get this out of the way first. Duk-gil REALLY pissed me off this episode. When you adopt a child and raise him, he becomes yours. Biology doesn’t enter into it. Truly. Why is he so willing to give up the child he loves and adores to a man the kid barely knows? What does he think that will do to the kid?

I understand his skepticism over Soo-chan’s guilt since he was cheated by him, but the way he went about expressing it irked me.

Soo-chan: His life literally fell apart. He lost his job, his car, and his reputation. He was betrayed by the female professor and by the supposedly ever faithful Mi-hee. He’s being doubted at every turn. The man has hit rock bottom. Admittedly, he did it to himself, but I hate seeing anyone broken like this. His life is seriously going to change now.

Yoon-hee: I really love how she says things as they are. She doubts  his innocence because the evidence says so. But then changes her mind based upon her heart. That’s really cool.

Evil: I actually felt a little bad for her this episode. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Joon-suk: Pure cuteness this episode. He is super douche-y to Evil but I don’t care. She’s evil.

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3 responses to “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 6 Recap”

  1. Excellent recap as always, Raine!

    I just kept thinking “what now??” for poor Soo-Chan. The writers played a sadistic game of Kick The Dog in this episode. I think it would have irked me less if he was still the overweening jebi, but he was already disatisfied with that role and had begun to rethink his future based on his own abilities as a person.

    And Mi-hee? WTF on her actions – I can’t even think of why she sent those pictures.

    Since Yoon-Hee is his only support from the bottom of his well-of-hell, I’m wanting a few sparks between them. I got a soft spot for May-December romances, even though Joon-suk as a little puppy dog tracking her down has a decided cuteness factor.

    Ever forward!

    • Sadistic game is right. I think they needed to lay some stuff down for the next episode so bombarded him (and us) with travesty. BOO! He’s going to seriously re-think his life now. I think he was a kind person by nature and life and bad choices brought him to this point.

      And I KNOW people say that Kim Seung-woo looks too old for his role, but that doesn’t bother me at all. The way he carries himself is perfect and he’s still a handsome guy. He’s doing a great job.

      Mi-hee, for being so ‘intelligent’, seriously didn’t think that her actions would have serious repercussions?

      I love Joon-suk in this episode. She is the only happy point for him right now, and even thinking about her makes him smile. Me likes.

      Yoon-hee may be a snarky little wench, but you can see how she can’t let a fallen, depressed jebi go without a hand on the back.

      More recaps to come at the end of the week. I’m working on Padam and Pasta. I’m almost done with Pasta and want to finish!

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